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  1. Hi Jim - I eventually discovered that the inner bleed 0 worked OK when I exported ALL pages together. Whenever I tried a range of pages, it had a problem. Hope that helps, and good luck with it! - Deanna.
  2. Thank you Walt!! That was indeed the problem. My layer stack was the same as the sequence on the page, i.e. title above subtitle. Once I changed the layers to have subtitle above title, it worked just like I wanted. Thank you so much for your help! - Deanna.
  3. Hi there - I've created a document where each chapter has a title and subtitle, and then set these up to appear in certain formats in the TOC. It's all looking more or less as expected, EXCEPT that the sequence of entries in the TOC doesn't match the sequence in the document. E.g. I have a chapter with Title = Isla Blanca, Subtitle = A beach from days gone by. They're showing in this sequence on the document, but in the TOC, the sequence is reversed. It ends up looking like A beach from days gone by goes with the previous chapter, instead of the one it belongs with. The sequence of text frames on the page matches the sequence in the layer stack, and both show the title before the subtitle. How can I get these to show in the order I need? Thanks for your assistance!
  4. Hi Pauls - Hallelujah!! I've got my files back! Now I can sleep again! Thank you, thank you! (-: Now going forward, it seems like the problem is that I edited some images outside of Publisher, using Affinity Photo. I've done that before, and it was fine, but this time it caused Publisher to shut down, perhaps because of a size change. I use the same images in the print book (via Publisher) and also for an ebook and website (both outside of Publisher). So I was planning to do layout work in Publisher, then go back & fix up images in Photo, then incorporate final photos in all platforms. If this is going to crash Publisher, I need a new workflow. What is the recommended way around this problem? Thanks again!!! - Deanna.
  5. Hi A_B_C - Thanks for checking on this for me! I can open the pdf OK, but not the afpub file. When I try that one, Publisher just shuts down. Thanks! - Deanna.
  6. I've been working on a book project in Publisher, and all was going well until today. Now I cannot open any of my files! )-: - When I try to open a file, Publisher starts for about 30 seconds, then just stops without giving any error message - I've tried restoring backup files from Time Machine. When I try to restore into a new location (e.g. desktop), I get this error dialog (attached), and the restore does not happen - When I try restoring on top of another file with the same name, I get the apple dialog asking if I want to overwrite. I can choose "keep both". In this case, I get the same error dialog, but also get the backup file restored. - However... None of the backup files will work either! They do the same exact thing - Publisher starts, then after about 30 seconds, it dies. - I've tried various backups and other files I've saved back as far as July 2. For the 12 days from July 2 to today, everything was working fine. But as of now, none of those files will open. - I tried deleting and reinstalling Publisher from a fresh download. No joy - it won't run either. I'm attaching the error dialog + the error report it asks me to send to Apple + a file from July 2 which used to be fine and now won't open. Please help! I can't lose weeks of work on this project. How can I get things to work again?? Thanks for your assistance. Aff-Pub-crashrept-0714.txt 2_chapters_prelim_(7-02_315p).afpub
  7. Thanks, Mac! That looks like a good way to get the white strip I need.
  8. Thank you Thomas! I think your workaround suggestion could give me a way forward with this. I also appreciate the tips about putting the white strip onto a master that I can then place on top of the other pages. I recently read in this forum (such an excellent resource!) of somebody suggesting to do the same with page numbers that you want to show on top of images, so it seems like I could put the page # and white strip onto the same master. Thanks so much! - Deanna.
  9. I'm no expert, but here's my situation. * My project is a paperback book, being handled by a commercial printer. * Their specifications are that they need 0.125" white, ink-free strip on the inner edge of each page. * This white strip is part of the final 6x9" trim size for the book - it's not something that gets sliced off. * They say this is necessary for their binding process, this is the edge that gets glued. If I could just specify "no bleed" on that side, and it exported with no bleed, this would be simple - just put a 0.125" white strip on the inner edge of every page and it's good to go. But the problem is that it keeps adding the extra bleed, which interferes with my 0.125" white strip. This seems like it's a bug, but if anybody has a suggestion on how to accomplish this given the current software, I would really appreciate it!
  10. My printer actually requires a 0.125"white strip on the inside edges, that is part of the page trim size, not added as an additional bleed. It's very simple for me to set this up in Publisher. The problem is that when I export it, it keeps adding an extra, unwanted inside bleed that picks up whatever is on the opposite page.
  11. Thanks for your feedback! I guess I didn't explain as well as I could. Here's a print screen of the PDF export results. You can see how the left page is picking up part of the right, and vice versa. The inside bleeds are set to 0, so this inner bleed shouldn't be there - just the yellow bleeds around the outside. Interestingly, when I had just 2 pages & exported, it came out correct, without that extra bleed. When I had 4 pages, and selected to export just these two, it added the extra bleed area.
  12. Sure! Thanks for looking into it. I'm attaching a few things: Print screens of layout in Publisher (red page on left, blue on right, yellow bleed around outside of spread) Bleed definition, with -.125" on all sides except inside = 0 Export options, exporting to PDF, pages 1-2, include bleed Output PDF. Left red page has a right (inner) bleed of blue showing, while right blue page has a left (inner) bleed of red. Original Publisher file ** Also... I discovered one more thing while doing this. When the layout was just the red & blue pages, exporting all pages worked fine, and gave the correct bleeds. Once I added 2 more blank pages to the end of the document, then exporting pages 1 & 2 (which were the same exact pages as before) gave this problem. Thanks for your assistance! - Deanna. inner-bleed-pg12.pdf inner-bleed-issue.afpub
  13. Anybody have experience with this? In Publisher, I set bleed on 3 sides, yet it exports with bleed on 4 sides. How can I avoid this? Thanks for any insights!

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