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  1. I am not asking about an initial purchase. I am questioning why a company that uses the Apple Store as one of its payment processors has no upgrade path for those who hold a valid license when that option is foreclosed.
  2. 1. I don't recall seeing anywhere in Apple's T & C's that a software vendor is prohibited from updating any program purchased in the Apple Store. That's not to say it's hiding somewhere. 2. Always? Maybe. Who knows? I'm not writing a history of Apple's T & C's. 3. Inconvenient? No question. Impossible? Hardly. I left out two steps: you have to compile and then ship. 4. You offer two options INITIALLY. After that, the customer is SOL. Buy a new license or pound sand.
  3. You cannot update without a valid credit card. Thanks to Leipzig, mine was banned in the Apple Store.
  4. So it's an after the fact consequence that is unadvertised and withheld from the consumer. As to whether it cannot be changed, the product is software right? Then it's a question of commenting out a few lines and uncommenting out others. That doesn't sound like an impossibility to me. Of course, if you put Apple over your customers, that's up to you. It might work out for you. The fact that you've already uncommented those lines for sales from your own store suggests that you're hedging your bets.
  5. My credit card was "banned" from the Apple Store because a developer in Leipzig, without telling me, hit the card over and over trying to renew a subscription. I had changed my billing address. Apple does not permit explanations, appeals or try to resolve these matters. So I'm hurt, in that I cannot continue to use the program. As to your "there IS another option" I suppose I can buy a second license from Serif, but since Apple is--should be--only a payment processor and my relationship is with Serif, the method and manner of payment should not matter. I am Serif's customer, not Apple's. If you further don't believe that App Stores are blameless, just wait till the antitrust litigation starts.
  6. There should be other options than the evil App Store. With luck, the World of Warcraft litigation will be successful and do away with their monopolistic and algorithmic "hurt the customer" practices.
  7. What is the latest version of Affinity Photo? I have 1.8.3 for Mac. There is no option to "Check for Updates" unlike Affinity Publisher for Mac.
  8. Is there a way to resize the document without setting up a new document? Say, dynamically re-sizing? Or to go from, A4 to A6?
  9. I'd like to add background color to a page but can't figure out how to do it. I select the color with the color picker. There are two opacity slides, but neither does anything as far as I can tell. What am I doing wrong?
  10. How? Clicking on the pixel layer in the layers dialog and attempting to drag it is not permitted. My Movie.mp4
  11. I trying to create a layer of text on top of a colored layer. Here's what I did: Create document. Create layer. Enter text on layer. Create new layer. There are now two layers: a) a text frame layer and b) a pixel layer. Select new layer (pixel layer) Select color. Solid color blocks out text. Uncheck pixel layer--text is still in text frame layer. Begin to abandon hope. Try: fill layer, flatten image, mask layer--nothing works. This can't possibly be that complicated--and in the past I've performed the task successfully by accident only. So what is the secret?
  12. @DanC: I have no idea how this happened. Is there a way to "un-nest"?
  13. I'm trying to add an image to an existing image. Whenever I import the image, it completely fills the existing image and can't be resized. So I created an additional image (afphoto file) because files in the afphoto format can be resized. However, when I complete the following steps nothing is shown on the screen. If I use the square tool and try to paste the new image inside a created field, nothing happens except the square field remains.
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