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  1. Hope you get your issues sorted too, I'll have to just build my favs up over time again, memory like a sieve and far too many fonts is my problem.
  2. Totally not your fault David cause I should of thought what this was going to do, but yeah all my settings have been lost with doing the ctrl before starting it, I should of realized it would do this but hastily wanted to try anything to get it to work again, sadly can't remember how I had things arranged and now its all back to default settings and just will take a lot of getting used to to try and remember were things where the way I used to have it all. Still major plus its working again, just remember when pressing ctrl when starting again to read settings fully before going ahead if you want to keep your settings. OMG this gets worse all my fav fonts are gone too, these took me so long to add in favourites, is there no way of recovering this reset from pressing ctrl, I have lots of fonts and had all my favs easily accessed and now all gone, so pissed off at myself for not looking at what I was pressing. Now even worse, jeez this just isn't my day, so tried to export something and it crashed, opened it back up again and all the changes I'd made with arranging the tools are back to default again. Is this a setting that each time the program starts it reverts to default, I don't remember it ever doing this before and can't find any setting.
  3. So just to say I've got it working again, it was this old SSD 500GB drive I had set to also be my temp directory as my OS drive is only 120GB so I'd moved temp director over to my old SSD to save space on my OS drive and daftly not copied and changed the path when I replaced my drive to this new 2TB SSD I'd also had a corrupt windows update that stopped my hibernation mode working so that also I got sorted now. Thanks for the help. Phil
  4. No it flashes on the taskbar for like 1 second and just opens the affinity photo starter window black with a jellyfish is it for 2 or 3 seconds then disappears and that's it. I only have one monitor.
  5. Yeah just tried it again not unchecking user defaults this time but still no just disappears, think maybe a different issue with me though as my microsoft edge worked, it seems to be just affinity products.
  6. Hi David Thanks for you help, sadly didn't do it for me though I unchecked user defaults, is that what you meant when you said you kept defaults, then clicked clear and it just disappeared again.
  7. Hi I've just gone to open Photo v1 and it opens the intro screen window but then disappears and nothing loads from there, does exactly the same with Designer v1 I have. Was working OK last time I used it a week or so ago, Windows updated the other day though could this of effected it, anyway any ideas of getting it to work again. Just thinking I've swapped over a storage drive 500gb ssd to a 2TB ssd there was some folders saying temp or something I didn't copy over could this be related but software was installed on c drive and not changed this. Phil
  8. Yeah shame I thought this might be the case, I'd love to have something similar to Photoshops content aware. I work with mockups a lot and like to have things just the way I want so love a similar content aware fill and better results than inpainting tool gives me in v1.
  9. Oh right, yeah I thought that sounded odd why they would of removed it. Cheers Garry Whats you're opinion on the new one?
  10. Oh wow so they've taken out the inpainting tool, definitely won't be getting it now, the basic one in v1 is better than none, thanks for the info.
  11. Not got version 2 Affinity myself and was just curious if the inpainting tool had been updated in version 2, this tool in version 1 seems a long way behind what photoshop can do with Content-Aware, Can anyone who has version 2 let me know if they see any difference with this tool. For me I'm still on the fence with getting version 2 as only got version 1 at the beginning of this year.
  12. I've seen it happen a few times now, when I cut something out of a layer then try to merge down and it seems to add blur, does same with layer/merge selected. Is there a way to merge without it blurring. Affinity Photo on Desktop windows 10 PC
  13. No worries, yes I agree for me also its very random with snapping to things, sometimes it just doesn't snap and sometimes it does, wish I knew why.
  14. Thanks Walt and Nathan too for this, saved me two hours typing my favourite fonts from Photo to Designer.
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