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  1. I thought I would raise the question here in case it is something I'm doing, or not doing that is causing the issue, rather than it being a bug in the software. When I open a RAW file in the Develop Persona, it is not automatically selecting the lens profile, even though (a) Develop lens profile is set to Auto-select in Develop Assistant (b) the camera and lens model are correctly identified in the line near the top of the screen (just to the right of the Cancel button) (c) the exact lens model can be manually located in the pull down profile listing The screen shot below shows
  2. Officially "Tractor, Heavy, M1", U.S. Artillery Tractor of WW2. Originally a 20-year old "Jasc. PSP" vector graphics, imported as png into AP and heavily weathered therein. A welcome occasion to test and polish my skills and, most of all, reveal my deficiencies. Here's the layer structure and my brush collection :
  3. I'm another user facing the same issue as this person. I'm currently facing the EXACT same problem. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but its not helping. Af Photo worked perfectly before the current update. One thing to note is that designer updated properly. when i opened the designer software, it said update available and then i just downloaded and updated. But when i opened photo , it did say new update and i downloaded - but when i try to install it, the only option it game me was REPAIR AND UNINSTALL and not update like Designer did. im not computer savvy other th
  4. I use quick access to recent files (right click) through pinned applications on the windows taskbar a lot. Would it be possible to use different icons for .afdesign, .afphoto, .afpub files? Much like template files in Microsoft Office have different icons from regular documents. This would increase readability significantly. Thanks!
  5. I work on Windows 7 Ultimate Pro; I have always made all the updates regularly from APhoto 1.6.x up to version 1.9.1. Updates have always been carried out smoothly and have always been successful. Today there was an update notice to version 1.9.2 which I regularly did; the procedure ended with the warning that everything had gone smoothly but, to my great surprise when I started Affinity Photo, after a few seconds I get the Windows Crash reporter warning that AP had stopped working; in detail it gave me a slew of hexadecimal numbers (Arabic for me). I have tried several times to star
  6. peter

    A fly?

    "No thanks. I'll stay in and go for a walk instead." This was another one of my point-and-shoot-without-using-the-screen pictures. Not bad eh?
  7. For a while, the Semi-pro bike race came to Peterborough and did a few laps of the town centre. The events were held in Spring and after the shops were closed, typically 7pm starts. So as you can imagine the lighting was always tricky: some years were more photogenic than others.
  8. Considering this was my first ever helicopter flight, I think I did Ok. I just held the camera very tightly, without using the screen or viewfinder, just like my stomach and at about 1000 ft pressed the button. I've checked it against Google Earth (Desktop and web versions) and I did a better job than they did. Not bad for my first effort. Santini Air would be proud. Location? Middleton School and Tyesdale, Bretton, Peterborough.
  9. Let's see what colour burn/OCIO does. Mac startup key combinations - Apple Support.pdf My_hire_car_with_colour_burn:OCIO.afphoto
  10. Nothing to see here, move along...hope the ladybird doesn't see me; hope the ladybird doesn't smell me either! A_ladybird.afphoto
  11. This is a brilliant piece of graffiti, found near the Grand Union Canal, near Milton Keynes. Just where the aqueduct crosses the river. The sun was burning hot (remember that?) and this was hiding on the North facing wall. That's why there is some burn out on the wild grasses. Otherwise a perfect picture I think. Fox_on_the_wall.afphoto
  12. I updated to 1.9.2 today. I have frozen 3 times and then there is this... Any idea what's going on?
  13. Hello. I was working with a document in AFDesigner before the last update. There I used line spaced text like "16.5 pt", with decimal values. Today I updated to version 1.9.2 and it is impossible to work with text and line spacing as before. All decimal values (16,5 for example) are transformed into larger numbers automatically (in this case 165). I have the same issue in AFPhoto qith 1.9.2, but not in AFPublisher with 1.9.1 How can it be solved? I attach an example video. problem with line spacing.mov Thank you.
  14. For some reason my Affinity Photo toolbar icons turned black and white, does anybody know how to fix this? I've tried reseting the studio with no luck. When I click "Customize Toolbar" they become colored while the dialog is open (only the top ones though), but as soon as I close it they lose the color again. Thanks
  15. I do mock-ups of customers logos on our bags but after the recent update to 1.9.1, the live perspective filter changes the layout when reopening the document. The same thing happens in any DPI. Even the masking changes position. This makes it difficult to set up templates. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? My steps, 1. I create a empty .afphoto file for placing artworks/logos. 2. I open a photo for mock-up and place the .afphoto artwork placement file created earlier. 3. Double click on the artwork placement object which acts like photoshop's smart object and o
  16. Create a vinyl record from scratch. Vinyl is back so I created an Affinity Photo tutorial on how to create a vinyl record from scratch. I hope you find it useful. https://youtu.be/XtPZruxQnaI
  17. This was done on the same weekend as the robin. Again the light was failing and it wasn't warm either, but the posing livestock was too much to resist. Red-eye effect is sometimes worth keeping, when the flash goes off. I used the same editing technique, to improve the dullness. We_are_the_robots.afphoto
  18. Despite the fact the light was lousy, I managed to get this lil' chap in focus: if he could stay still long enough. All settings were auto on my camera. Added to the fact that he was only 10 feet away, he was well hidden within the bright orange barrier mesh and it is one week away from Easter A quick tweak in APh, by adding several adjustments one by one and voila. A half decent pic.
  19. Hi all I've found that when focus merging in Photo, if I focus merge raw files (CR2 from a 80D in this case) the merged result is substantially darker than if I do the merge from the JPG files I captured at the same time as the RAWs. I can also use the batch function to make JPGs out of the RAW files and use them for a merge and it's exactly the same, the RAW one is several stops darker than the JPGs I got from those raw files. It doesn't give me any develop options so I'm stuck using JPGs. This has happened in every version of AP I've tried, including 1.9. Any id
  20. Hi! When using the dodging tool with a JPG of about 100 kb size, Affinity Photo (Lates final as well as Beta) crashes when trying to dodge a wide area, if dodging only a small area step by step the programm did not crash. Its a windows 10 laptop with all updates, having 16 GB RAM, a NVidia 350MX grafic card inside. As said the image itself is a very small one with only 100 kb.
  21. Hi all, I'm evaluating Affinity Photo (I'm a long time Designer user and absolutely love it) using the free 90 days trial before deciding on the purchase. I have an issue where a simple brush stroke in Photo will have jagged edges, it's most noticeable on certain stroke angles but it's generally very present. I am using a very simple brush, 80% hardness and 1% spacing. The problem does not seem to be affected by the stabilizer, or by using a tablet vs. a mouse. I tried searching the forums and I already made sure that my 'View Quality' is set to 'Bilinear (Best Quality)'.
  22. Hi everyone; I have problem with last version 1.9.1 of Affinity Photo on iMac i cant export my files whole time crash the aplication.... Anyone have same problems and anyone know how solve it??. Any know if we can downgrade if is not possible solve this problem, because i prefer continue with 1.8 at least is stable version.
  23. Hey! i tried to select the hedgehog clipart to change the background. The smart select tool is really uncomfortable for this issue. I tried alsoon the ipad as the touch display makes it easier but this was also very hard to solve. I was only able to manage to select the complete white parts of the hedgehog as you see below. in the end i found a KI tool which helped me (hedgehog black outline, white inside and green background), but I am sure that some of the experience users here might have a good tip for me how to solve this challange with affinity photo as well!
  24. Heyahey, I didn't found anything about this, but I got to post this and it would be a great feature for all Affinity Products and not just Designer on MacOS... Live-Preview and commenting on Affinity files. The problem now: I want to share what I've designed... this is how it goes... Usually sending a customer a preview ends up with something like this: Screenshots with v1, v2, v3. _finali0hf0shfpa It's a a mess, it's unorganized and even I don't get it after a while... How would Live-Preview look like: I'm making a Social Media Document for
  25. Hello, I am a beginner with working with Affinity Photo, but I am already totally thrilled by what this Software can do. In order to get familiar in using it, I work through the according work book. In the project "Pure Gold" the book has me to choose a certain brush ("Malen 1") from the "Gemälde" ("Painting" in English?) category. Unfortunately I cannot find this brush in my collection (see attached picture). Aren't these brushes in this category part of the standard software setup of Affinity Photo? Or can I get these brushes somewhere (download) in order to import them into my library?
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