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  1. And most of all, imagine! If there is such a feature in Affinity Designer, which is well-optimized for operating systems with new technologies, it must be a big advantage for users, too! We don't have to use slow illustrators and other programs!
  2. That's right. As you say, the accessibility benefits of such disconnection may be greater. I hope it's more accurate, but it's not too high and it's a good function just as an assistant for designer. It's up to the Serif to integrate and pack it well.
  3. @JET_Affinity Still, if the Affinity Designer includes the feature, it would be much more accessible. And most of all, there is no API for general users to develop plug-ins. If can make a plug-in, someone will develop it.
  4. @Alfred So, why hasn’t the feature in AD? Is this also present in Adobe Illustrator?
  5. @Tourmaline So you mean that Affinity doesn't have the function right now, and Inkscape has the function that I want, right?
  6. I want to export my results with grid or guide line. Are you under development or already having that functions? In detail, In Affinity designer, grid and guideline managers exist. Therefore, I want my illustration export png or other file with grid and guideline. So, this maximizes my client's understanding of the design configuration of my illustrations.
  7. I need the ability to automatically change the image to vectors. Designers use pen tools on top of images with poor resolution, not vectors, below them to make them vectors. I think it needs to be automated. In fact, if you take a program that's automated, it's Vector Magic. Even though it is not very accurate, it is very helpful in images that require a lot of vector conversion work. Obviously, if we include this feature in our efficiency, it will be a simple and automated function.

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