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  1. Its because the RAW Engine applies a Tone Curve+Color Noise Reduction automatically as default state. I tested this now the first time, since usually I open RAW Files in Capture One and pass it to Affinity. You can turn that feature off in the Preferences-> Assistant -> Develop Assistant, after that the loading times are similar to V1.
  2. Finally, cant wait to test it tonight. One Question, will Affinity support someday a second display with native resolution? Like a preview window, since we got not real Multi Monitor support on iPadOS15. (Or does it work already, and I might have missed it?)
  3. I have again like 18kb/s download speeds with an just tested 100Mbit DSL Line. But at least it’s stable at 18kb/s so it won’t stall 🤣Might be ready when the final 1.9 releases to the public. ✌️😎
  4. Thanks so much for the export preview. That helps a ton. The iPad implement ion is even much better than the Desktop one I think. Great Job BTW love the new Splash Screens, they are so 2021 already my fave
  5. Hi Affinity Team, After testing the awesome mouse and font support, I noticed that the App collides with the new scribble feature, means if it’s turned on, you cant paint with the AP brushes any longer, like it’s always activated not just in text form fields. Turning scribble off in the pencil settings helps, after that everything works like expected. Just to let you know, even it’s really early into the iPad Os 14 Beta, maybe Apple has to fix it. cheers, lutz
  6. Thanks for the Update, I yesterday installed Big Sur on an extern hard drive and of course first I installed the Affinity Apps to look if they work. I first thought maybe I had to switch Studio Link on somewhere. But after going full screen everything is fine now. Besides this UI glitches I am surprised how fast the Apps work and feel on Big Sur, specially since I only have a baseline Macbook Pro from 2017. (Its just for testing Web Apps on Safari so I dont need much power lol) Don't forget its the first developer beta, so installing it on a productive machine is a dangerous game. Specially after the very buggy Catalina. I would highly suggest even as a developer to install it alongside Catalina on a extern hard drive, since this is the biggest UI change since Mavericks I believe.
  7. Hi Folks, I recently got my hands on a baseline Level Macbook Pro 13" 2017 and of course I purchased Photo. I love and use the Windows and iPad Version so now comparing all three platforms, I noticed how slow Affinity Photo is on Windows. (Funny thing my Windows PC has 8 Cores, 32 GB Ram and a GTX1060 with 6GB VRAM, while the Macbook has only 2, 8GB Ram and build in Iris Graphics.). Well to be fair its not really slow, its just that the Macbook and iPad App reacts almost instant, and for example when I do raw development and turn on chromatic correction my windows pc goes like and its there. On my iPad and Macbook its goes like 1.. done Same thing when I sent the RAW back to photos for further edits, its instant on the Apple Devices and on the Windows Machine it takes 5-15 seconds. (Makes mass edits almost impossible for me on the Windows Machine so I have to use Capture One for client work). I know Affinity Photos focus is not on Raw Development but are there any plans to fix this kind of behavior or did I miss a secret option somewhere in the preferences?
  8. Could you do a screenrecording or provide your file? I really tried to bring it to lag by opening some 36MP Raw files, but its super smooth for me even with 10+ adjustement layers applied. Brushengine also works fine with reasonable large canvases. Using an iPad Pro 2017 and iPadOS13 beta4. (No other Apps running in background while testing)
  9. Are you on IOS 13 beta? And are you running the latest Affinity Photo beta? (The Store Version, lags for me as well a lot but its fixed in the beta) It runs super smooth here everything. I use 24MP Nikon RAW Files, doesnt matter from where I load them, iCloud or Nextcloud. Can you test to copy a RAW file to the iPad and open it from there, is it any better?
  10. I would go for an refurbished 10.5 iPad Pro. You can get it relative inexpensive with Apple Pencil 1 and an after market Lightning to SDCard reader. With the upcoming iPad OS 13 you can then finally access all RAW Files directly, without the need to import them first into the photos app. Most important, both Affinity Apps run awesome quick on that device. I edit often 24MP raw Nikon files without any hiccups. (To be honest its even faster then on my Desktop PC) cheers, Lutz
  11. I tried also to copy the brushes from frankentoon onto the iPad, no luck. It’s like AP and AD are not recognised by the OS. But I am still on iPad os beta for public wich has not gotten the latest update yet. IMG_0044.MP4
  12. Hi Patrick, I am on IPad OS 13, everything’s so far really smooth(beta and stable), just that I can’t import Assets, Brushes or Macros. I guess it’s an problem, apple has to fix, since so much changed in filehandling and sharesheet. Cheers, lutz
  13. Indeed you are right so many awesome new additions. One little question, can you import brushes into the Affinity Apps Paul ?
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