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    Nathan Shirley got a reaction from SPaceBar in SVGs not displaying correctly   
    The SVGs display correctly if I bring them back into Sibelius (the software used to create them). They also display correctly in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft's two web browsers, IE and Edge.
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    Nathan Shirley got a reaction from Joachim_L in Booklet Printing Bug?   
    The Postscript driver seems to have fixed it. Many thanks!
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Alfred in Imposition   
    You certainly shouldn’t need this if you’re using a commercial printing service, but for those who want to print their own centre-stapled or saddle-stitched booklets it would be useful if the software offered an adjustment for ‘creep’.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to GarryP in Text on path mirrored on transformed curves   
    You can ‘bake’ the curve into its current geometry by:
    * drawing a rectangle around it;
    * selecting both the curve and rectangle together;
    * choosing menu “Layer → Geometry → Merge Curves”;
    * choosing menu “Layer → Geometry → Separate Curves”;
    * deleting the rectangle.
    See my attached video (for multiple curves just draw the rectangle around them all).
    It’s not a particularly quick method, but how often would you need to do this?
    2020-05-10 09-08-26.mp4
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to okhick in Quickly Place Multi-page PDF   
    If you click on the placed PDF you can select a page in the context menu on top.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to walt.farrell in Replace object colors without original global colors   
    No, there's no way to do that for objects simply by changing the color if you didn't start by making them with a global color.
    If they all have the same stroke settings, though, perhaps you could:
    1. Select as many of the objects as you can easily select, and change the color. It will affect all of them
    2. Edit > Copy
    3. Select more objects.
    4. Edit > Paste Style (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V)
    5. Repeat from step 3 as needed.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to MikeW in Imposition   
    For Mac/Windows, I've heard that Devalipi is good. 
    I use Montax Imposer, Windows only.
    Montax has a size-limited free version. I don't know its other limitations, if any.
    Imposition software doesn't change any thing about the internals of a pdf, only rearranges the single page type pdfs for imposition (along with creep, signatures, etc.).
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Chosen Idea in Batch RAW Processing for Time Lapse   
    Yes. I just use the free version (Capture One Express).
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Yannick Gaultier in Assets shared on laptop & desktop   

    @s.auler I can confirm this works fine. I have added Affinity Publisher to the mix since then and its assets and settings are stored in the same location as Affinity Designer due to the junction on the "Affinity" folder. It does allow me switching transparently from desktop to laptop with both software with all settings and assets always being there.
    @haakoo That's a workaround but this does not preserve settings, recent files, Studio configuration (which panels to show/hide) etc. 
    Using a set path for Affinity storage, one can move around from computer to computer without interruption in the workflow. Hope the ability to set a storage path will be added in the future but junctions/symlink is the next best thing at the moment I think.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to haakoo in Assets shared on laptop & desktop   
    Simply use "embed assets in document" will do the trick.
    This can be an empty afpub file with only the assets present,drag/drop to your project to let it be linked or embedded.
    When opening this file in a new tab the program will ask if you want to embed the assets to current document
    This has some issues as it doesn't show up in the assets dropdown
    But deleting an asset category makes it appear
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to ch1ptune in Is it possible to package a project in Publisher?   
    Coming from InDesign, I was particularly looking forward to seeing how Publisher handles links and packages. So far I've gathered that it embeds resources by default, but that you can release the embed and change the setting to linked in the resource manager. But is it possible to package and collect all files as it is in InDesign?
    Say you have a very large document with 20-30 GB worth of links and you want to send it over to someone else to finish the project. How would you go about that in Publisher? Will the document file size be 20-30 GB in that case? Sometimes I send the InDesign file without links to other people, so they can see the layout. In that case it would be quite cumbersome to include all resources. And what if you only wanted to send a couple of the linked files - how would you easily access those files from within Publisher? I don't see a "Reveal in finder" option for linked files.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to anweid in Hyphenation bug with slash?   
    This not only happens with a slash, but also with other characters. The German Publisher under Windows hyphenates also directly before bullets. The attached screenshots (never mind the bad justification and kerning) tells the reader of the original document which menu entries to select, and I decided to separate the menu levels with bullets. The strange hyphenation comes from Publisher. For the second image, I also tried the characters ¼®¥Φϖ☺ (instead of the bullet) just for fun, and each and every one of them makes the same hyphenation happen.
    Unfortunately, since standard hyphenation algorithms normally only look up the probability of hyphens between pairs of characters, and the above characters probably never appear in any pair list, I don't have any idea how to solve this. The problems with the slash should be solved somehow, though, because slashes appear rather often...
    Andreas Weidner

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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Pauls in Hyphenation bug with slash?   
    You have a point, I'll raise it with the devs
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Mimi in Japanese Vertical Text   
    This feature is essential for me too, I have no idea how to insert vertical text in a simple way,
    I am going to buy Affinity Publisher but I discover that the vertical text function is not available,
    and I tried this almost two days in Affinity Designer, and it hasn't got this function too.
    nearly 50% of printing works are still using the vertical format in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, especially the novel publishing,
    I looking forward that developers could add this feature in the future.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Gabe in Imported PDFs still printing rasterized   
    Hi all,
    Sorry for the delayed reply. 
    We are aware of an issue where embedded documents do not pass through when you print them, but instead, they get rasterized, even if they are pure vector documents. 
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Jens Krebs in PDF text is changed on import   
    Are you planning on adding pass through?
    As mentioned by several people many times it is an essential feature for most publications with ads and elements prepared by other designers. No support would transport Affinity users back into the dark ages of graphic design with incompatible files, large TIFs and illegal font exchange to make things work ...
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to MikeW in Still having issues with imported PDFs   
    Your pdf works just fine in both ID & QXP.
    Yes, Q can convert pdfs to "native objects." With the font installed it would likely render correctly, but without the font I wouldn't bet the farm on it. I have used the conversion of pdfs in Q before, and it has been pretty decent, but I use it as a last resort when original files are no longer available. Otherwise, I place them in Q or ID.
    CorelDraw also works fine even without the font as it can convert type to curves upon importing.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Jens Krebs in Indexing in Publisher better than InDesign   
    Hi, just wanted to say, that I LOVE the indexing feature in Publisher ... it's wonderful, finally being able to create an index with numerical tags, because that ALWAYS crashes InDesign for me (InDesign only creates alphabetical indexes from A–Z and simply shuts down when I try creating an entry that starts with a number).
    Just ... hurray!!!!
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Mark Ingram in GPU, disappointed   
    @verysame, apologies if you feel mislead at any point. GPU compute acceleration on Windows is still an active area of research for myself, and as I've mentioned in posts linked by Patrick, there are more issues in the Windows ecosystem versus the Mac side of things. For example, we're still supporting Windows 7 (Service Pack 1), which is over 9 years old! Along with all the hardware that may be even older than that!
    @fde101 has good points about attempting to compare Rendering vs Compute pipelines. Games do also use Compute to accelerate their games, but in a completely different way to what would be required in the Affinity products. 
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to fde101 in GPU, disappointed   
    I think some of the posts on this thread show that people are confusing two different use cases.  OpenGL, DirectX, etc. are used for rendering to the display.  That is what is already fairly "common" and used by a lot of games an  the like - it also doesn't make much difference to the Affinity products.
    What helps is GPU *compute* which is evidently not as well-specified on Windows right now.  This would be CUDA, OpenCL, etc.  Even on the Mac, users with older GPUs are finding that the current implementation of GPU compute slows things down more than speeds them up, so it is quite possible that only with the most recent systems is it becoming fast enough to be relevant to the Affinity products, and it was quite possibly true that it would not have helped in the past.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Patrick Connor in GPU, disappointed   
    Thanks for your understanding.
    I don't think you should mistrust our replies. The developer who did this on macOS (as demo'd) worked very closely with Apple possibly under a non disclosure agreement. Consequently Information on things like this do not always make it to other members of staff, or there would be no surprises at launch events (particularly with blabber mouths like me around   ) At the time you asked perhaps GPU was not relevant to our performance and we could not discuss 1.7 changes. Alternatively, it is still true that it is NOT that relevant to Windows speeds, as the replies in this search shows, the Windows lead dev is still saying that. So if you were asking in relation to Windows, the answer remains it is currently unimportant.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to BofG in GPU, disappointed   
    I like this common misconception that only Apple products have a well known interface for graphics cards. Take a look at any game and see what the system requirements are...
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Przemysław in I love the first version but...   
    I actually love how new picture frames work, especially that an anchor point can be easily changed. Much better than ID. 
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Alfred in Price for Publisher   
    Mail Merge may be a primary requirement for you, Paul, but many of us muddle along without it! A problem which I think is more generally applicable is the inability to interpret fonts embedded in PDFs; a related problem is the lack of PDF passthrough.
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    Nathan Shirley reacted to Johannes in Price for Publisher   
    If I had to guess, I would say € 79 with a starting discount of  33 % which makes about € 53.
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