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Found 23 results

  1. The auto reload feature of Linked files is quite intriguing. It would be cool if we where able to directly edit the layers and saving over the original file.
  2. For me one of the key missing features to help me replace Lightroom would be a filmstrip feature. Basically, I would want to select an bunch of photos, load them into the Develop persona to give me a side-by-side comparison of the Photo's that I have edited. Ideally, it would allow for adding ratings to photos so I can filter them by quality. And it would also be nice to add labels to photos to indicate whether or not they were fully developed or marked to be developed/ discarded. This would then also allow me to copy paste all (or a selection of) the Develop parameters and paste them to a selected photos as an easy means to batch process them (with immediate visual feedback on the result).
  3. I have been loving Affinity for a year now but really need a way to view all the great projects that I have created. If You can working on a software that is better Bridge. That would be great!
  4. Please vote here if you too want it. https://feedback.photoshop.com/conversations/bridge/bridge-request-to-recognise-afphoto-files-to-display-thumbnails-and-full-full-screen-previews/5f5f462c4b561a3d4277d759 FYI Adobe Bridge is free. anyone can use it with CC account without subscribing a premium plan. https://community.adobe.com/t5/bridge/is-adobe-bridge-still-free-to-download/m-p/9354916
  5. I use Bridge as a DAM to manage & search my photoshop and RAW image files. I want to switch from Photoslop to Affinity Photo, but I noticed that .afphoto files only generate an AP icon in Bridge, no image (see below). But when I export the layered image file from AP as a layered 16-bit .tiff file, it appears normally in Bridge. And when I open the .tiff file in AP again, all the layers are present for further editing. Question: Are there any disadvantages to saving image files edited in AP as layered .tiff files instead of .afphoto files relative to compatibility, future editing and final image quality? Thanks.
  6. I just started using Affinity Photo and noticed that files produced in Affinity (.afphoto) just show the Affinity icon when viewed in Adobe Bridge. I am able to see thumbs/previews in the Finder on my Mac, just not within Bridge. I am currently using Adobe Bridge CS5.1, so perhaps someone can let me know if this is possible in later versions of Bridge or if there is a way to add the ability to generate previews for Affinity files in Bridge.
  7. I am having been using Photoshop from Bridge. I double click on image in Bridge and image would open in PS. Now I have downloaded a 10 day trial of Affinity Photo to see if I can make the shift across. This will be a deal breaker for me. I have changed preferences > File Type Associations from PS to Affinity. Affinity opens but NOT the image that I clicked on. How do I make it work?
  8. I've recently made the switch to the affinity package, and am still in the space of 'between software' as I get used to the new. I currently run an older Adobe Suite and use Bridge quite a bit. I cannot seem to find anything in Affinity Photo/Designer that does the same job. BUT note there is a Stock Panel, which seems to allow you to browse I-stock. Could this be modified to allow you to browse a users own collections? OR maybe I'm missing something? As I said, I’m still new to this software. My initial reaction to both applications is - really good! Works well and does the job. I've had Designer crash a few times on more complex work (this was usually with blur filters applied) to multiple vector shapes. That being said, CS4 can also do the same, especially when zooming in and out in Illustrator. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hello, Iam new to using Affinity and have been using Photoshop as part of my job for many years. My boss has recently purchased this software, but with the nature of work we do, I am missing the Bridge feature which allows me to view and make basic edits to images, rather than having to open all images all at once, or individually. Also i would think a batch renaming feature would be useful. Please can you let me know if any of these features are appearing in a future update. thanks Gemma
  10. I like using Affinity Photo so far. But I need a suggestion for a replacement for Adobe Bridge. I have tried iSmartPhoto, but Affinity Photo documents do not show in iSmartPhoto for whatever reason. I do not want to go to renting my software from Adobe, so if anyone has a suggestion for a Bridge replacement I will appreciate it.
  11. Hi Just to let all proud owners of the Sony RX10 MK4 that its RAW format is supported by iOS in 11.2.5 public beta 2 and images display in Affinity Photo beautifully E3B23E34-B433-46E1-A5A3-A4969A817569.tiff
  12. Hello, I am considering changing my workflow based on Adobe “Bridge + Camera Raw + Photoshop” on Windows to another product and I was pointed to Affinity Photo. Before trying I would like to check if this makes sense at. So if possible I would like to profit from your experience to help me make a start on some questions to see if this a road worth pursuing for me. I use Bridge for photo selection, Camera Raw for work on photos and Photoshop for refined work and printing (with color management). Can I do these with Affinity? Can Affinity support non-destructive workflow? Does Affinity support colors management and preview with other color profiles? How does it manage printing? Can I print letting Affinity manage color profiles as I do in Photoshop? Can Affinity read and use my existing CR2 files with the companion XMP file generated by Adobe Camera Raw (these XMP files contain not only the IPTC data, but also the work on the photo I did with Camera Raw) Can Affinity read the Photoshop PSD files? I use layers layer masks and have Smart Objects embedded. Many thanks for your patience and help. Regards
  13. I would like to see a Digital Asset Manager similar to Lightroom, or even as simple as Adobe Bridge from Photoshop 6 added to AffinityPhoto, particularly now that Lightroom is going down the same rental path as Photoshop. I am at a bit of a loss as to how I would process an uploaded SD card's worth of images in Photoshop without using Bridge. This is all that's keeping me from migrating entirely out of PS and into AffinityPhoto, which I bought when it first came out.
  14. Hello everyone. I am new to AP and i am responsible to teach it in some weeks to our big architectural company, that in a while plans to switch totaly away from Adobe Products and has found in affinity Photo a real alternative to Photoshop. The architects in my company do often have to produce immages , Plans and also to retouch renderings using heavily hundrets of other immages like trees, people, sky´s and so on. Also a part of us has to batch convert immages. So what i am at the moment am missing very very much is a tool comparable to adobe bridge to browse dozens of immages to find the best one to import to Affinity Photo. is there an alternative ? We work on Windows... are there Browsers to fill the gap at the moment, that can read also affinity documents ? and that are alble to load them one click to affinity Photo.. Dont get me wrong.. affinity Photo is allreay a great software, but when working professional with renderings, immages and so on, a Data management tool with graphical feedback of the footage is simply a must have tool. Its just not responsible to load dozens of diffenent immages one ofter the other to your app, just to see if one fits your need. you have to have some sort of DAM Software.. anything alternative anything on the developent horizon ? greetings Tom
  15. Hello everyone, I shoot in RAW only, accumulate a lot of images each time I'm out, now with Adobe Bridge I can open any specific folder containing dozens of RAW photos and can visually view all the photos in that file. Is there such a program with Affinity Photo where I can open a folder containing RAW photos and view them all - or am I required to open each RAW photo one at a time in order to view that one photo? Thanks, Lad
  16. I use Bridge as my Finder and files made in Designer when I right-click and say Open with Designer, it opens in Photo. Just wanted to point this out.
  17. Hi, I want to switch from Adobe to Affinity but when on location really need a file browser. Currently I use Bridge to select photos then work on the Raw files in Adobe's raw converter. Is there a way one can edit in Bridge then open directly into Affinity's Raw converter? Thanks for any advice. Darren Heath.
  18. Hey all, Take a look at this,.. In this tutorial we look at using a really cool app called Lingo to organise and store your assets, - icons, logo's illustrations, photos etc and how it works seamlessly with the Affinity Apps. Organising your assets -Tutorial Don't forget to click subscribe to stay up to date... Allan
  19. What is everyone using as an alternative to Photoshop Bridge? I have canceled my Photoshop subscription but have to the end of month to find an alternative to Bridge. I am just a normal user, not a pro so I don't want to spend an arm and a leg for a program, but yet I need a good program that can do extended searches that can be narrowed down to a specific keyword or subject.
  20. I am a pro fashion and advertising photographer and have been at expert level in Photoshop since the mid 1990's. I am totally blown away by Affinity Photo having played with the trial for several days now. This is a PS killer on many levels but as a pro user of PS, I and many colleagues find that the Action recording feature is by far the most valuable asset on a daily basis. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see what you guys can do to create this feature and you will kill PS. Here are just a few examples of time saving with Actions; 1. A folder with 30 already prepped images needing a curve adjustment, colour balance, resize and copied into a new folder so they can be uploaded later to a printing lab to meet that labs colour settings. 2. Twenty images needing a duplicate layer desaturated and a soft light blend through to background and saved for additional enhancements later. 3. A folder full of multi layer images needing flattened, resized, converted to CMYK and copied into a new folder. Any of the above only takes 60 seconds to achieve with a recorded Action but could take 15-45 minutes image by image. I say again, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make Actions a feature asap.
  21. Hi everybody, I discovered Affinity Designer a few days ago: congrats to the Affinity's team, because it is an astonishing software ! These are the 2 first artworks I've created with Affinity. Greetings, Shudderchris
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