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  1. Either Affinity program works great for album pages. I usually use Designer so I can see all the pages at once in artboards. As far as clipping use place and drag under the shape to the right and it's there ready to resize.
  2. 0n1 raw 2018.5. A little confusing to learn, but plays nice with Affinity. Lots of video help on YouTube.
  3. I use Lightroom 5.7 and it plays nice with Affinity plus the printing is much better and easier. No problems. Also On1 Raw 2018.5 works well.
  4. ignore PDF. Click on actual size if that's what you want, Hit the double headed arrow by scaling and art boards, go to color matching, colorsync and pick your paper profile and click on print. Should be good to go. If you want more options, go to print settings on the double headed arrow.High speed, etc.
  5. I use Lightroom 5.7 as a dam and it allows you to edit in another software (AP) with lightroom adjustments ( in preferences). Send it to Affinity Photo do your changes, hit save and it goes back to LR, right next to the original. You have choices of how you want to send it and you can also save it as an afphoto file some where else.
  6. When you hit SAVE after doing your thing in AP it goes back into LR the same way you set up the preferences in LR. If you edited a copy it opens next to the original. When you send to AP you have three choices, Original, Copy and Copy with Lightroom Adjustments. Also what file format etc. I use Copy with LR Adjustments, Tiff, 16 bit, Pro Photo, 300 resolution.
  7. Easy to do. Lightroom preferences, external editing, choose >Affinity Photo from drop down, choose again and you're good to go. It'll show up in Edit in. Works great, use it all the time.
  8. As above. If the Transform is not visible go to View > Studio and check Transform. Should be on bottom right. Open and you can set size and where to put it.
  9. If the whole document is the rectangle you should be able to grab the brush tool and any brush and paint. If the rectangle is in a document AP makes a new layer when you grab the brush tool. Move it down and right to make it a child of the layer and paint away.
  10. Fill the layer with the color you want the stroke to be and use the marquee tool to draw the width of the stroke outside of the marquee and hit delete. You can even have a nice feathered stroke.
  11. Check out the customise tools button on the VIEW menu second from bottom. Any tools you use a lot you can put in the column alone, rest the tools to default, or put tools in more than one column.
  12. Open your first image. Then go to file >Place from drop down menu. Navigate to your second image and click open. drag a corner to make it the size you want. Will be on top of the layer stack. You can also copy and paste the second image.
  13. In your print dialog box, click on the double headed arrow for scaling and artboards and click on color matching from the drop down menu. Then click on color sync, not Epson color controls, your profiles should be there.
  14. If you use the FX (click it.) at the bottom of the layers panel there's a place to choose outline check it and you can then choose outside, inside or center.
  15. Under view go to Studio > on fly out near the bottom there's a show right hand studio. Check it.
  16. You can always place an image more than once for different sizes. You can command drag for same size image and adjust size with transform. That's why I really like LR's print module. Great to print from.
  17. Do you have the document selected? Never have seen that! All sides are equal. Another choice is to use the shape rectangle with no fill and a stroke. Adjust the stroke to the same size as the image, or make the image a child of the stroke by dragging the image down and right . Use the transform box to adjust it all. Use this all the time for notecards, etc. All shapes work well.
  18. Put a backround layer the size of the page you're going to print on make it white. Put your image where you want it and print actual size. The white unprinted will be white and your image will be where you want it. No wasted paper.
  19. Or if you don't want to make your document larger. Select your document, go to FX at the bottom of the layers pallet and click on it. Check the box for outline, alignment inside, color white and set width with slider. Need more than max, type it in.
  20. Sure, open a document, take the move tool to the ruler and drag from top or bottom. Under the view menu in the fourth section down there's a guide manager that allows a very accurate placement of the guides.
  21. under VIEW> Customize tools (2nd. from bottom) click on it, then bottom left # of columns.
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