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  1. Every time I close Affinity Photo or Designer the program freezes for a 1 or 2 minutes
  2. Publisher Photo Designer Hope this helps
  3. Since up dating the Affinity family Publisher, Photo Designer Studio link Broken in Publisher? Jimmy
  4. I can't find show special charioteers in AFphoto when working with text?
  5. Using Affinity Publisher. Stupid me created a book as A4 instead as A5. How can I convert A4 to A5?
  6. When I close Affinity Photo or designer I get Affinity photo, or designer has stopped responding message. for about 30 seconds then closes ok. Should I increase Ram usage limit? The Ram Usage is set at 4096 default.
  7. Using Publisher on win10 Document header looks fine. When printed pages 2 & 3 the header doubled on to of each other the other 40 pages are fine In Publisher, the text box is not aligned with margin seems to print ok?
  8. I can't find how to anchor text to a photo so photo moves with added text with Affinity Publisher?
  9. Try deleting tempory files and restart your computer
  10. Love the New Publisher. The Studio link found my Designer 404 and linked to it great. However, Studio link says my Photo 404 is not instaled but it is and wants me to buy another copy? Jimmy
  11. There is no such thing as a "Nob" question
  12. When I close a document or Affinity Photo the doc and program stopped responding briefly. I have increased the memory allocation from 5096 to 6096 in Edit > preference I have 3.89 usable RAM AMD A9 9420 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUT CORES Increasing RAM usage has not any difference.
  13. Using AP I when a solid colour behind text I get what looks like a halo around the text. When I export to jpg @ 100% bicubic How to stop this happening?
  14. I uninstalled publisher rebooted the laptop and installed perhaps OTT but publisher beta is running fine now.
  15. That my dear friend is the point! Like you I am also confused I have AP, AD all with both with paid licence and Affinity Publisher beta running on my laptop. It is the latest Publisher updates that are insisting on a product key BTW I have never bought anything from Microsoft store. Jimmy
  16. The keys do not fit the lock of the latest Affinity beta D/L no problem with product keys with the previous editions. I love Affinity Publisher just wish I could get the latest edition.
  17. Mark I have bought all my Affinity products that are on my a/c in my Affinity store where I have all my product keys live. The product keys do not fit the the lock of Affinity Publisher beta Serife has D/L to my PC.
  18. You are correct but I have D/L the latest version of photo beta and I have the latest version of AP on my PC but the beta is asking for email address and Product key?
  19. AN43K3H8HB Wow wants me to pay £49.99
  20. I bought all my Affinity programs from Affinity Store only. D/L all Affinity Programs from Affinity Store . Have never bought anything or D/L from Microsoft.
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