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    walt.farrell got a reaction from km.au in Why do some picture frames show the x and others do not?   
    Thanks. I don't think that should happen, but I believe there are several ways you can paste, and that might be the source of the problem. But I can't test then myself right now.
    Can you describe in more detail the steps you're taking when playing into the picture frame? For example, do you just select the frame and then Ctrl+V, or dinnering else?
    That might help isolate what's happening.
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from nezumi in No thumbnail in Acdsee with files saved in 1.7.0 beta. Files saved in release show thumbnail in Acdsee   
    XnViewMP, for one, will display the thumbnail.
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from Mike S. in Assets and Symbols with Studio Link   
    Isn't the use case for Symbols, at all, one in which you need to have the various occurrences of the symbol within a document "linked" so that a change to one will occur to all the others?
    That isn't possible with Assets.
    So, I think, that would be a main determining factor in which should be used.
    Another: I think that Assets are cross-document, but Symbols are for a single document.
    Anyway, Designer can handle both. Another question may be "what context do you need to use them in?"
    But personally, I will probably do everything in Publisher that is supported there by the various Publisher Personas. Anything that needs the other Personas from Designer (e.g., Export Persona, Pixel Persona) needs to be done directly in the Designer application. Photo will need more use of the standalone application than Designer, for me.
    By the way: using the Designer Persona in Publisher you should be able to use Symbols in your Publisher documents, too.
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    walt.farrell reacted to Dan C in Lensfun Fun   
    Hi all,
    We're looking into a better implementation of Lens Correction in the develop persona, as there can be slight inconsistencies between the Lens ID as per the .xml files, as well as EXIF data supplied by the camera.
    In many cases, the firmware of the camera may be older than the lens, so although the lens is 'supported' the EXIF data written is incorrect or inconsistent.
    For outlier cases such as these, I've personally requested that the Develop Persona is given the same manual choice list that you can access through Filters>Distort>Lens Correction. This would allow users to manually select the Lens profile from the imported XML, even when the EXIF/XML doesn't detect the correct lens automatically.
    In regards to a workaround for the time being, the XML file contains the values needed for the Lens Correction panel in Develop, so you could input these values and save this as a Preset in Develop, then apply this preset manually to any images using this lens. I hope this helps!
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from atesz in Insert text as table   
    If you copy from an OpenOffice Calc table it should work. (Actually, I haven't tried this with OpenOffice, but it does work with LibreOffice Calc.)
    Or if you copy from a LibreOffice Writer table it should work. I've just done one like that.
    But, you need to make sure you select a cell of the Publisher table. Don't just put the cursor in a cell. Actually select it so the cell is highlighted. If you only put the cursor in a cell it will all paste into that cell.
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    walt.farrell reacted to Arun Sarkar in [By Design] Issue with "Auto Correct Option : Change Straight Quotes to Typographic Quotes   
    Hello Walt,
    Your suggestion is perfect when you only need this " ' ". But when you worked with other language font in ANSI mode then it become painful, specially your other language font contain conjunct character with " ' " glyph. At that time Affinity's auto correct + (IME) immediately change that conjunct charter with a different one.
    I wish at least auto correct should worked like PP with " ' " or Serif should support basic GPOS of open type feature.
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    walt.farrell reacted to UkeyD in Overflow text alert   
    Hi thanks so much for this. It really helped! I just couldn’t find the overflow text box but this did the trick. The red dots appeared instantly. Thanks again. 
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    walt.farrell reacted to Guillem S. in Buggy Hyphenation   
    You're right, Walt, thank you for the advice! 
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    walt.farrell reacted to Johannes in Printing with Publisher (and Designer) changes colours   
    it's a digital CMYK printing press - Xerox DocuColor 12 with Fiery XP12 RIP - quite old but very accurate in the ISOcoated v2 color space. It accepts every color space because I could load it on to the machine. converting the space is a loss though especially with everything besides photos. For example you don’t want 0 0 0 100 black 10 pt running text (body) to become e.g. 50 30 20 60. It gets rasterized and bold.
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from Callum in "Setup Failed   
    A couple of things to try:
    Press and hold the Windows key, then press R. In the Run box, type winver, then click OK. Grab a screenshot of the window that pops up, and attach that here. Again, press and hold the Windows key, then press R. In the Run box, type %temp%\AffinitySetup and then click OK. You should get a File Explorer window positioned to that directory. The directory will have one subdirectory for each install attempt. Find the one with the latest date/time and open it. It will contain SetupUI.log and Setup.log files. You could look in them for a more detailed error message. (I like to start by looking for the word Error, but that doesn't always work.)
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from Dan C in Custom dictionary problem   
    The second part of that (searching for a hunspell dictionary) will work fairly well, Dan.
    However, there's an issue with the first part (using the OpenOffice or LibreOffice site), which is also mentioned in the Publisher Help (which should be updated).
    In current OpenOffice and LibreOffice versions the dictionaries are all downloaded and installed as OpenOffice extensions, and they download with a filetype of .oxt which users won't know how to handle. At least one user has found that confusing already, as I saw a mention of .oxt files a day or two ago here in the forums.
    What needs to be explained: A .oxt file is a kind of .zip file. To use it with Publisher:
    Rename the downloaded file from <whatever name>.oxt to <whatever name>.zip (and accept any warning that Windows or Mac might give you). Unzip the renamed file into a new directory. From that directory, take the 1 or 2 .dic files and the .aff file and feed them into your instructions above. By the way, the hyphenation file is a .dic, not a .aff as you indicated above.
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    walt.farrell reacted to macmikeal in Text style   
    Thanks Walt.
    i have used and taught Adobe Creative Suite for the past 25+ years. I hate when they went subscription and refuse to pay monthly to use software. So have been looking for replacements ever since. Maybe Affinity will be just that. Price is right any way.
    Dr.Mike Hughes
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    walt.farrell reacted to ashf in Hyphenation for English words in Asian language.   
    @walt.farrell No worry, anyway thank you for cooperation.
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    walt.farrell reacted to Graham.M in Importing brushes in ABR format doesn't work   
    Thank you, sir, that was the "problem".
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from MTC in Size of file on disk decreases by approx 50% after save in Ap.   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, Michael.
    TIFF files support compression, and by default Affinity Photo uses a form of lossless compression when it Exports TIFF files. While Exporting you can override that by an option on the More... dialog.
    However, you're not Exporting but Saving. Affinity Photo does not give you any opportunity to override its defaults when you do a Save operation, and it sounds like it is applying its default to do compression in that case. To avoid that I think you will need to Export instead.
    You are not losing any data, as the compression is lossless. The only effect is that the files are smaller. Most applications should be able to handle them properly.
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    walt.farrell reacted to mrbips in BUG: Publisher Table Flip Horizontal   
    It seems this needs to be moved to Publisher feature request!
    Thanks for the assistance!
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from ericGa in Shortcut for Text Frame window   
    If you mean the Text Frame studio panel in Publisher, there is no keyboard shortcut by default. But you can set one yourself in Preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts, Publisher Persona, Miscellaneous, Toggle Text Frame Panel.
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from km.au in Why do some picture frames show the x and others do not?   
    How are you putting the images into the frames? If you use File > Place or the Place Image Tool I think you get what you want.
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from Kaung Myat in [By Design] Issue with "Auto Correct Option : Change Straight Quotes to Typographic Quotes   
    Apparently the only way to get straight single quotes right now is to type the quote mark, then immediately type Ctrl+Z to undo the autocorrection that makes it a typographic quote. Or to use copy/paste.
    Or, when you're all done, you could use Find/Replace to change them. Do a regular expression Find for [‘’] and replace with '
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    walt.farrell reacted to Etdronehome in Resources out of date or missing msg @ export   
    Thank you and Thank You. This actually works better than ID IMHO.
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    walt.farrell reacted to hawkinsmp in no save as   
    Thanks for the info I do appreciate it.
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    walt.farrell reacted to avyclaire in Placing Text in Text Frame   
    Hi Walt and Thomaso
    I just saw that a word document with extension .doc is not available,  I went into a new folder where there are .docx files and they are available.  Thank you!!
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    walt.farrell reacted to Pariah73 in Return to 1.6 Text Styles?   
    Indeed so, it was late lol
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from Timespider in Studio Link for the other apps   
    I believe I read a response from one of the Serif staff that they are planning to add "Edit in Publisher" to the other two applications.
    Edit: Yes, Callum said this:
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    walt.farrell got a reaction from Timespider in Studio Link for the other apps   
    Yes, except that Publisher includes only the Photo Persona from Affinity Photo, and only the Designer Persona from Affinity Designer. If you need to use the other Personas of either application then you need to open those applications, or use "Edit in..." to transfer the working file over to them.
    Also, Publisher's Photo Persona does not include plugin support or various options from the File menu (batch jobs,  stacking, HDR merge, focus merge, panorama).