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  1. I have a large page for which I created a large master Artboard, call it #1. I want to print just a portion of the page so I created a Artboard 2, inside Artboard 1. When printing, the page comes out blank. I then noticed that the Artboards appear as layers in the layer menu, and I had to drag all the content of Artboard 1 into Artboard 2 for Artboard 2 to have content. This strikes me as very odd behavior, and inconvenient. Is there a way to just print smaller Artboards without having to drag around content?
  2. Thank you all. Transform tab with ability to enter absolute sizes is exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Newby here, trying to figure out if AD has the ability to draw out a certain size shape. In AI, there would popup a dialog to define the width and height of a rectangle for instance. I'm not seeing that feature here If I draw out a shape, using the ruler and guides, is there a way to get info about that object, such as its width and height?
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