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  1. Thank you MEB but I did as you suggested but got a drop down advising it could not be done the file could not be found. any other advice please? Ken
  2. All my images - hundreds of them - are in Adobe Bridge and I want to transfer them to XnView to enable me to edit in Affinity. Is there a way do this en mass without having to do it one by one? Thank you
  3. Thank you so much for your advice. I have loaded XnView with the intention of using it instead Bridge but iam am having so many problems with it since I upgraded to Catalina. Kind regards
  4. I was using Bridge with PS but have found a work around where I can save Affinity images in Bridge and still see the thumbnail. However, I cannot save as Aphoto but must save as jpg. Is this a problem please? Is there a serious disadvantage with jpg files. Thank you
  5. Thank you all for your invaluable help. kind regards
  6. I have a jpg file and when I save as afphoto the file size diminishes from 2272X1704 to 512X364 Wgy is this please and how can I save to afphoto and retain original size. Thank you
  7. thank you so much for your response and settings info. I will download XnViewMP and go from there
  8. As a 'Photoshop Refugee' I retained Bridge when I changed to Affinity. However, I can only use SAVE and not SAVE AS with Affininy as when selecting save as I cannot see the image in Bridge. As I understand the situation it is better to save with afphoto rather than jpeg but I cannot do this and still see the images. I would be grateful if someone would suggest an alternative to Bridge that will allow save as and still see the image.
  9. Thank you. I am using 1.6 . I have tried blurring after inverting but the blur is in the wrong place - the subject rather than the background. I did rasterise but it had no effect and still the subject is blurred. Any other ideas please? Pooh
  10. I have checked the forum and am doing what everyone says but select inverse does no work from either toolbar or the shortcut. I am trying to blur background. I use the quick selection tool first then refine edge for the hair and click apply. When I use select inverse no ants appear so I can proceed no further. I am sure I am doing something silly but don't know what it is! Thank you
  11. I am continually getting locked out of the forum even though I use the correct password. I have reset the password but still cannot get access. What do yoyiu suggest please?
  12. I am trying XnView as a DAM by right clicking file/open with/AP then completing adjustments before Save as. All of this works well except that the saved image is very small. I tired the same approach from Bridge but the resulting thumbnail is an AP icon not the image. Saving with another file name resolves this but both thumbnails must remain making demands on storage space. Does anyone have suggestions to resolve this please? The XnView approach appears to be the most effective if I could get a full size file. Thank you
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