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Found 1,356 results

  1. Hello, Currently, I"m drawing / Sketching by hand on paper, scanning them and importing into Inkscape which automatically traces / converts my drawing into a vector. I import that into affinity designer and continue working on the image. Can Affinity Designer turn Bitmap / pixel images / drawings - into vectors automatically like inkscape can ? Thanks Max
  2. This is how it works in Adobe Illustrator, and it is easier to explain with examples: If we have a shape tool selected and click (not click and drag) an empty area on the artboard or simply press ↩, we get a dialog. It allows us to input values for width and height. After we do, the shape gets created with those values. If we have a shape (or group) selected, are using the move tool, and press ↩, we get a dialog. It allows us to input values to move our selected elements. Other tools might have other dialogs and interactions, but that is the gist: press ↩ and/or click an empty area, get a dialog that allows fine control over your action, instead of having to use the (imprecise) mouse cursor.
  3. Hello! I do not understand how to keep the brush in the curve, the curve is obtained only fat, and not what I need. To attach a screenshot of their actions. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Tatyana.
  4. jboissy

    My weekly comic strip!

    Greetings all! I wanted to show off my artistic endeavors with Affinity Designer. A lil' backstory, I used to do the small-press comic scene 10+ years ago and used a program called Creature House's Expression 3. In 2003, Microsoft bought Expression and continued the program... haphazardly... but only for Windows. As a Mac user, I lost my favorite digital inking program as OS updates rendered the old version of Expression useless. Flash forward to 2015, Affinity Designer appears and gives me another chance at creating natural looking, vector-based art. Check out my weekly comic strip, Wee Freekz... www.facebook.com/weefreekz Cheers! jB
  5. For precision work, I prefer to keep most layers locked after I am finished editing them so I don't accidentally nudge them, or I don't want them to be selectable all the time. I think it would really help workflows to be able to hover over a layer that's locked at have a lock icon show up, perhaps in the upper lefthand corner of that layer, and you could click it to unlock that layer. Normally, I have to navigate through all of the layers to find the one I want to unlock in the layers palette (since I can't select it), which can be a time sink in complex documents. It would be a dream for me to be able to just hover over a locked layer, click the unlock icon, edit, and lock again, all without having to dig through my layers palette. Cheers
  6. Hello, When I export a .pdf of my design (in Affinity Designer) there is white space visible in-between shapes. I'm not sure if this matters but all of these shapes are filled with grain texture. I've included a screenshot of the issue- notice the white lines on the man's shirt, the edges of the pie chart, and the one edge of the table. Is there a setting that I've missed that would fix this or is this a software bug? survey-crop.afdesign
  7. I mentioned this in another topic but posting it here as it seems to be a bug... Make a shape with a fill and stroke colour. select it (use the blue cloud with the up arrow icon) to synchronise defaults from selection. select the rect shape tool, draw a rect it's all fine - I get stroke and colour. now try the pen tool. I only get the stroke. Seems like it's been broken for a while, my MAS version has this issue as does the latest beta. Cheers.
  8. Not a question at all, but I can't post in the «News» forum so I'm posting this here. A friend told me about a John Siracusa podcast where he talks about Affinity Designer (among other apps). Siracusa, for those of you who don't know the guy, is a programmer but he dabbles into pretty much anything so he will talk about AD as a programmer/developer/UI guy. Here's the link (it starts around the 81:00 minute mark with a prologue/intro into the subject): http://atp.fm/episodes/132 Short but pretty interesting. I suppose that there will be a surge in demo downloads and users because of this podcast.
  9. Hi folks, hello Serif-Team, I need to export my work as PDF/X (3), many advertising agencies, printing companies or clients ask for it. Will Affinity Designer support this important format/settings? If so, when? ;)
  10. I am wondering if Guides can be locked and unlocked in Affinity Designer (as can be done with Illustrator). So far, I have not found any way to do this. ... help?
  11. When using the paintbrush, clicking on the canvas doesn't make a dot. I have to scribble the mouse/stylus around in order for a mark to appear. I'm guessing it has something to do with a smoothing effect (the same thing that causes a delay when writing with my stylus before the marks start appearing on the page), but I have no idea what settings to play with in order to adjust either of those (the delay & inability to draw a "dot") situations. Any ideas, forum participants? :huh:
  12. Hey there, I ran in this problem a few times now. Every now and then, when I'm in a hurry or just want to quit the app, I use the shortcut ⌘+S for saving and right after that the ⌘+Q combination to quit the app and go on. But sometimes I'm stuck with this screen. The app doesn't quit and stays open like that with the progress-bar. Menus are fully accessible and responding, except for quitting. I can open files via ⌘+O, but the little »Save document as« progress-bar stays there. Closing the opened document via ⌘+W is no problem, but the progress-bar will stay visible, and still I am not able to quit the app completely. Cheers Dennis
  13. Paul Bravery

    Catalogue Cover

    This was originally designed by me in InDesign/Photoshop, ISSUU link here: https://issuu.com/jasonproductsltd/docs/crgnz0815_nz___australia___asia_201?e=0 I have produced just the front cover in the latest Affinity Designer Beta ( — better file compression in the AD file & much improved PDF export settings, great work devs! :D Oops, I'll have to share the AD file later with a link! When full pre-press features come in, it will be great! In the mean time, I made the canvas size 20mm larger than the A4 trim size to accommodate my hand drawn trim marks with a 'bleed' mask for the background image. Also, the background image was edited in AP — RAW dev, sharpening, additional lighting effects. Affinity just keeps getting better!
  14. Hi folks, here comes a little pretty bird. Vector graphics, no pixels, made with Affinity Designer. The first part of the series is a wireframe :) http://b-bertuleit.de/little-bird/
  15. Hey guys, I am working with this psd file from which I need to export some layers (rasters). I kind of manage to do it by selecting those images, copying them, pasting somewhere else, exporting... This is not a pro way to do it I guess ;) I there any more gentle way of exporting psd layers via Affinity Designer? All I need is to select an element, and save it to a separate .png or.jpg file. Any help would me much appreciated, Thanks in advance, Greg
  16. ronniemcbride

    Digital Billboard

    So, I just wanted to share a real world application case where I used Affinity designer for professional client work. I am not going to win any design awards on this stuff. What is most important to my client is that their message stands out. The challenge I face with the tech industry is making anything look remotely interesting. Maybe one day I get a chance to do something for apple.... ha, yeah right :P All design and concept was created and developed by me. These campaigns will be running for the next 4 weeks in NY city I have two other digital billboard locations displaying my work on a major highway (Rt 80) of NJ and also in the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel as well. I have received any pictures from my client yet on those, but I will get out there at some point and shoot my own.
  17. After importing PSD file with text frames with overflowed text, this overflowed text is visible outside of text frame boundaries. Photoshop shows only text which is inside the text frame, not outside of it.
  18. Affinity Designer rasterizes smart objects placed into PSD files from Ilustrator/other vector editor, so these objects are no longer vector ones.
  19. Malcolm

    2D game - Storm the Train

    Hi all, I wanted to share the work I've done on our 2D mobile game Storm the Train. We've recently done a big update to the iOS version and launched on Android. During this process I've switched over from Illustrator to Affinity Designer and I'm really enjoying using AD. Almost all of the artwork is now created in AD. Attached are a launch image for the Android version and a small compilation of screen shots. If you fancy downloading and having a play, it's free and can be found using the following links. iOS App Store: http://bit.ly/StYK2d Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/1Mn5hdL Love to hear what you think or answer any questions about the production/workflow.
  20. bamboo8R


    I hope you like it. https://youtu.be/wY7CTR6eOEk
  21. bamboo8R


    Hello! https://youtu.be/ahYnt8YnQ4U
  22. ronniemcbride

    Center of Excellence

    IT been awhile sinceI posted something here. I have been crazy busy! I been using Affinity Designer on everything I can. I got three digital billboard designs I created that will be displayed in two major NY locations. Right now I am working on a simple illustration. This is my first round so feel free to comment critique or whatever. Everything was done in Affinity Designer.
  23. CartoonMike

    New logo for comic and a poll!

    Howdy all! Getting geared up for a series that is my "homage" to the great cosmic epics by Kirby and Starlin. Here's my logo design for the series. I need so input from you good peeps here. I have design A and design B and don't know which one to use. In the upper right is a infinity symbol with arrows, that's what I need help with. I like that icon-logo a lot, as it sums up the gist of the story (infinite rebirths of reality, each reality has infinite universes within). I kinda like the 3D effect on A, but the simplicity of B matches the rest of the design well and uses the only color to pop. So if you'd be so kind as to indicate a choice, I'd be ever so thankful. And everyone who participates in this here poll and topic will get a mention in the print edition of this series. Any critiques are welcome, too, btw. Some background, This will be a prelude to the main series "Cape and Cowl Opera." I wanted to make this series, "A Prior Reality" different from the main series. So I thought that since comics (as we know 'em today) began life as compilations of the comic strips of the '30s and '40s and began to have new non-reprint stuff when newspaper comic strips ran out of new material. So this series will have 6 "daily" comics and 1 "sunday" comics each week. It'll be released on the web as such. It's early on, I won't start putting it on the web until I have at least ⅓ or ½ of the darn thing done. I'm jazzed about this, as the comic will be drawn, lettered and colored entirely by hand on paper. Except for the Title page and chapter headings. I couldn't have done that icon-logo without the Doughnut property! mmmm doughnuts.... It allowed me to eyeball the width of the circular shapes to match up the 4 objects and the Pie property (why am I getting hungry?) made it oh-so-simple to get the part of the outer circle just the way I want it. And topped it off with a cherry... no I mean triangle. The black background used the rounded rectangle and some hand editing to get the curves and sharp angles the way I wanted them. And thanks for any votes and comments!
  24. To me, this falls somewhere between bug and feature request, because it's not "wrong," per se. But recently I was setting up a large document for exporting multiple formats of a logo design, with multiple slices carefully laid out and snapped to grid. I wanted to export RGB versions at 72 dpi in pixels, and then (hoped) to scale the document up to 300 dpi and export in CMYK. However, doing this enlarged all design elements but left guides and slices the same size, very small, oriented to the top left corner. Re-sizing all of those guides and slices would probably take over an hour. :( It would be very nice if guides and slices also scaled (at least approximately) with resolution changes. I'll post a video of this later if it's helpful.
  25. Hi Guys. My name is Andreas Schmidt from Germany. Who of you used Affinity Photo and Designer on a new MacPro with D300 graphics card? I use the programs Affinity Photo and Desinger on a new MacPro and I must say that's rather poor performance compared to my MacBookPro (2012). It takes more than 40-60 seconds before launch the two programs on the MacPro, on the MacBook just 2 seconds. Even when processing OpenType fonts, the Great is more sluggish compared to the Little ones. Can someone confirm the problem ???? It is a clean and newly installed OS X 10.10.4 with 16GB of memory. Access rights were checked and repaired. Thanks for your help and sorry for the bad english. Best regards from Germany