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  1. Speech recognition with a corona virus mask is not ideal
  2. 💤 Still missing in the current betas, despite some corrections.
  3. You really haven't, but as your purchase was in the last few days, you have plenty of time to email AffinityReturns@serif.com and ask for your money back under our 14 day no quibble returns policy. hopefully wonderings is not 2wheelDeal
  4. Welcome here in the forums, 2wheelDeal. Affinity was never been an update for other Serif products and before buying/trying everybody can check the features/specs.
  5. More than factor 3 in one year! A bit like electric cars: You cannot scrap all fuel guzzlers in one year.
  6. “WebP is not yet widely used» is a bit like “electric cars are not widely used”, so Serif doesn’t want to make the planet greener. Other apps read and export, Serif is quiet when users ask.
  7. Unfortunately an example for »pears compared to apples»! The JPG (on the right) quality is much higher and 1.9 to 1.4 MPixel is unfair! (both scaled ×4)
  8. Hm, what would wake up a cat? ⏰🍕
  9. Would have loved to read something like “that will have a stunning warp function very soon” instead.
  10. Remember that it runs faster than most notebooks. So Bugiardini could wait until macOS will run on Apple CPUs and GPUs. globally powered by 100 percent renewable energy ☀️
  11. Yes, it depends on how green the company and you are. ☀️☀️
  12. BTW: A Mac can also run Windows If one component of an all-in-one fails, you cannot use one single component The iMac screen can be used for another computer A Mac is friendlier to the environment A Mac is easier to use, people need less time for unproductive tasks, … Which company is more sustainable, … Apple will use his own CPUs and GPUs in future Macs can be found in (design) museums …
  13. Yes, but this is “Resources” … (most of your posts were written in the corresponding forum)
  14. You can find a workaround for the next five years here: How long is a curve?
  15. You could use “Expand Stroke” … but that needs some time. BTW: Welcome here in the forums.
  16. decreased mini map to the right with smaller outline, “Not an official …” vertically as one line, no arrows and dotted lines needed, better tracking, real apostrophs, better optical centering of the 6, redistributing elements, … (howling at a high level)
  17. Simply use apps that have real vector brushes or use “Erase” instead of “Normal” in the layer panel and a high resolution when exporting or use Boole or vector masks or …
  18. Well, some changes in Affinity Help, BUT (another two months) without correcting the missing links. Strange! 😞 Foreigners have paid for their app and have been waiting for a complete version since years. Reporting does not make sense. We are out.
  19. You can. But you cannot use them directly in InDesign, ADe, APu, XPress, VivaDesigner, …
  20. Three of the wonderful retired road map: -Mesh fill tool -Mesh warp/distort tool -Knife tool
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