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  1. I've made tons of banners (for web) in Photo and had no issue, what do you mean the app removed layers? Now, I'm mostly using Affinity Publisher but Photo has been fast and intuitive to use. How is this app not intuitive since you are coming from Photoshop? Calling the app garbage is rude, you could've tested it before buying.
  2. Hi all, One of my issues is that after a couple of hrs working in AP the app gets slower and I would have to save my work, close the app and restart it in order to get the job done. Is there anyway to run the app without it getting slower? My PC specs are fairly decent, and I increased the RAM usage but I still get a lower performance after few hrs.
  3. Personally I would do it in Publisher but you can also get it done using Photo and Designer.
  4. I would also love to have this option in Publisher as I am 99% using it even though I've purchased all 3 apps.
  5. I don't see Resize Canvas in the Resize Document? I'm pretty sure this is how you change the DPI.
  6. Same warnings in Affinity Publisher. I agree it's a bit annoying.
  7. Is there any way to split the cells like in the example? I highlighted the area. I want to recreate this table in AP.
  8. I agree with Ricy0, I bought all 3 apps from the official affinity website.
  9. I got the email and the promotion, thank you Serif. I will take advantage of the discount. Yes, I signed up and downloaded the beta from affinity.serif.com.
  10. For me the full green background is overpowering and the fonts don't seem to work. My suggestions is a white background with sharp fonts, fully remove the background of the second photo. For inspiration you should check graphicriver.
  11. I'm facing the same issue when I save the image with a different name the beta crashes.
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