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  1. Thanks both of you. The wonders of user forums never ceases to inspire!
  2. That's exactly what I want! Brilliant! Thanks Joachim! I wish I had found this before. Thanks for all your input and for being so quick to respond - much appreciated.
  3. Ah! I see. Yes, the Node Tool was active. With the Move tool active, the feature works now. Thanks Joachim. One thing though - the percentage is relative rather than absolute - and by that I mean, if I've changed the size from the original size to, say, 125% then it'll grow by the additional 25%. But if I want it to be 126% instead of 125%, I can't simply say '126%' as that'll then increase it from the already increased size by the additional 26%. Is there anyway that the percentage increase can be absolute relative to the original size? (As per the size slider below the image) Edward
  4. Thanks Joachim... however, when I click the image within (below) the picture frame on the layers panel, the transform panel options are all greyed-out... Any suggestions? Edward
  5. Going back to resizing an image by percentage - someone said that you can type percentages in the transform palette - however, for me, that only adjusts the bounding box of the image rather than the image within it. I presume I'm doing something wrong. So, could someone explain how I can change the size of an image itself (that's been placed inside an image box) by accurate percentage? If I'm not so bothered about getting things exact I can use the slider below the image. But what about if I want two images to be changed by exactly the same amount? Or, indeed, even if I want to change the zoom using the slider but to, say, 100.1% - the slider is 'sticky' to certain zoom levels and jumps from those levels. Make sense? All thoughts/suggestions gratefully received! Edward
  6. Hmm. That's disappointing - Regarding bulk updating of images (i.e. that one update can then 'intelligently' be passed through to other images with links broken assuming the same previous path) - is that something that's on the roadmap? It is something that's on Indesign I believe. It seems such an obvious feature... Edward
  7. Hello, When moving a Publisher file from a PC to a mac, the images linked in documents are noted as 'missing' - I believe this is because the server path appears to be changing... On the mac the path includes the server 'share' name whereas on the PC the server share is noted as a drive letter (Y:\) instead. Firstly, is there a way around this within Publisher? Secondly, if not, is there a way to do bulk updates to linked images? I'd have expected that, when I update one image within a folder, the others with the same general path will also automatically update. However, currently I have to update the each individually. Am I missing something? All thoughts gratefully received! Edward
  8. Thanks for the input Carl. I really appreciate the suggestion. It's still a bit of a work around I guess as then other (non-missing) fonts will get changed and will then need to be changed manually back to what they were originally at. I'm sure I could work around it - say, change them to yellow, change all fonts, then change back the yellow fonts. But it strikes me that a simple button on the font manager to say 'yes, accept proposed substitution' would be a lot easier...
  9. The reason the pages are not visible is that the pages panel is collapsed - the document content is confidential and hence I didn't want to post it on a public forum. But the pages are there...! When the pages are visible, the locate function still doesn't work. I can't supply the afpub file (for obvious reasons) but, just so you know, the missing font is Gill Sans MT. The file was created on a PC and I'm working on a Mac. At this point, I'm beyond caring to be honest! I've just learnt to ignore the dialogue box for this document. But still, I thought I'd raise the issues... Thanks for your help!
  10. So, am I right in saying that if there's a document with a font that's missing, there's no way automatically to find/replace the missing fonts? Instead, you must use the font manager to locate the missing font locations and then change each one manually? If that's the case, I think this feature needs to be added to the improvements list! I have a document with about 100 instances of a missing font (it's a drawing with lots of labels which are not in paragraphs and hence not linked). Moreover, as I shown in my video linked above, the actual font manager locate function isn't working. Hmm. It's frustrating! Walt, thanks for all your input! Edward
  11. Hmmm. I can't see how you use the find/replace panel to find/replace fonts. It seems more to relate to words (if you see what I mean). Am I being dim?
  12. Hmm. Is my video working? I used the Mac screen recording facility in the Snapshot app. Dan C, how did you get yours to embed? (appreciate all the help by the way!)
  13. Thanks for the reply... See attached video. Hopefully this shows it's not working as yours is. Am I missing something? Fontmanager.mov One question though - is there a find/replace font function? It seems laborious to have to change every instance of a missing font. In the 'locate' box, I'd assumed that the substitution suggestion was saying which substitution would be made and that I could then simply say 'yes, please' or similar to accept the substitution. Is something like this possible or is it really necessary to change every instance manually? Edward
  14. When I open an Affinity Publisher document (originally created on a PC) on my mac, I get a pop-up dialogue box informing me that a font is missing. Using the Font Manager I can see the font that's missing (in a list). However, when I press 'locate' Publisher does nothing. In the list it suggests an alternative to substitute but, unless I'm missing something obvious, there's no way actually to substitute it. After saving and reloading, the same pop-up box appears telling me about the missing font. All thoughts/suggestions gratefully received. Edward
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