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  1. Klasse! Wäre schön, wenn Serif ebenso auskunftsfreudig bzgl. lange erwarteter Korrekturen und Funktionen wäre. :-)
  2. So please check if you can update it via the MAS, jackamus. Think it was first launched via Apple. ((Sorry, Alfred, you were much quicker))
  3. Serif wrote: “Accurate typography, artwork, placement and colour will shine out from every layout, every page, every magazine, book, and digital publication, every logo and brochure”. Someone who has only studied in the field for two semesters and looks at only one page of a WORKBOOK immediately sees that Serif is not even able to produce/set a few lines in a typographically professional manner. It is not a question of long documents.
  4. Your information could be useful for/in Report a Bug in Affinity Xyz
  5. No need to ask. We were told that there will be a solution. Until we have one in 1.9 or later, a macro is better than a manual workaround!
  6. Along with a macro, you don't have to switch apps and return manually.
  7. Serif: “With Affinity Publisher, you can directly link to your other Affinity apps through StudioLink. The first technology of its kind, this revolutionary feature takes the pain out of publishing by allowing you to instantly switch to the advanced photo editing features of Affinity Photo and precise vector tools of Affinity Designer without ever leaving the app.” Please have a look into the features.
  8. Because this is not the only feature many users are waiting for, we have to switch the app to do what AD is not able to do and switch back to do the rest. In the case of “Select same” not an easy step.
  9. (and only the UI screenshots are in the wrong language, which is not really a problem and should not be the reason that the link is missing) was reported again and again Edited: Thanks for some corrections! 👍 But not sure why we have correct dashes but still no quotation marks and so on. 👋
  10. Welcome here in the Affinity forums. There is no APu for iPad/iOS now. You have to pay individually for each platform.
  11. Or when you choose to count that the launch of APu was announced for 2015 … well, for the so called “most powerful publishing software” this feature is missed too long!
  12. 1001× 💙 Where can we buy it or is it the last existing one (so perhaps a PDF)? Or is it a picture from 1001 after Corona? 😞
  13. Spätestens wenn man das dann in Kurven umwandeln möchte, erkennt man, dass es sich um keine Lösung handelt.
  14. Eher »Anklage« obwohl die Antworten von Serif manchmal zur Erheiterung Anlass geben
  15. Nur manuell. Deshalb realisiert man dies in anderen Programmen. Die Funktionen dazu standen bereits auf der Roadmap. Da selbst simpelste Fehlerbeseitigungen wie fehlende Hilfe-Links jahrelang auf sich warten lassen, ist schwer einzuschätzen, ob es dieses Jahr noch etwas mit der Funktion wird.
  16. So don’t use the apps without a mask. Are they installed on the same disk? Hopefully Serif can help you soon. Perhaps a reset (press CTRL when starting the app) and a repeated restart of the apps helps.
  17. Passt wirklich auf alles: Markisen, Sonnensegel, Becher, Autos, Corona-Masken … und natürlich auf Jürgen von der Lippe! PS: Ein Hawaiihemd/shirt verträgt doch jedes Motiv, selbst wenn das Bier oder Tier in Hawaii (noch) nicht existent ist. Hauptsache kunterbunt! Auch hier nutzt man den farbenfrohen Tukan.
  18. Welcome here in the forums, elcarohw! Serif will certainly not tell us that. Perhaps with the next virus wave. But you could use a discounted Apple gift card (and get a discounted Mac Pro).
  19. Speech recognition with a corona virus mask is not ideal
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