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  1. Thank you. I am using 1.6 . I have tried blurring after inverting but the blur is in the wrong place - the subject rather than the background. I did rasterise but it had no effect and still the subject is blurred. Any other ideas please? Pooh
  2. I have checked the forum and am doing what everyone says but select inverse does no work from either toolbar or the shortcut. I am trying to blur background. I use the quick selection tool first then refine edge for the hair and click apply. When I use select inverse no ants appear so I can proceed no further. I am sure I am doing something silly but don't know what it is! Thank you
  3. I am continually getting locked out of the forum even though I use the correct password. I have reset the password but still cannot get access. What do yoyiu suggest please?
  4. Poohbear

    DAM search

    All food for thought so thank you.
  5. I am trying XnView as a DAM by right clicking file/open with/AP then completing adjustments before Save as. All of this works well except that the saved image is very small. I tired the same approach from Bridge but the resulting thumbnail is an AP icon not the image. Saving with another file name resolves this but both thumbnails must remain making demands on storage space. Does anyone have suggestions to resolve this please? The XnView approach appears to be the most effective if I could get a full size file. Thank you
  6. Thank you for your comments
  7. I intend to use XnViewMP as my DAM. My procedure is to use the open with option in XnView and elect Affinity. Affinity opens OK and I edit the image. My problem is saving the edited image as Affinity save as options are limited. All my images to date are in Bridge - a folder marked Digital images and while this is one of the options available, if I save here the image does not save in XnView and XnView is not a save as option. Is there a way to increase the saved options or do I need to put my images in another folder? Thank you
  8. Thank you all so much for your valuable input. I am working through your recommendations Regards
  9. Poohbear

    Clone brush and selections invert

    Thank you Carl and Sean. I have tried it again and everything works perfectly. This I overlooked and it was a stupid mistake. Is there a work around for the selection issue please? Kind regards, Pooh
  10. Poohbear

    Clone brush and selections invert

    Thank you Sean, The left image is the one I was trying to clone. Option click selects the area OK but when I drag away the circle is blank and cloning does not take place. Quick mask was not selected. The flower is where the selection/invert pixel selection appears to be a problem in that the marching ants only appear at the bottom rather than all the way around the image. Sometimes the ants do not appear at all. As Affinity is new to me I am sure I am doing something silly but I cannot work out what. Kind regards, Pooh
  11. The clone brush does not function. Option click selects OK but cloning does not take place. I am on a pixel layer. It does appear that this is a problem that happens at different times. It worked perfectly yesterday but not last week and certainly not today. Selections invert will not put the marching ants where they should be. Sometimes they only appear on one side and at other times they do not appear at all. I have been using PS since 1990 so editing is not new to me even though Affinity is. Thank you
  12. I am still having trouble with this. Now I don't get any marching ants at all and when I try to blur, the subject is selected not the background thank you pooh
  13. Thank you so much for your help kind regards, Ken
  14. Thank you, Screenshot attached
  15. Following making and refining a selection I select invert pixel selection but only one edge of the image shows marching ants. If I then go to filter/blur the background does blur but reverts to original on apply. How do I get marching ants all around the background please?