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  1. Rubyjim

    Product Key

    The keys do not fit the lock of the latest Affinity beta D/L no problem with product keys with the previous editions. I love Affinity Publisher just wish I could get the latest edition.
  2. Rubyjim

    Product Key

    Mark I have bought all my Affinity products that are on my a/c in my Affinity store where I have all my product keys live. The product keys do not fit the the lock of Affinity Publisher beta Serife has D/L to my PC.
  3. Rubyjim

    Product Key

    You are correct but I have D/L the latest version of photo beta and I have the latest version of AP on my PC but the beta is asking for email address and Product key?
  4. Rubyjim

    Product Key

    AN43K3H8HB Wow wants me to pay £49.99
  5. Rubyjim

    Product Key

    I bought all my Affinity programs from Affinity Store only. D/L all Affinity Programs from Affinity Store . Have never bought anything or D/L from Microsoft.
  6. Rubyjim

    Product Key

    I sent screen shot
  7. Rubyjim

    Product Key

    The Affinity Photo beta was D/L today I D/L from this site this beta version has the new super graphic on the opening screen for AP so it is the correct beta version? My purchased Affinity Photo is version The beta has not over written the purchased version. Both running side by side. The Affinity beta Photo file has not appeared in my Affinity libery where the rest of my Affinity files live beta and purchased . Both version are installed the there default locations. Thank you all for your help
  8. Rubyjim

    Product Key

    I D/L Affinity Photo from this forum and got it opened once. Now when I try to open I get a message I need a product key to participate in the beta program. I do have a working purchest Affinity photo on my PC version 1.6.5. 123 Why?
  9. With Publisher I am making a four-page booklet I have a numbering issue. I don't want numbering to start on Page 1 (Front Conver) I would like numbering to start on page 2 as page 1I don't have a text field on Page 1 (front cover) When I put a text field on pag2; The numbering starts from page 2 as page2 I want this to be Page 1. There was a way to do this with PagePlus.
  10. When this update started I was asked if I wanted to remove or repair Affinity Publisher I selected repair and setup continued ok
  11. Can not ant check or uncheck items in Studio
  12. Good morning everyoneStarting the morning with a problem Using Affinity designer text in a path I would like a two-line text in a path. The first line is fine. When I try to add the second line the cursor jumps to the first line.I'm using the Donut shape text at the top of the Donut.Trying to add a line at the bottom of the Donut text jumps to the top. There is are place markets, green triangle top text. Orange triangle bottom text?? Thanks Jimmy
  13. Having read the excellent Work Books for Photo and Designer when can we expect Publisher Work Book?
  14. I am new to Desk To Publishing I have used PagePlus in the past. Now looking forward to Affinity Publisher. My first stumbling block. Spread where can I find out abought Spread? I go to File > Spread setup the top field has pages of my publication greyed out page size A4? I don't understand the tutorial. Thanks, Jimmy