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  1. Same warnings in Affinity Publisher. I agree it's a bit annoying.
  2. Is there any way to split the cells like in the example? I highlighted the area. I want to recreate this table in AP.
  3. I agree with Ricy0, I bought all 3 apps from the official affinity website.
  4. I got the email and the promotion, thank you Serif. I will take advantage of the discount. Yes, I signed up and downloaded the beta from affinity.serif.com.
  5. For me the full green background is overpowering and the fonts don't seem to work. My suggestions is a white background with sharp fonts, fully remove the background of the second photo. For inspiration you should check graphicriver.
  6. Coffee

    Business Card

    I did this card in Affinity Publisher but I included the template in Designer as well. Download link is on my behance page along with some specifications: HERE Enjoy!
  7. Installed without any problems as always. Thanks team!
  8. I personally love it. You did an awesome job!
  9. Me too, I've designed flyers, postcards and full stationery sets without any issues from the printer. Nowadays I'm moving towards using AP for print work because it's faster and having the bleed visible is a plus for me.
  10. Is there an oficial date when AP will be released?
  11. I checked and I have the same problem.
  12. Updated to the new version. Everything works great! Thanks a lot!

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