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  1. Is it me or this square appears to always more white in color that the rest no matter which one you have selected. ? And if so, is there a reason for it ? I know it might be me, my monitor, my eyes LOL or something explained somewhere but I had to ask. TIA
  2. "The neumorphic effect is a combination of the current famous flat UI and the old skeuomorphic principles! The components have a dark box-shadow on the bottom and a light box-shadow on top; the combination of both creates the effect of the elements pushing themselves through your display." Quote Source We are going to create a Neomorphism Style graphic like this one using Layer Effects. We are going to be working only with three colors, one Main Color, A Shadow color and a lighter highlight color. We are going to be working with the following three colors
  3. That expand stroke improvements are very welcomed indeed. Thanks and congrats on this version release to all the team.
  4. That's nice insight information. For someone like me who is no where near the talent you display here is great piece of advie on how to achieve lighting effects in vectors. You have pretty nice drawings displayed on this thread, thanks for sharing them.
  5. Impressive, and here me going crazy with like 10 vector objects .. LOL
  6. If that's doodling, then i definitely need to improve like 3000% in order to get to the doodler category.. Nice work and thanks for sharing
  7. I tried that and that kind of works. I'm embedding another designer file in my case. Whenever i select "edit document" it doesn't open the original embeded file, but instead opens another tab where i can make changes to the drawing. Is this normal behavior ? So any changes on the opened new tab will only be reflected on the document from which I initiated the "edit document" action right.?. It wont do anything to the original file.? I guess the behavior I'm after will be provided by the "Linked Files" feature that's not present right now
  8. I read on another thread about Affinity Designer not having the ability to link files. I have a drawing that I'm embedding in another document. Whenever I make changes to the original drawing, I have to come back and replace the embedded file with the same file in order for it to reflect the changes made. My question would be. Its this the only way to accomplish this before the program gains the ability to link files, or is there another way I'm not aware off.
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