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  1. Hi, The error no longer occurred after I renamed the 1.0 (beta) to 1.1 (beta). Then I edited a picture (raw). After that both folders 1.0 (Beta) and 1.1 (Beta) were available again. Now I have completely deleted the folder 1.0 (beta). After that, the error no longer occurred. I edited 10 raws. 5 consecutively then AP Beta closed and restarted then 5 pictures (Raw´s) edited. No more mistakes. However, there are both folders 1.1 (Beta) and 1.0 (Beta) but no errors I hope that this explanation provides some information about the error and contributes to the solution
  2. Hi Chris, YES, your description will solve the problem. However, only for the first picture. From the second it is the same as before. If I then look in the %appdata%, a new folder has been created which is called 1.0 (beta) again and the 1.1 (beta) exists additionally. See attachement
  3. Hello, after developing RAW images (CR2), they are displayed much darker than in development. This is not a good thing because it means a lot of additional work. For this reason I only use the 1.7.3 version although the 1.8 would otherwise be better.
  4. Hello, I can confirm that. I developed about 250 raw pictures of my canon 77d in CR2 format with the beta. Each of these images was about 40-50% darker after development. There is still a little problem. From the 250 raw images, I also developed about 50 in AffinityPhoto 1.7.3. There was no difference after the development - as it should be
  5. Hi there, now I have reinstalled the drivers for the Huion tablet. I saw that you have to specify the program used in the settings. In my case, I took AffintyPhoto, which then made the tablet work better, but after working a little longer and changing tools / brushes and sizes more often, situations arise where AP becomes extremely slow. Then only AP helps and restart. If you have a lot of bad luck, AP just closes without any error messages etc. This is not really great and to work effectively with the tablet the performance has to be significantly better. Adobe is much better here
  6. Hello there; I took the photo at Zoo Augsburg Germany. It's a "mishmi takin"
  7. Hi there I downloaded the version of Ap 1.8.526 and experimented with it. However, I have not yet worked with the tablet. Here I am trying to get more current software / drivers and will reinstall everything again. What I can say about Ap 1.8.526 is a very good raw converter. However, I often have that the image becomes significantly darker after development. You can then pull it up again with the exposure filter. But is not completely clean. Nevertheless, this version of 1.7.3 is a significant further development I developed this picture with ap 1.8.526 Berti_IMG_2961_vinette.afphoto
  8. Hi there I use Affinityphoto 1.7.3. It usually runs quite stable. Now I have bought a graphics tablet from Huion Q11Kv2 and when I use it with AP the operation works for about 2-5 minutes without problems and then AP starts to hang up. Are there any settings that I still need to activate? Does anyone else have this problem or the same graphics tablet and have no problems with it? Andy
  9. Hi, I've been using AP and AD for a while now and is very excited about it. What I still miss is a good image management. At the moment these are not available from Serif. Therefore, the question to the user as you solve this problem currently?
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