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  1. Hi Walt, I agree but realistically, I'm not wanting to beta test this product. The solution of restarting works, and I can get back to work on my own projects. I merely wanted to let the Developers know this old problem still exists in the current 1.7.2 version. But, I will continue to post bug reports for Publisher to help both the Developers and Community. Thank you for your help in the forums!
  2. Same issue here... But as suggested, restarting the program solves the issue. Version 1.7.2 Affinity Photo
  3. Hey Jon, Originally I had problems with Tables not properly parsing pasted tab-separated data. The data comes from an accounting program that allows copying to clipboard. It provides too many columns so I need to delete some. In the original problem (earlier version of Publisher) the raw copied data would not work unless taken into a text editor then exported as "stylized text". I've created a file that has the original text formatted within (attached). Currently, I only use a contextual click command for Merging cells. Otherwise, I am using the headers to click and use the resulting options for deleting columns. ExportedData.txt
  4. Hello, I don't have the old file as I wasted too much time trying different things and then moved back to InDesign to complete the task. BUT I have tried to recreate today and just run into other issues with tables. The general workflow is to use the Table Tool from the vertical tool palette to draw out the initial table. Then select a couple of rows and columns and paste in the data. Next, I Cut the text in the first row and column to put back in (via paste) after removing superfluous columns. Now the issue is I can no longer select row/column #1 which is Merged so as to only be 1 row with all merged columns. I have attached the file, video and a screenshot that also shows some other issue in row 3 column D. Screen Recording 2019-09-02 at 12.36.52 PM.mp4 tableTest.afpub
  5. I expect these problems are not isolated but here is another example... Recreate problem table. Delete Column A Result: Row 2 and 3 stacked after the deletion of Column A
  6. The following screenshot shows a number of issues... Note the top three rows showed up on their own. The Second column can not be resized or the App goes into a spinning beach ball and requires a Force Quit. It seems Tables are not ready for Primetime, unfortunately. Running the latest version of Apple OS. :-(
  7. CMD-R did the trick on the Updates page in App Store. Thanks and now the apps are linked.
  8. Great... But I am not seeing their updates available in the Apple Store. I bought both (Designer and Photo) via the Store (App Store) and Publisher via the website after Beta testing.
  9. Hello, All my Apps are in the Mac Application folder. Designer and Photo are both at version 1.7.1 Both are currently active. but yet the StudioLink is not recognizing the apps... Note I updated Publisher today to 1.7.2 (though did not try the linking prior). Mac OS 10.14.5
  10. WebP is google backed and initially developed I believe. Google controls what we all do on the web if we are concerned about getting our websites seen. Please add this export module to Designer and Photo as it is essential to anyone that is competitive in the Google SERP ranking environment (which should be anyone with a website).
  11. ++1 on this feature Requirement. Being able to create multi-page documents surely warrants breaking and reflowing tables as well as text blocks.
  12. Burndog


    Definitely a requirement.
  13. Can confirm item #1 as it happened to me today. Seems dragging a corner of the table causes it to spread off the page rather than respect the new width or height.
  14. This seems to be a legitimate bug. The same text that has Tab characters will NOT work in their original state BUT will work if copied from BBEdit as "Styled Text". The Styled Text does paste into a Table in Affinity Publisher and formats as expected. But that same text from the original App does not work. We see when showing hidden characters that the Tab characters exist (displayed as triangles) and only works when recopied from an application like BBEdit when selected as Styled Text. Makes little sense because BBEdit should not be reformatting anything. The original clipboard text should work just as it does when copied a second time from BBEdit as Styled Text.
  15. Right but, I originally gather my text from "copy to clipboard" from OfficeTime Reporting and then format as a table to use in Invoices. So the BBEdit text was created from a clipboard element that proved to show the tabs in BBEdit. This is really weird if it's working for everyone else. Screen shots: 1) Create new doc using latest Publisher Beta (downloaded yesterday) 2) Create a Table 3) Select some cells of the table 4)Ctl V to paste. Also tried from the Edit menu with same effect. 5) All text pasted to a single column / cell tabbed.txt

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