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  1. Collapse ALL layers would be great. A simple keyboard modifier when clicking would be nice.
  2. Been doing that. Maybe a future feature. Been converting a lot of my books from InDesign and several have the same master pages. Would be nice to be able to simply load from a common file.
  3. Is there the ability export and import master pages? Could NOT find it.
  4. I use / used InDesign's book feature on ALL books. Another side benefit for creating separate files for chapters is file corruption. It limits the impact of having all chapters in one file. This happened to me with a 90 page book that got corrupted or confused to the point it would not fully load. And, I had to go back 5 days to get a file that would open and not freeze Publisher. Re-creating book from that publisher file and some PDF files and using separate chapters to limit any impact it happens again. A juggling task to keep page numbers in sections synced by hand. And, forg
  5. +1, I always have to remember to change this setting. It should at least remember you last setting.
  6. I have the same problem with beta .422 on Mac. Goes good for awhile then problem, even with backups. hoping to at least get to the point to get all files embedded and book document done. Then do final graphic edits. Loosing a lot of time trying to get things working.
  7. Have the same problem on a Publisher file, 90 pages on a Mac and Resource Manager. App freezes and have to force quit. Not using personas.Located Designer file and deleted graphic from file. Was able to continue for a few hours adding pages and Designer files, then close file, come back and back to same problem of freezing and having to force quit. Doesn’t matter if 1.7.1 it .422 beta. Have saved numerous backup files and have the same problem. Have to go back a day or two to have one open. Can't complete book 94 pages and almost done, DOA for now. Opens fine on Windows but don't have sam
  8. I just trying to get the file to fully load, embedded or linked - has issue either way. I have back ups at various stages and they will not load as well. All get stuck at around 70 + or - %. Originally had files linked and had problem. Went with embedded to see if that would resolve it. It worked for a bit then back to same problem with opening/loading file, in addition the alerts of modified files went opening the embedded version. Actually moved folder that had all art/placed files to desktop, out of folder that has around file still won't load. Did file actually fully load I
  9. Have the same problem with a file and all it's backups. Something asset related and Resource Manager. Doesn’t matter if 1.7.1 or beta. Locks up and have to force quit. Have it spin all night and see if can open. Moved all assets out of paths and still can't open all the way.
  10. I am getting this same thing with a Publisher file, 94 pages and 30 or so Designer files with multiple artboards. File and all the backups of the same file I've made get stuck loading at about 75% of the document. App freezes up and have to force quit. Using MAC, 1.7.1 or beta 1.7.042 doesn't matter if embedded or linked - tried both. Seems to be one of the Designer files. Can't figure it out. Moved entire folder of files out of path you would expect Publisher to find not them.
  11. +1 for even a simple story editor. Speed of the computer is not the issue. Plain text editing, seeing applied styles and especially when starting from imported pdf file and text is not continuous frame - as opening pdf creates a lot of seperste text blocks. Plus editing without having to zoom in.
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