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    bowen192 got a reaction from sbyseven in Right-click, Paste in Place etc   
    Just a small request, but I like in AP and AD that you can right-click and have the paste options on the first menu that appears.
    In Publisher's case I would like Paste in Place, Paste without Format and Paste Special...
    It would also be nice to have the option of Paste in Place as default.

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    bowen192 got a reaction from Paul Lozano in Zig zag / wavy line shape   
    That works well, cheers.  :)
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    bowen192 got a reaction from Paul Lozano in Zig zag / wavy line shape   
    In Illustrator you could change a line into a zig-zag or wavy line. You could change the number of segments and ridge size and shape
    Is there an equivalnet or what would be the best way to do this in AD?
    I'm trying to create an effect for a thread on a bolt.
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    bowen192 reacted to LostInTranslation in Two things Affinity can learn from Xara   
    Dear Developers,
    the more I work with Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher, the more I like them. There is a bit of a learning curve coming from other programs, but it seems worth the effort.
    However, I am not completely happy with two things in particular. Those are the main reasons why I don't use AD exclusively by now.
    Before I bought Affinity Designer, I was working with Xara Designer for many years.
    Recently, I made myself use AD more, but when I need something done fast and intuitively, I still go back to Xara. And here is why:
    a) Vector drawing
    I do a lot of Vector drawing for logodesign and illustration.
    While AD has some superior tools - just the corner rounding tool alone is worth the purchase - it lacks basic usability compared to Xara, at least for me.
    Affinity Designer:
    Lay out nodes: Pen tool
    Bend curves: Switch to Node tool
    More nodes: Switch back to Pen tool
    Adjust curves: Switch to Node tool
    Reposition node: Switch back to Pen tool
    Xara Designer:
    Lay out nodes: Shape tool
    Bend curves: Still Shape tool
    More nodes: Still Shape tool
    Adjust curves: Still Shape tool
    Reposition node: Still Shape tool
    This makes working way faster and I really don't see why AD would need two tools for that.

    b) Applying Colors
    Honestly, I hate the way applying colors works in AD.
    Fiddling around switching fill- and line colors to apply them just does not work for me.
    In Xara left-clicking on a swatch changes fill color, right-clicking on a swatch changes line color.
    I can recolor multiple objects with different colors in a matter of seconds this way.
    AD feels way more complicated and tiresome.

    This is my subjective view and of course I am biased from using other software for so long.
    But I feel adopting those things would benefit AD greatly.
    If only as alternative options, so people who like the current way would not be affected.
    Please think about it,
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    bowen192 got a reaction from AdjBattle in Looking for a good recording software for affinity designer   
    Another vote for ShareX. Brilliant software.
    As for recording workflows of just a specific window, I use helpXplain https://www.helpandmanual.com/hx/.
    It records individual clicks and then puts them together like an animated flick book. The advantage to this is that you can remove (or add) any unwanted stages post production.
    It's been on offer for $49 (I think that actually ends today!), but the normal price is still only $99.
    EDIT: Probably useless for showcasing drawing software though. Sorry. 
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    bowen192 got a reaction from MarshallHarrison in New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!   
    I like them  
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    bowen192 reacted to Edu Couchez in Workarounds for Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort?   
    Hey... new user testing Affinity, also looking for the definitive alternative to Illustrator. Not only A***e suite is prohibitive expensive, but it has become a slow and unusable Jurassic beast, slowly doing his last steps to the extinction. With latest updates, open any small file can last for 10 minutes, being screen freezes, colour ball spinning, and lagging, the constant norm.

    About deformation tools. The only decent ones i remember used, were from my beloved Corel Draw... even in the first 90's, it had intuitive and easy to use tools, that I'm still waiting for Illustrator (by the way, Illustrator "Free distort" tool is an absolute joke)

    So, alternatives inside Affinity... just I found an interesting tab capable to adapt any object to an Isometric view. It's not the real solution to "warp", but surely can help to create some technical illustrations. Below the screenshot of the tab options.

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    bowen192 reacted to Friksel in Audio & Video Editor Question (split)   
    video-editing/color correction/video-effects
    For video editing: Take a look at Davinci Resolve. They have a free version which is pretty awesome, including video editing/exporting, color correcting, audiomixing under that video and effects. And it has a pretty great dual monitor support too and is darkmode and has a great GUI. So there is also a complete video effects system on board, but you could also download it seperately (for free) under the name Fusion.

    audio editing
    If you like to edit stereo audiofiles (so no multitrack), just look at Soundforge Studio (the entry version), it's only 60 euros and is an expert in sound editing on single files and has great keyboard shortcuts if you like to work fast. It's around for a long time now, used to be by Sonic Foundry, than taken over by Sony and now it's by Magix (uh.. that name.. ahum, but still Soundforge is Soundforge ).

    Or Steinberg Wavelab, just to name two. Or if you don't like to pay anything for it: Audacity is free. I am personally no fan of their interface and the install isn't always that great and I'm missing some features, but for free software it does a lot as an audio (no multi-track) editor.
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    bowen192 reacted to carl123 in Export to SVG increases size   
    Check the DPI in the SVG export screen and document
    Looks like a 300/72 mismatch somewhere
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    bowen192 reacted to walt.farrell in Export to SVG increases size   
    Can you provide some screenshots, or better a .afdesign file and exported .svg that demonstrate the problem?
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    bowen192 reacted to carl123 in Any new methods to get rid of halo?   
    Try the attached "Blur Background" macro, hopefully no halos
    1. Make and refine your selection  (This selection is the object/person you want to remain in focus, i.e. NOT blurred)
    2. Run the Macro
    3. Adjust the strength of the background blur via the added Live Gaussian Blur filter.
    The macro is imported and run via the Macro panel, you can then save it to your Macro library if you want to keep it.
    It has been tested and seems to work OK but it has not been intensively tested.
    It is added here as a RFC and for others to improve upon if they wish to. 
    Or you can just use it to blur all the in-laws out of your wedding photographs
    Blur Background (V1).afmacro
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    bowen192 reacted to nyclide in Tools that should be added   
    Hey there,
    I have some suggestions to add to the next update of affinity designer.
    Since i used to use there tools on Illustrator and there isn't no workaround to get the same effects...Here is the suggestions to add to the next update.
    image tracing distort warp text Thank you very much.
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    bowen192 got a reaction from PaulEC in Right-click, Paste in Place etc   
    Just a small request, but I like in AP and AD that you can right-click and have the paste options on the first menu that appears.
    In Publisher's case I would like Paste in Place, Paste without Format and Paste Special...
    It would also be nice to have the option of Paste in Place as default.

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    bowen192 reacted to MikeW in Anchor / place image inline with text   
    No, not at this time.
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    bowen192 reacted to dutchshader in Selection procedure like Autodesk   
    dragging with the left mouse button selects objects within the rectangle,
    dragging with left and right mouse button selects objects touching the rectangle.
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    bowen192 reacted to muelb in Selection procedure like Autodesk   
    IMHO this selection process is the most intelligent thing Autodesk ever invented (if they really invented it :-) I wish it would be a standard in every program. 
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    bowen192 reacted to muelb in Selection procedure like Autodesk   
    Please consider to change the object selection procedure to a Autodesk-like selection process.
    Drawing a selection rectangle from left top to right bottom selects every object which is completely in the rectangle.
    Drawing a sleection rectangle from right bottom to left top selects every object touching the selection section, even the object is not completely in the selection rectangle. 
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    bowen192 reacted to walt.farrell in Text Variables   
    There are a limited set of user-specifiable fields in the Fields panel, but perhaps not enough for s complex project. Having more would definitely help.
    It's also possible that Symbols would help in some cases.
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    bowen192 reacted to GarryP in All done in Publisher (+AD+AP)   
    Nice work.
    I have some comments, if that's okay...
    * I can't see the gears on the front page - either the 2D or 3D ones - "running smoothly". Some of them look like they would grind and others aren't connected. But don't feel too bad about this, the UK Mint produced coins with similar issues a while back;
    * I don't think you need to use the "Page" word in the page numbers, pretty much everyone knows what they are;
    * I like the 'gold' colour, very smart and professional;
    * Pages 2, 3, maybe 5&6, 10, 11, 15, maybe 17&18, 20 and probably 21&22 don't need a page number;
    * On the pages where you have a horizontal split between text and image, the text looks a bit too near the images to me;
    * The steps on the image on page 2 make the text more difficult to read;
    * The overall typeface choice looks good to me, especially the good clear body text;
    * The box behind the text on page 2 is too big, the padding inside is too big, and the 'gap' at the bottom of the text is too big;
    * The image on pages 7&8 is a bit too 'busy', there's a bit too much going on;
    * I've noticed quite a few grammar/wording issues that would cause problems with an English audience, but that might not matter to you;
    * The text over the image on page 17 isn't very clear, it's not immediately clear that it's not part of the image like the other text;
    * The back page is a bit bare, maybe put a lightened and blurred image as background (you're paying to have it printed so you might as well have something on it)
    All-in-all though, a nice draft document. Some issues that need a bit of thought/fixing but a good start.
    P.S. You might get more replies to this if you put it in the Showcase section instead of a discussion section.
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    bowen192 got a reaction from jezjones in Text Variables   
    Are there plans to include Information text variables?
    In fact image variables would be amazing. Don't think even PagePlus does that?
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    bowen192 reacted to walt.farrell in Roadmap   
    Serif staff have said that they will prepare a roadmap for Publisher after it leaves beta.
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    bowen192 reacted to MGHimages in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Bumping this topic!
    I have used Corel Draw for years and years.
    Have tried Adobe Illustrator, YUUUCK!!!
    But I have fallen in LOVE with Affinity Designer for MacOS!!!
    I use vector illustration software quite a bit in, believe it or not, construction management and estimating.
    Never know when I have to create my own plans details, or illustrate an existing condition in the field.
    BUT...line/curve arrows are the cornerstone of Designer's purpose in my life, and they're missing!!
    From what I can tell, in spite of this frequent and long lived request from many others before me, they've been missing since inception.
    Every time I need to make a drawing, I have to fumble around with the arrow shape tool. 
    Very frustrating.
    While you're at it, dimension lines, with a scaling feature would be a great Christmas present for us this year.
    If you take a peak at BluBeam Revu, you will find some great tools for the construction industry.
    I'd be willing to pay (a reasonable price, i.e. $20 to $50) for a Designer Construction Add-On pack that will add scalable dimension, area, volume, and perimeter tools.
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    bowen192 reacted to Alistair Tickett in Any plans for PDF form editing?   
    Editable forms are a key requirement for me when creating documents for the charity I help with.  I will keep making them in PP but would love to see them added as a development to Affinity Publisher so I can bring everything into one package.
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    bowen192 reacted to stmartin in Any plans for PDF form editing?   
    Form editing would be awesome. Please consider it for future versions.
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    bowen192 reacted to CodeDog in Any plans for PDF form editing?   
    Just trying out the Beta, and looking good so far.
    However, one of the most used features (for me) of PagePlus over the years was the ability to create fillable PDF forms.  I'm often asked by clients to create these fillable forms, and PP does everything I need.  Single and multi-line text boxes, check boxes, drop boxes, list boxes, date boxes (with calendar), and much more.
    Will the final version of Publisher have these options?
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