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  1. OK, I see that the first box represents "font color" though the only way you can discover this is if you serendipitously hover over the box. This fixed the problem, thank you.
  2. Yes, Affinity Photo. I don't know if it's Artistic Text or not. I just selected the text tool and started typing. Affinity doesn't seem to have an "execute" function. If I change the Fill nothing happens.
  3. I'm trying to create an image which contains text on a background. Nothing fancy. Unfortunately, the fonts are all showing up as outlines, with the desired color only forming the outline. I have no idea what's causing this and the unwanted effect is uniform across all fonts. In other words, changing the font won't fix this. How can I restore a "normal" text font?
  4. I would like to draw a line in the shape of a square around existing content. I can draw a rectangle, but it is solid and blots out the content below. How can I draw a line around existing content?
  5. Unfortunately, not.
  6. If I go into "Recolor" and click on a similar option, a pop-up menu permits me to play with the sliders but the image is not affected. Clicking on the image does nothing. There is no "Apply" button on the pop up menu. Clicking on one of the proposed options does nothing. No "Apply" button there either. There must be some Affinity way of executing or implementing commends that I'm unaware of. Just tried the 'Return' key. That didn't do anything either.
  7. "The same way" is exactly what I'm trying to learn. Here's an image. One of the letters was selected using the magic wand tool. Now I select the new color. Click on the image using the Bucket Fill tool? Nothing happens. Context menu? I see no menu identified as "context menu." Click on the image with the pointer? Nothing. So the solution is...?
  8. I found this thread while searching for an Affinity Photo answer; I don't know why the search engine pulled up Affinity Designer. Must be SEO. Sorry.
  9. I'm working off the background layer. This is a pixel layer. So I need to create another layer? Dragging the fill bucket does nothing. Selecting and clicking still does nothing. Screenshot:
  10. What is the secret behind the use of the tool? With many Affinity tools, it seems there's an "execute" button missing. Clicking doesn't do anything: 1. Open image. 2. Use eyedropper to select color. 3. Use magic want tool to select those portions of the image with the same color. 4. Use color selector (or sliders) to find new color. 5. Make sure that new color shows in the foreground on the slider panel (the name of this panel isn't obvious) 6. Open Bucket Fill tool, with the new color still showing. 7. Click on the area of the image where you want the color to be changed. 8. NOTHING HAPPENS. Where is the hidden, secret, "execute" code?
  11. How do you "change the color"? That is the question.
  12. @MEB: There is no "File -> Document Setup" option. Menu items I can't figure this out either. 1. Import image with background. 2. Select, using magic wand tool, all colored space (background is black). 3. Document=>Transparent Background. {Nothing Happens} 4. Export this image with Transparent Background checked. Unmodified image exported. 5. Open Export Persona. 6. No PNG-24 transparency option. 7. I give up. There has to be an easier way to do this.
  13. I'm having trouble using the bucket tool. Create document. Create layer. Enter text on layer. Create fill layer. Select bucket tool. Select color. "Click to flood fill." Nothing happens. ?? I am trying to create yellow text on a black background. Could someone please tell me the secret?
  14. Thanks. What if I want to select only a portion of the frame to fill?
  15. I must be missing something. 1. Open existing file. 2. File=>New then specify size. You will see a blank document. 3. Switch tab to opened existing document. 4. Select eyedropper tool. 5. Select color. 6. Return to new file. 7. Fill (Shift+F5) is greyed out?? 8. Select Flood Fill Tool. 9. Click on new document. 10. Right click on document. Nothing happens. Try a new intermediate step. 7A. Select rectangular marquee tool. 7B. Draw a rectangle around the entire document. Proceed with 8-10. Nothing happens. So, what is the secret to flood filling a document? This is pretty basic, but I must be missing something in Affinity Photo's workflow.