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  1. It's rather disappointing that the actual Developers have not weighed in on this matter or even responded. 😞
  2. Yes, this is a ridiculous feature that should allow toggling on and off (or just don't auto resize the viewport scale...ever)
  3. Sniff snifff... You really don't need to open WebP files after export. I understand many of the people don't understand much of the reasons behind how and why WebP is required for those of us that work on the Internet, with SEO, and how a parent/master file with multiple layers and then Exporting a flat file makes sense. Who really uses TIFFs anymore when PSD is available? TGA? HDR probably has more merit for those in the 3D realm. EXR? I wish someone from Serif would chime in as if they share the view that Designer and Photo where not created for people that also work on the web, I'll go back to Adobe as that is extremely short sighted.
  4. It's surprising how so many people that are clueless to the benefits of WebP have so much time to try to criticize it's benefits. Simply put, WebP can format images that rival the quality of PNG but have the file size of a highly compressed JPG. That's it. There is no other argument. If Serif was paying attention they would remove one of the other export options and add WebP.
  5. Google from the perspective of SEO. SEO is the biggest thing there is if your doing this professionally. If your just posting pics of your kitty to aunt jane and the rest of the family, then no big deal. But if your actually managing a website from the perspective of SEO (which means your in a competitive market related to eyes on a site), you have to play by Googles rules. These rules include Mobile First, Content is King, and efficiency in delivery translates to better positioning in the SERPs.
  6. Google and "cats" is not relative to the case. Google images are other peoples images so just because most of the other hacks out there don't understand SEO and how WebP can create better looking images than jpg and equal to png, does not matter. SEO is s highly competitive industry. Having the ability to create high quality images in a smaller file size is important.
  7. Just because some random large websites don't use webP is no reason to discount the value when you take into consideration the larger Gorilla in this equation which is Google. Efficient websites are given higher ranking in the SERPs due to their working better on the new primary target, mobile devises. WebP is not a small improvement over jpgs and pngs it a HUGH improvement.
  8. We are not talking about an exotic format when we request webp export. It’s disappointing Serif has not addressed and incorporated this modern and highly efficient format. https://caniuse.com/?search=webp
  9. Webp is supported by most browsers. JPEG XL are supported by NONE. I would not hold my breath based on this information and stick to using WebP which is dramatically better than PNG, JPG and other current formats.
  10. I hear you... But the droning on and on and on.... It's like a petulant child that keeps trying to make some point that they clearly have no clue about and this comes at the cost of everyone else's legitimate statements. IF the comments were from seasoned SEO's then fine. But this is not the case and more clearly chaff, and for what point? Is there some other feature that needs to be incorporated at this moment? Yes, I was rude. Sorry
  11. I'm disputing that you, or your research has ANY helpful bearing in this conversation. Not only does Google want to see webp as an image format, most of the WYSIWYG websites that many beginners use, are converting their uploads to webp. Both Google and these cheesy website creation services are enough weight to show that this is NOT some minor or esoteric request. Again, I don't mean to be rude but please stop wasting space on something you clearly have no real world understanding or experience with.
  12. NO it's not... Get a life and stop wasting space on this thread as you have no clue or dog in this fight.
  13. Why are people that clearly have no idea of what webp is for commenting so much? I don't mean to be rude but why are people clogging this thread with their uniformed comments that don't relate to the purpose of WebP and how it effects SEO and website use?
  14. Google uses website efficiency as a key benefit to ones SEO ranking. So yes, it matters. And as noted, your websites success is based on it being found via search engines, or if not, the site effectively does not exist. We're talking business, not a website of your puppy that only your family knows of. Google is the 1000 pound Gorilla and there is no denying that their edicts are factors we need to consider, whether one likes it or not.
  15. They are the the determining factor if you have a website that you want to be successful. There is no argument to this. If your customers can't find you they you don't exist no matter how unfair you perceive the situation to be.
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