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  1. While it's great there there are some advanced features for UI design in Affinity Designer, it's sad that mobile device preview, an indispensable feature is still missing.
  2. Came here to post this. Sad that it still remains unresolved.
  3. Ben, that sounds very thoughtful and as an excellent way to avoid losing data but when I have to send a file to a client and find what should have been in 2MB is 70MB it seems plain ridiculous; it makes AD unusable for me. One solution is to provide an option to delete all those obsolete data while saving.
  4. In Affinity Designer it seems there is no way to change the opacity of global colors. This is becoming frustrating when designing UIs. Opacity is an integral part of color schemes in Google's Material Design; it completely depends on opacity to create visual hierarchy. From Google's Material Design Guidelines: "Using opacity instead of shifting colors often creates better contrast and relative luminance. For example, gray text (#727272) becomes hard to read if the background color changes to magenta." Is this feature on your road map?
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