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  1. Hi Matt, hi R C-R, Wow! That's great Learned something new. Thanks a lot guys for your feedback, you've helped me a lot. Ian
  2. Hi, Today I unfortunately had to go back to Illustrator CS6 because I had to create a 0.07 pt outline around some text for some fine prepress adjustments. In Designer the thinest line I could create was 0.1 pt. Maybe there is an option to do this in Designer but I haven't found it. It might seem like no difference between 0.1 and 0.07 but there are situations where it can make a difference in print. If the options doesn't exist it would be great to have that in the future. Ian
  3. Hey there, thanks a lot. Sounds like a solid alternative. Thanks for your help :) Kind regards, Ian
  4. A feature I use very often in Photoshop and which I seem to be missing in Affinity Photo is the option to duplicate a layer from one open document to another. I use this feature on a day to day basis and I think it is very handy. Would be great to have that in Photo. I am a new user so I hope I didn't miss it if it exists already by any chance, but since I didn't find it in the help section I guess it isn't available. Thanks!