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  1. Hi, I've been using AP and AD for a while now and is very excited about it. What I still miss is a good image management. At the moment these are not available from Serif. Therefore, the question to the user as you solve this problem currently?
  3. Erdmänchen sind doch immer wieder lustig anzusehen
  4. Here another picture
  5. Thanks. I will post more pictures but I have limited time to develop them.
  6. Andyneu

    Old Wings

    Good Work!
  7. Here some new pictures.
  8. Yes, the pictures are quite good. A few days ago I had the chance to spend a whole day in the zoo and had enough time to take pictures. I still have quite a few more pretty good pictures of the visit to the zoo. But she still has to develop. thank you for the praise
  9. Hi at the moment I have no new pictures of my dog. But a few other animal pictures. Hope you like them too
  10. Photos for the presentation optimized with AP. Eye-catching with light and shadow and some Dodge and Burn

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