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  1. There is the main photo, and then a little photo both together are less than 1 mb, large one, 1280x1080 pixels
  2. Affinity P and D both keep lagging, locking up, and crashing. Everything has been working flawlessly and the past week or two I’ve been working on the same photo manipulation and can’t get it done. The last update seems to have completely made my software unusable. Very frustrated, as are many other iPad Pro users 2017 & 2018 versions; mostly 2018. Many others are having the same issues with this iPad Pro 3rd gen. I’ve tried hard reset several times, closing-shut down-and still crashing when making my selection of the photo I want to change. I’ve tried several other files and it’s happening on all of them. can you please put out an update to fix this issue?
  3. I am trying to put in authors name on the front cover of a book cover. I type in the first name and press enter for a new row and the text just overlaps over the top of the first name. I can’t figure out what is happening or how to fix it. Urgent help needed, Please!