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  1. Hello, I miss option to move/shift image in lens correction options of develop persona. When I fix rotation and vertical or horizontal distortions, I want to scale image up as less as possible to remove empty areas caused by corrections. And when I scale the image, it can't be moved relative to canvas. Something like shift-x, shift-y would be nice to have. Miro
  2. I would love to see an option when saving JPG, PNG and GIF files to losslessly compress them and remove unnecessary junk in order to achieve minimal file size :) ... Something like ImageOptim does (with tools like PNGCrush, MozJPEG, Zopfli, AdvPNG, Jpegoptim, Gifsicle, SVGO and PNGOUT). And bonus: Images that are used as Resources in Affinity Photo and Designer can be losslessly minified as well (in affinity photo there was saving 10MB from 51MB = 20% on my test run)