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  1. Yes, the “votes” on ideas (+ accompanying qualitative feedback) are just inputs for your product team to see what users think would be most valuable. As you say, it would remain the prerogative of your product team to incorporate these inputs with other factors like strategic considerations, innovation (to the extent that some features are so groundbreaking, users won’t know to ask for them), effort estimates, dependencies etc. You’d have to set the right expectations with the community, but you might find it extremely valuable for prioritizing the right things to work on next. I imagine it's quite difficult for your product team to analyze/quantify the unstructured inputs they receive on the Feature Requests & Suggestions forum.
  2. @MEB have you considered using something like a Product Portal by Productboard? It allows you to signal ideas you're interested in moving forward with, without committing to specific dates. End users can provide votes and additional feedback on individual ideas or submit new ones. It's optimized to help the product team make sense of all the inputs behind the scenes — prioritize the right features, build them in the optimal way. Worth a look!
  3. CMYK colors appear dark & dull upon PDF export from Publisher (see Color-differences attached) I set up my document to be convert to CMYK US Web Coated Swap V2. In the color panel I locked colorspace to CMYK. I've tried virtually every combination of PDF export settings, including convert color profile unchecked and then checked. Why is there this discrepancy in colors? Product Excellence Flyer 2.afpub
  4. Nice, for the time being I'm embedding 100% For anyone reading, head to Document > Resource Manager > [Select all] > Make embedded
  5. Ok have somewhat rectified the problem... Previously I'd used Time Machine to revert to a prior version of the main AP file but that didn't resolve the issue. AP wouldn't let me open the file, even if I used the missing file utility trick proposed above. I saw in the other thread that the issue may be caused by replacing linked assets with another asset of different dimensions (I'd removed the shadow on an object which may have altered it by several pixels). So this time I used Time Machine to restore those individual linked files to a prior state and this allowed me to once again reaccess the corrupted AP file. Winston
  6. Just after putting the finishing touches on my deliverable I updated one more linked asset (exported out of Sketch to PNG) and from that point onwards my Affinity Publisher crashed and any subsequent attempt at opening it crashes AP. I am able to open a new document and edit it no problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Affinity — no luck. I tried using Time Machine to go back an hour to well before I made the last changes — still no luck. (So maybe the linked asset wasn't the culprit after all.) Attached, two crash reports and two versions of the file. Affinity Publisher 1.7.1 MacOS 10.14.5 Any short-term workarounds to reaccess my file would be greatly appreciated as I'd like not to miss my deadline tomorrow. Cheers, Winston Affinitycrash.rtf Affinitycrash2.rtf Product Excellence Flyer.afpub Product Excellence Flyer (original).afpub
  7. I find myself frequently clipping many texture/shading layers to the same base shape. 1. Draw the shade layer which automatically appears on top of existing base layer. 2. Cut shade layer. 3. Select base layer. 4. Paste inside. Imagine my surprise when I just discovered this can be done in one step with Move Inside (Opt + CMD + G).
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