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    Arm processors

    This is something I also so very dearly want. But I assume affinity team is very small to work on something like this right away. And I don't expect any movement on this front from Affinity team before at least one year. Or even worse, until Apple comes out with their ARM-based laptops. And in my honest assumption, I fear that we will have to wait till the second option to happen. And that puts the time frame somewhere between Late 2021 to Mid 2022.
  2. I would suspect they will take their sweet time before submitting the app to the Microsoft store. Since they have to give a cut of every sale through Microsoft store I would imagine Serif would want to sell as many copies as they can by themselves before releasing the app to Microsoft store.
  3. Since Publisher Beta is coming to an end is there any NEWS on when they are bringing the new app in Microsoft store. I would really like to order from Microsft Store instead of ordering from their website. I already have the Affinity Photo and Designer from Microsft store. Would like to buy their third app on Microsoft store too.
  4. The text should look like this "দুর্গাপুরে ফ্ল্যাট মানেই "Mondal Homes"" Instead, it looks like the screen grab attached below Is there anything that is I am missing here?

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