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  1. I second this, a simple perspective warp would be very valuable, since we we already have a skew I was quite surprised that this was not there when I needed it. I could live without a mesh warp for a while, but it feels like a broken workflow to not have a perspective warp as it's so common a need (and feels like an extension of the skew feature). When I needed this this was the first time I have had to resort to going back to photoshop to get it (And thereby creating a baked in non editable part of my composition). Thanks for all you do, Designer is a great application.
  2. Yes please add a way to change the opacity of global colors after they are created, if I can't change the opacity after I create it then I can't safely use opacity in global colors
  3. I work on icons for multiple color schemes, so I have a document set up with a color palette with global colors for everything in the document. From this master document I need to make multiple versions of the icons for different color schemes, e.g. Light UI vs Dark UI. I would love to be able to just swap the palette from the dark palette to the light palette and have all the new colors swapped out where the color names match. Since I haven't found a way to do this yet what I currently have to do I is make a copy of the document, then change each global color to the color in the new palette manually which is really time consuming and a bit error prone. If I could just swap palettes it would be a huge time savings for me Thanks!
  4. When I adjust one of my art boards all the items on it rearrange and scatter all over the place. When you undo they do not go back. I've uploaded the file with the issue. To repro I select the 'Master Controls' art board and drag the bottom size adjuster downward, as I drag all the items immediately rearrange. I'm using Affinity Designer Exploding_Object_Position_with_Designer_1.6193.afdesign