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  1. THANK YOU guys so much for your inputs. I really appreciate it. Cheers, Paul
  2. Hello guys, I am on Affinity Photo, making a shape (rectangle). I would like to make border with brush, so that it looks like it was hand-painted. But I only can do line border. I can adjust thickness, etc, but when I click Brush option, nothing happens. Any ideas on what I am missing or how to do it? THANK YOU SO MUCH for any tip or advise. Paul
  3. Hello guys, my apology if this is a silly question but: does Affinity Photo export vector graphics? I need to create some fancy text with some very simple graphic design and I am wondering if there is any option of exporting it as a vector. And also, is there any option of making project (and export it) in CMYK? THANK YOU SO MUCH for any tip or advice. Paul