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  1. I have noticed perhaps a significant issue in both Designer 1.7.2 and Publisher 1.72 after loading Affinity Photo 1.7.2 Images in either app. Designer and Publisher both crash when a <Print> command is entered. I have attached macOS 10.14.6 (18G95) error reports and uploaded them to Apple. I have been forced to export from Photo to a .png or .jpg format for the 2 apps to work properly. Please advise ASAP as it is much better to have a Designer + Publisher + Photo workflow rather than being forced through an extra stage of exporting .afphoto images. Many thanks amcd Publisher Crash on Print.rtf Designer Crash on Print.rtf
  2. Yes, I see your animation and that confirms it should work, but not for me... I am thinking of a re-install????? cheers.. amcd
  3. I am trying to create a new picture in Affinity Photo 1.6.7 for Mac ( I am not trying to edit a placed bitmap image). I notice that the Paintbrush tool does not work on a new Desktop page which I assume is an .afphoto file.. (The pen tool seems to work OK.) I fear I must be missing something about editing/creating in .afphoto format? I am aware that if I export the file to a bitmap format and then reopen in AP that the paintbrush works. I can't believe this is really necessary??? Would appreciate some advice on this. cheers amcd
  4. I have Designer 1.6.1 as 1.7 is till in Beta.
  5. I am seeing problems in cross compatibility between Designer and Publisher when importing and exporting .afasset files Cross Compatibility Problem 1 - Designer Asset file when imported into Publisher.... I created a new custom asset file in Designer with an image and some text fields.... When imported into Publisher beta the scaling of images is wrong and text frames also appear with different font sizes and scale when compared to using the Asset in Designer. (NB: Document setup is the same in Designer and Publisher @ 300dpi) Cross Compatibility Problem 2 - Publisher Asset file when imported into Designer... Does not import... error message as attached. Are these just Publisher Beta compatibility issues? best regards amcd Quote Edit
  6. Thank you Walt... Now able to create Assets in Publisher as you suggest. Many thanks..... Checked for dpi of page in both Designer and Publisher, both 300.... I created new test Designer Asset with image and text fields... Import into Publisher still same problem... ( the scaling of images is wrong and text frames also appear with different font sizes when compared to using the Asset in Designer. ) Then tried to import Publisher created .afassets into Designer .... Failed..... Designer Error Message see attached file. Maybe cross compatibility problems exist between Designer and Publisher Beta in respect of .afassets ?????? Cheers amcd
  7. Thanks for your response.. the links were very helpful.... I have now created a "test" custom Asset file in Designer and that is just fine, no problems using that in any Designer file. But.... When I import this into Publisher, the scaling of images is wrong and text frames also appear with different font sizes when compared to using the Asset in Designer. So...... In Publisher, I tried to create a new custom Asset.... but I cannot drag ANY images or text frames into the Assets panel ( this was no problem in Designer). so I am unable to create any new assets in Publisher. I wonder what I am doing wrong. Many thanks amcd
  8. ?WHERE HAVE MY ASSETS GONE? I have been trialling Publisher Beta and notice that no default Assets Categories are present. The same applies in my Designer Installation... (Designer 1.61).. I have tried the "Import Assets" option in both Designer and Publisher and cannot find any Asset folders/files to import. Can you tell me where they are located, or alternatively how I can download them. If I create a new Asset Category I cannot create my own Asset images?... any png/jpg/ or Affinity format images are grayed out? Please help on both above Asset problems Many thanks amcd
  9. Please let me know when the Designer and Photo updates are available.. Otherwise Publisher looks good.
  10. Problem fixed following support from Apple.... thanks
  11. Of course I have an Internet connection.
  12. I tried both Safari and Firefox. Tutorials are grayed out
  13. I have an iPad Pro 10.5 and just purchased Designer for iPad. HOWEVER.... when I select the tutorials option each and every tutorial is grayed out and CANNOT be accessed. What is happening here please advise/fix soonest. Many thanks.. amcd

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