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  1. Much thanks - problem solved and good to know I can use 16 bit values if required. T '
  2. I purchased the Affinity Photo Worbook and downloaded the lumsdale falls photo to work on. The Colour Tab is now showing RGB slider values ranging from 0 to 6553. When I open one of my own photo's it's doing the same thing. Any idea why this happened and how to fix it? Thanks, Terry
  3. Thanks Rick! That's got it. Seems like a convoluted, non-intuitive, misleading way of getting there but it gets me where I want. Much thanks.
  4. What you see in the screenshot, the various PDF options are what I get when I click the arrow by "PDF". There doesn't seem to be any way to get an option to print to anything but PDF.
  5. I jumped the gun again now when I show details it only allows me to print a PDF document.
  6. I just realized I just need to "Show Detail" and I got my usual epson print dialog. Stupid me!! Thanks for you help.
  7. Hi. I'm on a macbook pro El Capitan and I'm using Affinity Photo. Here's a screen shot of the print dialog:
  8. I'm currently testing Affinity with the possibility of switching from Photoshop. I have an Epson SCP600 printer. I tried to print from Affinity and only got a print dialog with virtually no parameters. I assume there must be a way to have Affinity recognize the print driver provided by Epson for my printer, but I have no idea how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.
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