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    Zevram reacted to chaosabzu in "THE ABANDONMENT"   
    IG @chaos3rdeye

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    Zevram reacted to DavidMalcolm in First drawing with AP on iPad!   
    Pretty proud of how this turned out given that I was only messing around in it for a bit. Love that I can dodge and burn with my pencil finally!
    Though the palm rejection needs to either be improved, or ideally I'd love it if they could add a setting to reject touch input on the canvas while using the pencil. Also we need an undo gesture stat!
    But overall for a 1.0 version this is bloody amazing!
    (Looks like I hit upload but the file didn't upload. I since found an online host for uploading images)

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    Zevram reacted to hitechrn in Origamia   
    New project Origamia Day and Night Version

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    Zevram reacted to IsabelAracama in 1957 Chevy Corvette Roadster - Affinity Designer Vectors   
    Another illustration trying the latest beta.
    More details and thoughts on it in my Behance portfolio. 

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    Zevram got a reaction from bodobe in AD Butterflies   
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    Zevram reacted to DannyBCreative in The Mist   
    I've been away from the camera for some time now, but last night I decided to revisit a photo I had produced late last year.  This was a 3-image HDR shot while vacationing in Northern California.  Processed in A.Photo... I was just playing around with some settings, nothing too serious.  I realized that I haven't had much time to play with the latest features in the app and I'm hoping to change that soon.

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    Zevram reacted to doeboy in photomanipulation Escape   
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    Zevram reacted to PhotoDante in Trapped   
    I'm still happy I made the switch to Affinity Photo.
    Shot taken @ Elfia, Arcen 2015
    Model Astrid Bos
    Trapped by PhotoDante, on Flickr
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    Zevram reacted to GMPhotography in 8 tile focus merged panorama made in AP   
    We finally had some good weather in my area a week ago, after months and months of cloud cover! These are Arrow Root flowers and they bloom by the thousands in my area. It's been so cold that the bloom is quite a bit later than it normally is.
    Flower2 by Greg Murray, on Flickr
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    Zevram got a reaction from G-F-H in AD Butterflies   
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    Zevram got a reaction from giantlobsterprd in Amateur astronomer   
    Nice ,
    ...My son would you like to share why you where tempt by that vile clay dirt cat house of ill repute
    and why you have returned to be cleansed :blink: :blink: :blink:
    or any technical reasons that can help
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    Zevram got a reaction from dmstraker in Wales. This morning.   
    ooooh My fu.... ..od,  beautiful image 
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    Zevram reacted to dmstraker in Wales. This morning.   
    Here's an image taken this morning up our local mountain (the Skirrid).
    Simple adjustment: A tad vibrance in the mid tones (using Blend Ranges). Curves for a little green boost. Levels in LAB Lightness down a bit.
    Affinity Photo is such a joy to use.

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    Zevram reacted to kevinmcsherry in Chrome effect on logos   
    Hi all,
    I created a logo based on those of Vespa and Lambretta (I'm a longtime enthusiast). I 'chromed' them over the last couple of days. I'm getting the hang of it now but it was quite laborious.
    These are for my new Society6 shop, "Scooterissimo" (Stop laughing Paolo!) where EVERY product but one I've made is done in Affinity Designer. Link here: I'd love you to have a look: https://society6.com/coolprints

    Here's a poster of the Lambretta Li125 from 1958, all vector.

    Best wishes,
    Kevin (Generalissimo)
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    Zevram reacted to Sharkey in Mashed up in Affinity   
    From five (badly messed up images turned into this mashed up digital mayhem.
    Regards.     Sharkey
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    Zevram reacted to Sharkey in Reflections on my family   
    This my Border Terrier waiting for my wife and myself to let him out. You can just make out the new puppy laying in its cage 'bottom right'.
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    Zevram reacted to Sharkey in Like the Old Gell Prints   
    Produced from NEF file in AP.
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    Zevram got a reaction from andreacaliendi in Level selection   
    awesome share
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    Zevram reacted to Frankentoon in Character Design with - AP   
    Hello guys!
    Just wanted to share a recent mascot design I made for my other design studio Insecto Design, using Affinity Photo. I've also included the preliminary pose sketches (made in AP too) so you can have an idea of the process. Hope you enjoy!


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    Zevram got a reaction from retrograde in 64 Chevy Greenbrier Van   
    very very nice
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