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  1. yes you can. Affinity Photo uses the Apple Raw Engine so when your Camera is supported by Apple, it should work fine with Affinity Photo. I was just thinking what feature you dont have on the iPad and after they added finally hex Color support in 1.7.1 I am kinda lost of what to wish for next. I think you cant record macros if I remember right, just import them from the Desktop Version. With iPad OS the restrictions are gone anyway so if you are used to iPad I would go for it. (Just maybe buy the 2017 Pro Model if you travel a lot, I wouldn't trust that weak construction of the 2018er pros at least without AppleCare )
  2. Thanks for the Info, want to install it but I really need those 2 Affinity Apps to work lol Specially the File Handling like DM1 mentioned is something I really looking forward too, guess I will be shaking a bit while inserting a USB Flashdrive. Ah well, might install today after work.
  3. pixelcoder

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    guys thanks for the keynote, totally surprised how well the Studio Link works. I was really not expecting it so freaking fast even here on windows. Already working with it for a couple of days now, designing a Photo-book for friends and becoming more comfortable to use Publisher at work also like Designer and Photo already. Hoping for an InDesign file support that would be next level. By the way I had zero crashes yet and due the Photo-book I switched quite a lot between the Apps. Totally game changer. Looking forward on what coming next.
  4. pixelcoder

    Embedded afphoto documents

    Hey its new for me too, wow what a killer feature. Thanks Paul for bringing this up. I agree that should be highlighted a little bit more by the marketing gurus cheers and happy embedding Lutz
  5. its coming guys, just installed the latest beta on my iPad. This is why we switched to Affinity. Its not just a addon for hex input its a complete new studio pane.. big thanks serif team for your work and attention to details, super happy :) (Also I admit the lack of it made me whenever I can switch to RGB Values in Webdesign, since it gives you more control in general and also adds transparency)
  6. +1 I agree with this one. The Color Studio could be a bit different. Hex Color is still missing in action. Also copy and pasting values would be great.
  7. Could you provide me the secret Info on how to copy settings in Lightroom Mobile on lets say 100 photos? (without the Desktop Version, maybe I missed that feature on my iPad) Also I would like to export a 16Bit uncompressed TIFF from Lightroom Mobile to preserve all the information in the RAW File. Only 2 jpg export presets you said? well well, it feels a bit like Adobe is holding back on purpose. (Until Photoshop arrives probably at Adobe Max this year lol) You compare Lightroom with a Photoshop like app. Also the Version of Photoshop coming to iPad is not the Desktop Class Version like with Affinity Photo.
  8. pixelcoder

    [] Sort of stroke delay

    Hi again, I found a fix for my iPad. Since I have only the 64GB Version I was running low on space, I restored my device wich was on the iOS 12.4 beta2. After the restore I was on iOS 12.3.1 again. So I setup the device as new, not from a Backup. After installing the Photo beta again, its now super smooth with all brushes without the lag and the end of each stroke. cheers, Lutz
  9. pixelcoder

    [] Sort of stroke delay

    I can confirm this, I have noticed like SONB's Video and some brushes like the Daub Natural ones are sometimes unusable slow and laggy. iPad Pro 10.5 2017 cheers, Lutz
  10. pixelcoder

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hex Color support is still missing in action. (O.k. I admit that was more of a feature request ). The samples did not load well on my iPad Pro also. but I guess its maybe because of higher demand then usually maybe. The Brushes feel very good, just a slight "lag" at the end of the stroke sometimes. (I record a Video after work). Overall I am very impressed with the new features so far and cant wait to test it further later. Good Job again!
  11. Today would be a good day Fingers crossed for Hex Color support. well I am kinda overexcited lol but no stress
  12. There is no measurement Tool afaik in AD. But you can use a rectangle and turn snapping on. When you expand the rectangle AD on iPad shows you the dimensions.
  13. pixelcoder

    Hex Support

    o.k. so its like in Affinity Photo on iPad where I do miss the hex colors as well. I know its kinda obsolete since browsers support rgb color values and transparency even. I would only need it for input since I convert a lot of design flaws of the last decades(thanks to internet exploder) to the present age. Would be a nice to have but is clearly not stopping me from using it. Oh and no it did not crash that morning. I really tried to test it to the extreme had both AP and AD open copy paste fest at its hardest and no crash.
  14. Hey guys, I had not the time the last weeks to go very deep, but one thing I noticed designing a Logo for a Client in Affinity Designer on the iPad. Is there really no hex color support? Or do I overlook it somewhere? I mean I can work around and convert all the hex colors clients trough at me, but its a little well a hassle cheers, and congrats on the amazing Affinity Designer for iPad start, not one single crash until today. Lutz
  15. pixelcoder

    Transfer files from iTunes

    Hi Miltrin, For large files like your Tiffs I would use an App called Photosync. https://www.photosync-app.com/ It has an companion App on Windows and Mac. (I have an Windows PC so I use this) Do you have an Mac? Then you could use Airdrop on the iPad to transfer the files to you Mac as well. https://support.apple.com/en-us/ht203106 The IOS and MacOS of Affinity Photo are almost identical. AP on iOS gives you the same high quality output like the Desktop Version on Windows and Mac. cheers, Lutz