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    If we get scripting then it won't be Applescript. Pretty sure Apple EOL'd it years ago and besides it's not cross platform so would mean the devs having to spend their time on multiple scripting interfaces. We need scripting capabilities to rival InDesign and that is a lot of work to do so choosing a language that would suit every platform is a must.
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    Nothing against Python other than it's not a language I have used before. However, it's not just InDesign that uses Javascript. I would imagine either language would be a good choice, providing the API is broad and detailed enough to really allow maximum control just like InDesign offers (and not the pathetic minimalist offering like Acrobat)
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    Adding a +1 to the vote for scripting / API support. InDesign's Javascript support (despite being ancient) is a very high-bar to aim for but something in that direction in the final release would be amazing. If we had that we could definitely migrate most of our work machines over to AP instead of being forced into Creative Cloud at some point in the future - we're still hanging onto CS5 for dear life at the moment!