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  1. @Lee D attached is one of the CR2 files I worked with last Weds before version updated on the Thursday to my iPad. when I uploaded the raw file into Affinity last Weds the exif data was there, when I upload the raw file now the data is missing. IMG_1475.CR2
  2. Thanks Paul any idea when this will be updated to the App Store or is it an alternative update?
  3. @Lee D Hi I am importing them from photos on Ipad. Prior to last update this worked fine for me and pulled through all of the exif data. I am using a Canon 6d MKii, the files are Cr2 files but for so,e reason I can’t upload any! Thanks
  4. Hi, since my iPad updated to version 1.8 there is no camera data coming through when importing Raw files?
  5. Evening all, is there a way to batch process Raw files in Affinity Photo on IPad. i would like to be able to recess Raw files faster and more efficiently, especially on family holidays etc when shot count is higher. is this possible and if so doesn’t anyone have any links to guides? thanks
  6. Morning all, is there a set of macros for Affinity on IPad? I’m interested in speeding up workflows of RAW image development and I appear to be doing the same actions over & over. I have read that we can’t make our own macros on IPad version? Hence my question as to whether there are any good importable macros? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I have recently printed some of my images for framing around the house and some of them came out a touch darker than how they view on may iPad through Affinity, has anyone come across this before? I have read articles on monitor calibration but nothing appears regarding iPads, the brightness on my iPad isn’t fully up (it’s about 35-40% brightness). Can anyone advise on solutions, I have seen advice that says you should increase brightness prior to printing as images are backlit on iPads/monitors but how much do you increase by? Any advice is welcome, thanks
  8. Hi, I am new to this group. I currently use Affinity Photo for editing on a Laptop which works ok (it’s not a high spec laptop so can be a little slow) and I am looking at using an IPad for more remote editing. I currently edit a lot on my phone which Affinity doesn’t support. What IPad would you recommend using? I sync with a Canon camera and want to edit RAW images also, but want to get something that doesn’t break my bank balance! Thank you
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