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  1. I just bought me a set of AF-Makros for Beautyretuching. But when I try to save the tiff with layers AP 1.7.3 crashes after 4000 seconds. .
  2. Peter Pokorny

    AP 1.7.3 crashes during tiff export creation

    Awww. here a screenvideo for documentation. Can only supply a video because ap don’t creates a crashreport for that. IMG_0068.MP4
  3. I tried to export a finished file with 6 layers in 2 groups as 16 bit tiff file with affinity layers on my iPad running iPadOS 13.1.2 . Each try ended in closing AP without error report creation. I reported this issue already during betatesting. It’s really frustrating to report and report and see nothing happen.
  4. i am working with the newest iPad Pro 12.9 and affinity photo 1.7.2 and I haven't got any problems so far. keeping the filesize to original file size of the Fotos so about 30x45 cm. Even runs smoothly with up to 10 layers. How large are you fotos?
  5. Not Yet! I tried pixave once and maybe will try it again.
  6. Hi! I am wondering if there would be a nice DAM on Mac/Ipad that could handle the afphoto files. Does someone has any idea about this?
  7. But I will give you some Information for bug testing as you listet in Bug Reporting. 1) I updated to the newest release version from version 1.7.1 2) It was reproducible until deinstalling updated version and reinstalling 1.7.2 from apple App Store. 3) It was happening on a new document after doing frequency separation. with each newly added layer it slowed down more and more 4) Operation System: iPadOS 13 Beta 5 After opening developing the 4000x6000 pixel raw file and applying frequency separation AP slowed down more and more with each additional added layer. I have had expected that this would not happen because in the last RC it didn't happen. And after deleting AP and reinstalling AP 1.7.2 from App Store the problem didn't showed up again. I hope this helps to evaluate the problem.
  8. Hi GabrielM! I am not realy sure that it is a bug. It only happened after I did the Softwareupdate from the previous version 1.7.1 to the actual 1.7.2 version. As I added after deleting the app and reinstalling it completely from App Store this didn't showed up again.
  9. found the problem already. it was a glitched happened by update from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2. After destalling and reinstalling form apple store all is working fine now. I haven't tested if TIFF export with affinity layers would work too.
  10. I just mentioned a very strange behavior of the newly released 1.7.2 Version. The more layers I added it became more and more laggy. I haven't had this behavior on the last RC Version. So what have you done to slow down AP in release again.
  11. Peter Pokorny

    AP Crashs during exportdialog

    I am sorry to post into this topic again. But obviously it haven't helped to log this with your developers. I have just tried it with the new 1.7.2 release and it crashed again after some minutes trying to create an Tiff (16bit RGB) export. It starts to be frustrating to report this issue again and again and do see any changes or even to don't see it solved.
  12. Well i eddited the picture in c1 and exported it as unkompressed 16 bit tiff to AP. There i added one layer for inpainting. As i tried to export with both layers PSD Size 350 MB and TIFF about 700.
  13. I just mentioned that the Size of the exported picture uses as PSD only the half size of the resulting TIFF file. There wasn't changed anything so same picture (40x60cm, 2 layers). As Tiff file it would have up too 700 MB and as PSD it only takes about 350 to 370 MB. Is there any explanation why this is so???
  14. you also could use a apples Own DAM, the Fotos app.
  15. Yeah I read it. the other thing is that AP needs more and more RAM the more huge layers with a lot of information you add and keep visible. And when memory runs low AP starts to move to and get from disk what slows down. I found today a lil bit of workaround for this problem When finished one adjustment layer merge visible layers and only keep the combined layer as huge active layer. that reduces the memory fingerprint and speeds AP up.

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