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  1. Same for me, I am going back more into Design, since I have a partner now who does the coding. If somebody has an invite it would be highly appreciated. Much of iPad Designwork with AP are waiting to share My Accountlink: https://dribbble.com/pixelcode_ger cheers, Lutz
  2. Hey again, You can have both versions installed alongside on Mac, follow this thread there you find the download link for the Mac Version. Happy testing. cheers, Lutz
  3. It’s really better in the current beta, maybe give it a try. I attached your example and did a quick screenrecording of the Shadows in the current beta version. Cheers, Lutz Test 1.mp4
  4. Great news Andy, much appreciated!
  5. Hey Affni, the first one looks like the shadows been processed by the current stable Version. Are those iPad Beta screenshots? I just ask because despite the night photo issues with the shadow slider, on normal daylight raw files, it’s awesome so far, compared to Photoshop way better I would say. cheers, lutz
  6. The Solo Button does exactly what you describe, when you for example do composing you can temporally turn off all other distracting layers. I think its more useful for Affinity Designer, but its a nice to have. The Lock Button or do you mean Alpha Lock? The lock button is 'Lock Selection' to avoid you accidentally selecting it whilst editing on the document. You can still edit the Layer like you said.
  7. Yes I am on the beta build 1.6.7. I am sure they will fix it until release
  8. I can confirm this looks really bad. Weird since I can bump up the shadows on almost dark underexposed daylight photos like a boss.
  9. That looks quite nasty, I shot Nikon as well, and have somewhere a RAW File of the Super moon from last year. I will check it later and post here the result.
  10. Congrats, I love using your App, and would purchase it again, every night and day.
  11. Any news on this since I just made some brushes and would love to share them, just to figure out I can’t export.
  12. I can confirm this even for the iPad Version, when I change brushes it crashes and restarts.
  13. Hi Rob, It will be possible in the new iPad Version, I am testing currently the beta, and can confirm that rotating the Canvas works with 2 Fingers. cheers, Lutz
  14. Hey, you might have alpha lock enabled, what I also noticed in the preferences in the tools tab, when you have „Touch for gestures only“ activated you can only paint with a stylus like the Apple Pencil on the canvas. Cheers, lutz
  15. Since I am not native English I have a little question, does the new Files App integration mean that the files for example when I open them from iCloud are not stored on the iPad instead are saved back to the cloud? Since that would save me a ton of space. (Unfortunately bought the 64GB iPad ;))