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  1. If I have overlooked this feature I am sorry to bother all y'all (my southern is showing). I Love the way in PagePlus X9 you could visually choose page size and format from the New Publications My templates screen. I have been unable to find a similar facility in Affinity Publisher. If it is available I would appreciate a pointer on how to find it. It it is not available, my I suggest some form of it be added to Publisher. I have kept my PagePlus X9 so I can easily print labels, etc. that are easily formated from Templates screen. I would like to find it in Publisher so that I no longer need PagePlus. Thank You in advance.
  2. I am still looking for templates in Affinity Publisher similar to the ones that are in PagePlus X9. I like being able to go to predefined templates to start a new publication and not having to create a new one when needed. I thought that was on the agenda but haven't seen it yet, unless I have overlooked it. Anyone know?
  3. I have a form that is black and white. It is basically a sub-division plot map. The background of the map is an off-white color and the rest is streets and lot numbers, etc. that are black. I want to select the off-white color and have Affinity Photo replace that color where-ever found with a white color. MEB mentioned a Select Sampled Colour Tool that sounded like it might do the trick. I cannot find that tool in my version of Affinity Photo. I am using version. Any help or suggestions would be greatly welcomed. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I am Gary Luther. I have been a user of the Serif products for a couple of years and love the new Affinity programs. I was an editor for a small newspaper and used Adobe InDesign for most of my formatting. Was very excited to see and play with Affinity Publisher. I think the Affinity software is BOSS! I just turned 79 and am amazed I can still run a computer. I spent 28 years as a System Engineer for IBM. I also was into APL in case any of you know what that is. Be careful, you may date yourself!!
  5. Well August is just around the corner. I guess I can be strung along a little longer. I really want to get into beta mode...........spoil me, please!
  6. We are coming up on July 2018 which as far as I know is mid-summer in the northern hemisphere. I realize everyone is working hard but a little hint would be appreciated since we have been teased with this since 2016. We have been waiting over 2 years............. wave your magic wand!!
  7. Love the Affinity Products...................Awesome.....!

  8. We are Mid-2018 and I am itching to see a beta of Affinity Publisher. Is my definition of "mid" anywhere near what Affinity's definition is?
  9. A very useful feature on the Affinity/Serif programs would be an indication in the title bar that the current content has been saved. Here is an example from PagePlus X9. I have created a document entitled "Library Class Tips & Hints". It is displayed on the Title Bar as PagePlus X9 - [Library Class Tips & Hints.ppp]. It would be helpful, if after I have saved a document that the Title Bar would read as follows: PagePlus X9 - [Library Class Tips & Hints.ppp] (unmodified) or something similar. This would tell me at a glance that I have saved the latest changes and do not need to save it again. As soon as I make any change after saving the file the (unmodified) would be removed from the Title Bar, indicating that the file needs to be saved because changes have been made since the last save. This same hint would be helpful in all of the Affinity/Serif programs.
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