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  1. How do we request such a functionality? It would allow for fewer clicks etc. and hence would refine workflow.
  2. I'm looking for the same functionality but it doesn't seem to be here as simply as AI. I'd like to click once (i.e. not click and drag) and then get a dialogue box for the dimensions of the rectangle that I can fit in. With the current AD system I have to click, drag, select then go to transform and input the numbers. Is there any functionality like I'm describing in AI?
  3. It's great to see that there is now some compatibility with dxf/dwg formats. Any idea when Affinity Designer will be able to EXPORT dxf/dwg files? For us, this is really important and a massive frustrating. Indeed, it's been a massive frustration for *years*...
  4. Thanks Old Bruce. Before I send anything, the master document is facing pages and the actual document has facing pages. I realised I should have mentioned that. I do appear to have circumvented the problem by duplicating the first three pages, reapplied the masters to them, then manually moved the threads and finally split the thread for the inserted pages and deleted the contents. But what a palaver! I'll post a sample of what's happening tomorrow (hopefully) so that someone with more knowledge can tell me what I am doing wrong! Edward
  5. Hello, I wonder if someone can help me. I'm running Affinity Publisher on a Mac. I have a 52 page document mostly of text and a few images. I have a two-page master document set up with four columns along with various character styles etc. Anyway, I have set the layout as I'd like it but I now need to add two pages at the start of the document. However, when I do this I have some curious behaviour going on... firstly, when I add two pages, Publisher adds three. Secondly, when I do this, the column threads get crossed over - What I mean by that is this: If we assume that, from left to right, the columns are 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the text flow should be from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. Well, when I add the two pages (but three are added) the text flow is 2 to 1 to 4 to 3 and then on to the next page... What am I doing wrong?! All advice gratefully received. Edward
  6. Hi, I have a couple of Publisher documents open. Neither of them are in preview mode. On one of them the text and image bounding boxes are visible. On the other, only the text bounding boxes are visible - i.e. the image bounding boxes are not visible (unless I click on the image). I think it's a simple question I'm asking but I can't find the answer! So: how do you show/hide the image bounding boxes (when the image is not selected)? All help gratefully received. I suspect I'm being dim! Edward
  7. Possibly I didn't explain it very well. What I meant was, if the formatting that I'm after is common (which I think it is but I could be wrong) then having an automatic way of formatting that way would be useful. It's similar to having 'indent' or 'first line indent'. This acknowledges that sometimes people might want a different indent for the first line. I had assumed (incorrectly) that there might have been an additional question of 'first line of first paragraph indent' or similar... Hence a 'built-in' system rather than having to create multiple rules to achieve it. I do appreciate that it's not a simple ask as it'd require a delineating format to create the 'break' (in the same way as a line-break creates the break for 'first line indent'). I guess that could have been a different character format (heading/chapter) or even simply a double line space. Anyway, just a thought! I hope that explains what I rather muddily described as 'more embedded'...
  8. Thanks everyone! That's great - really useful. I'm surprised that there's not a more embedded method for the paragraph formatting as this is often how books/newspapers etc. are formatted; flush first paragraph, indented subsequent. Anyway, I'll go with the proposal. All the best, Edward
  9. Hi. I suspect I'm being a bit dim. But could someone direct me to a help file for setting up a paragraph format for the following: I would like the first line of a chapter/block of text not to be indented (i.e. flush left) but then for subsequent paragraphs to be indented... Any suggestions? Also, whilst I'm here, I've been trying to find how to display paragraph symbols and page breaks etc. so I can see what's what re: formatting. However, I can't seem to find the information on the Affinity help files. All pointers welcome! Edward
  10. h_d - this is great! I am on a mac... alt (on my keyboard, option on others) + click/drag doesn't do the snapping *unless* you release the alt key before unclicking. It's a step I'd not though to try but it works. So that's super. cmd-drag also works. Out of interest, what's the difference between the alt/option and the cmd versions? Is that a difference between copy and clone? If yes, what is clone vs. copy? Thanks for your help! E
  11. When copying objects in Affinity Designer (on a mac), I'm finding that snaps don't work to the object copied from. I'll explain: Let's say I have drawn a rectangle. I alt-click & drag to copy the object. I now want this newly created copy to snap to the object that I've copied it from (the original rectangle). It doesn't snap. If I click off the copy, select the original rectangle and then re-select/drag the copy, it will now snap to the original. This is a frustrating work flow as it requires 2-3 extra clicks. Do I have something incorrectly set-up in the snapping preferences that stops this from working? Or does this functionality not exist in Affinity Designer? Seems quite a basic function to me... All guidance gratefully received! Edward
  12. Any news on a blend tool - above it was mentioned that a replicate/blend tool is on the roadmap - any news?
  13. Thanks! I've been trying it today and it hasn't been working. I just was about to record an example to send to you and, of course, suddenly it is working... If I replicate the issue I'll send a screen recording. Thanks for all your help!
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