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  1. Hello, I downloaded the AffinityPublisher yesterday (Beta 458). After installing came an error message that occurred during the installation an error. Reinstallation gave the same result. The download was also done twice without a new result. I had the same problem with the regular version about 6 weeks ago, but then I was able to download the beta which then worked well. But no version works now. What can I do now?
  2. For me, working with masks is still new and I just played a little with the masks. Placing me was not very clear where that should be and so I tested it. Now I know what the order is for. But you could also use it for crashing I am new to this matter and my English is not the best so I have to try a lot. It would be perfect if your tutorials were also translated into German. But I'm absolutely thrilled with how you respond to information and try to solve the problems immediately. Very much praise from me to you. Keep it up
  3. When I open a photo then put a white mask over the photo and then insert another photo using the "place" command, AffinnityPhoto always crashes. Windows version
  4. Das erste Produkt mit APH
  5. I have tested the AffinityPhoto beta. The raw editing for the canon 77d images is many times better. The colors are displayed correctly from the beginning and the editing is now much better and more effective. Actually, this must even be made available to all who now have the current version 1.6.135 because only then you have a chance to edit these Raws well. I have only been tested for a short time with the beta but imagine that the processing is faster. I will continue to test in the next few days and then report back and report
  6. Thanks for the information. Where can I get / download the beta version?
  7. @Brad Brighton But I'm still light years away from your result. This clarity in the picture is missing from me. I just can not get that disgusting yellow tone out. Since you have delivered a great result! Excellent! You are sure that the same result with version 1.6.135 is also possible?
  8. I got it. Do not know what went wrong, but today it worked Greeting Andyneu
  9. Yeah I tried yesterday for 45 min to create this in Affintyphoto. I did not manage this result. Please tell me how / what you did. My versions were ever blue green or gray. What kind of system Mac/Win do you use? Do you think that you get a little better on your result? Or is that the best thing you can do with Affinityphoto? Greeting Andyneu
  10. If i open a Rawfile (Canon 77d) with APhoto the picture has no Colors. You canĀ“t fixed it. If you try to fixed it the picture will be blue or green but ther is no point where you can say this is okay. This is oppend with APhoto and result This is oppend with DPP and result These are the same Files. If you have an idea for the solution, I would be glad to hear it. As you can safely read my English is not the best. Is there anyone who can translate from German into English? Then it would be easier for me to describe the problem aptly. Many Thanks IMG_0974.CR2 IMG_0984.CR2 IMG_0996.CR2