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  1. willyt

    Select by attributes

    OK thanks that's great. I did search the feature request list in a few different ways but didn't find it, is there a another list of projected features somewhere? W
  2. In illustrator you can select something and then select everything else which has the same fill or stroke colour. This feature in illustrator is quite limited compared to CAD software. Affinity does't need anything as complicated as a CAD program but some kind of select by attributes feature would be great and it would be easy to make it better thought out than the one in illustrator. Thanks, W
  3. In illustrator and lots of other software you can choose the point about which you want to rotate or scale something. I don't seem to be able to do this in Affinity. I would really like this feature. Best Will
  4. willyt

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I'm Will from Scotland I'm an Architect and have used Adobe Illustrator quite a bit over the years for doing architectural illustrations. We can't justify the expense of renting Illustrator/Indesign/Photoshop for occasional use; we are desperate for a serious replacement for Adobe CS and it looks like you might be on to something here. By the way, in architecture school, we do a lot of intensive illustration work. You might consider giving away free copies to students. A lot of practices license Adobe CS because students who figured out how to use it at Uni have persuaded them its required to do good illustration / colour reports / rendering post production etc. If you can go in and get them hooked on your products instead, they will then go on to demand that practices buy it when they get a job. I noticed that some of the developers are based in Nottingham, UK. It's worth having a look at the degree shows at the top schools like the the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Royal College of Art to see how your software might be used in this industry. All the best, Will

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