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    My last shots

    Pbernardon, very nice pics. What camera do you use?
  2. Good evening, does Affinity offer a Dehazing Tool, as LightRoom CC offers? If so what do they call it?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello Affinity people, I am very happy to be here. I am an Amateur Hobbyist and have been a PhotoShop 7 user for many years, also use Lightroom 6. My main focus is editing and manipulating Raw Images. Also, creating artwork for business cards and such for my small business. I am a member of a local Photography Club and know three people using Affinity. When I looked the program over I was totally blown away. "The Inpainting Tool Wow", and the similarities to Photoshop are close enough I can get up to speed with a some effort. I am excited to start using Affinity, and will have many questions. Looking forward to further conversations.