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  1. Coffee

    Business Card

    I did this card in Affinity Publisher but I included the template in Designer as well. Download link is on my behance page along with some specifications: HERE Enjoy!
  2. Installed without any problems as always. Thanks team!
  3. A solution might be to ask them for a template. I'm saying this because I have designed business cards and the size they specify (bleed, safe area) wasn't the same as their provided template. Here, I was able to find their template. You can open them in AD. I did an example using their Psd template that I opened in AD then exported as Flattened Pdf.
  4. Coffee

    Affinity Designer. Redesign Concept.

    I personally love it. You did an awesome job!
  5. Me too, I've designed flyers, postcards and full stationery sets without any issues from the printer. Nowadays I'm moving towards using AP for print work because it's faster and having the bleed visible is a plus for me.
  6. Is there an oficial date when AP will be released?
  7. I checked and I have the same problem.
  8. Updated to the new version. Everything works great! Thanks a lot!
  9. I get you point now, maybe it will be implemented in a future update. I'm just happy I have the option to see the bleed, I'm waiting for Designer to have visible bleed as well.
  10. Bleed looks ok to me, I don't understand the complaining. Sorry I realized I posted on the mac version since I'm using windows.
  11. I actually opened 2 brochures that I made in the first beta and it doesn’t crash. It’s weird that it doesn’t work for you.
  12. Yes, I can see the bleeds now Thanks a lot for this update!
  13. I was wondering if the bleed settings work even though they aren't visible?
  14. I'm designing a trifold in AP, I love how fast everything is especially the resizing of the text. I can't wait to buy this awesome product. Here's the outside of the trifold, this is just for learning and adjusting to AP.