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  1. Just tested with version 1.8.5 and SVG import is still broken.
  2. I need to get DXF vector data into AD. I do so using various workarounds involving conversions in one or another app to PDF or SVG. AD does not do well importing SVG, so PDF is most useful. All of this could be alleviated with direct AD support for DXF. It is disappointing that a product that seems to do so well in so many areas seems weak on import/export. Anyway, another vote for adding native DXF support.
  3. Sean P, Thanks! I assume you meant that my file is still not importing correctly. The capability for AD to import/export DXF files directly would alleviate much of this messing around. I suspect that is a long standing AD feature request that just doesn't make the cut, but it does not hurt to mention it. Thanks again!
  4. BTW, I can get the vector data from the DXF files into AD using CloudConvert to convert them to PDF first, but I was hoping not to have to add this step to the process.
  5. This SVG was created by the LightBurn app. This is the program I use to drive my laser cutter/engraver. The workflow that I need starts with a collection of existing DXF files. Lightburn ingests these fine and I use them to cut work, in this case a small gift box from heavy paper stock. I need to get this vector data into AD, where it is the basis for creating artwork that is printed on the paper stock before scoring and cutting on the laser. AD does not import DXF, but LIghtBurn exports SVG, which AD is supposed to be able to ingest, so I was hopeful this approach would work. Some of the SVG files created in this way do open in AD OK after being exported from LightBurn. I can deal with scaling and viewport issues (like in the AI example above and I see when AD exports SVG) but when a vector path segment is randomly misplaced like in the example, and all the other apps I have tried interpret the file correctly, it seems like something basic is broken in AD SVG. I don't know if it is related the the issue that polynaught points to, but it is a bit scary if it is and years later the problem persists.
  6. Affinity Designer 1.8.3 See the attached SVG file. If i open it with other apps, e.g., Google Chrome, Inkscape, LightBurn, it opens correctly. See the attached screen captures from each of those apps and note the the path I indicate. When opened in Affinity Designer, the path indicated is incorrectly positioned as shown in the screen capture from it. I did a "select all" to highlight all of the elements of the drawing. Should be easily reproducible. GiftBox.svg
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