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    WhiteX got a reaction from SrPx in Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken   
    I can confirm. This works much better now with 1.8, even on very small scale objects too. Good job Serif!
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    WhiteX reacted to Teo_ in Zeplin.io integration/cooperation   
    I'm sorry to have to use other software for the UI projects I'm developing because I feel very comfortable with Affinity Designer. However, since I have to share the product with a work team, I am forced to use software designed to the sharing of resources, the description, and the management of feedback.
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    WhiteX reacted to reminous in Rename artboard from canvas   
    H there,
    I wish we could rename the artboards when doubling click over its name direct from the canvas instead depending on the layer panel to do so... It would be much more intuitive!
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    WhiteX reacted to davidbjames in Way to scale rounded corners proportionally?   
    Just ran into this the other day. VERY frustrating.
    Considering the crazy math that must drive this app, the ability to scale dynamic corners proportionally seems easy to implement by comparison.
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    WhiteX reacted to TLeyva in How do I warp text in Affinity Designer?   
    I think that it's less "kids acting like spoiled brats" and more like the parents knowing that their kids are capable of so much, yet disappointed when they refuse to grow up and be great.
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    WhiteX reacted to Psykossi in How do I warp text in Affinity Designer?   
    Hey! I'm coming from the future and just wanted to inform that it's 2025 and warping text is not yet possible on AD. I wouldn't be worried about it though, because devs told us it's on their roadmap. I was planning to comment on 2015, but couldn't due to the limits of my timemachine, something to do with vectors...
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    WhiteX reacted to Jowday in How do I warp text in Affinity Designer?   
    I created a LOT of artwork, brochures, logos, posters etc. for a huge global healthcare company 20 years ago, especially in 2002. I could pick software freely unless I had to continue on previous work made in fx Illustrator. I used a lot of software, mostly Illustrator and CorelDRAW, but preferred CorelDRAW. Whatever I did it just was more fun and my workflow much faster in CorelDRAW. I certainly didn't suffer from a lack of features back then.
    20 years later somebody claims they are "building world leading professional creative apps" and we are having this discussion because they are not there yet and 20 years ago I would have said the same about Affinity Designer 1.7. It makes me laugh. Serif is still trying to sell as many copies they can, did you experience their aggressive sales people before the Affinity line? Flies on the phone. "Create jaw dropping blah blah". Pile it high, sell them cheap. But they really should find and accept their niche - and it certainly is NOT in the advanced vector illustration business. 
    Tone down the rhetoric, Serif marketing, attract a segment you can actually fully serve. Save the big words for when you have the pro features in the products. Or focus on young artists with iPads making brush based artwork. Or, lets face it, small companies, people with a limited budget etc. It is great for them to have a cheap alternative. But it is not "world leading".
    I am a curious guy who purchased and tried a lot of software (and did a lot of mansplaining to my wife who did not see the need), also every open source alternative there is. I like and prefer the user interface in the Affinity line, and I make a lot of doodles in it during brainstorm sessions. But the next step is always to launch Illustrator. So for now I call it Affinity Doodle.
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    WhiteX reacted to Jeremy Bohn in Merge 2 Publisher documents?   
    Version 1.8 has been released today which includes Document Merge.
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    WhiteX got a reaction from SillyWalk in Select Objects Across Multiple Pages?   
    I work on a ~50 page illustrated book, and I often need to change different objects at once on all pages, but it's not possible to select objects from different pages / spreads. This feature would be very useful. Wasn't this asked yet? (Except in this thread).
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    WhiteX reacted to Patrick Connor in Merge 2 Publisher documents?   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    To all readers of this thread,
    The ability to insert a number of pages of one publisher document into another publisher document is being worked on actively at the moment, and will appear in a beta when it is ready for customer beta appraisal. It requires quite a lot of programming to achieve what would be desired with respect to text styles, master pages, index links, text flow etc, as you have seen from the participants of this and other threads.
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    WhiteX reacted to c0rky in Affinity Publisher - Copy pages between afpub documents   
    Hi. Used Affinity Publisher v1.7.1 to prepare multiple afpub documents. I seek to use a limited number of pages from one afpub document within a separate afpub document. I see no way to copy/paste pages or to drag pages between afpub documents. Prefer to copy/page afpub pages rather than each textbox frame / component.
    Is it possible to use pages from one afpub document in a separate afpub document?
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    WhiteX reacted to robinp in Copying pages / spreads from one document to another?   
    I’ll check tomorrow but I’m pretty sure drag and drop is in InDesign. Maybe not a bug but it is pretty defective to have no way to incorporate numerous pages from one doc to another. 
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    WhiteX reacted to Mr. K in Select Objects Across Multiple Pages?   
    Is there a way to select objects across multiple pages?
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    WhiteX reacted to Tim Gummer in Cloning Artboards incrementally Numbers Artboard Name   
    Just a little thing really but  - currently, as soon as artboards are cloned they appear in the layers panel under the same name, and it's difficult to know which is which without clicking around the place. Of course they will eventually get proper names, but it would be lovely if they just named themselves Artboard 1, Artboard 2 etc when cloned.
    That is all. 
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    WhiteX reacted to Sean P in 1.7.1 Designer crashes when opening Brushes Panel (Solved)   
    Hi WhiteX,

    So glad that did the trick! I've edited the title to help anyone else who may see this! Thanks for letting me know.  
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    WhiteX got a reaction from Sean P in 1.7.1 Designer crashes when opening Brushes Panel (Solved)   
    Thanks @Sean P, apparently the repair tool did the trick. I'll just run it if the problem will re-appear. Thanks for the other tips too. (If you could mark the topic as solved, that would be a big help to others, I'm unable to edit the title of the topic.)
    Thanks again!
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    WhiteX reacted to walt.farrell in Copy and Paste long Doc into publisher   
    You can create a single document page, and create a text frame on it (with columns if you want), and then paste all of your text into it.
    The text will overflow, and you'll see two red icons on the lower right side of the frame. If you shift-click on the red triangle icon Publisher will duplicate your page as many times as needed to handle all the text.
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    WhiteX reacted to vitor in Reset Bounding Box   
    @Ben Thank you for the thought-out response. It gives us a better understanding of the implications.
    So you’re saying that permanently resetting the bounding box of a dynamic shape will convert it to curves. That might indeed be a issue, but it also might not make a difference. That is also the outcome of @lenogre’s
    suggestion. So for example we might ⌥+click the “Reset Bounding Box” option and what it does is convert the shape to curves, reset the bounding box, and show the Assistant informing “the shape was converted to curves”.

    The second, better alternative, is to make “Reset Bounding Box” a button toggle. So we press it once and the button gets inset in the interface, and from then on it’ll always use the alternative box model until we click it again. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with this — it doesn’t really need to be permanent, it just needs to be done so we don’t have to keep toggling the option (current behaviour).
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    WhiteX got a reaction from Fun Art Sam in Reset Bounding Box   
    Maybe all these replies should convince you @serif that we need a permanent version of the reset-bounding-box feature The temporary one just doesn't cut it for most of the users. Thanks.
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    WhiteX reacted to zstekovic in Expand stroke still sucks   
    Yes, I can... but did you see PDF export options in Designer (compare it to Illustrator/Corel)? My shop accept bunch of different formats, but PDF that you got from Designer is really not useful in production (sometimes RIP, sometimes just hang in cue/rip process), I just got broken print (that cost money).
    When is Corel/Adobe (pre CC) PDF - it's smooth sailing.
    Like I said, fix the curve/expand stroke glitch, make program follow standards, and they are fine
    Corel did it, and all GNU/Linux stuff did it... and PDF is open standard.
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    WhiteX reacted to zstekovic in Expand stroke still sucks   
    That is true. Affinity Designer is young product, but it's not made by standards, and because of that I personally can't use it.
    My shop accept Affinity user files, but for now only for printing (first i need to export them as tiff or something).
    Just this step (rasterizing) defeat the purpose of owning it, and I'm sorry about that because I generally like product.
    It's advertising precision, but it's simply not there when you need it (or be in standard to work).

    Amount of nodes is crazy, and any devices cutter have limited amount of memory for cutting, and go crazy with stuff like that.
    Just try to send that in any kind of production and you have a really big problem.
    Just drop everything else and fix foundations of program, adopt it to standards and you're going to have one awesome product.
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    WhiteX reacted to Mark Ingram in 1.7.1 Designer crashes when opening Brushes Panel (Solved)   
    What is that? 100%, 150%, etc?
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    WhiteX reacted to dominik in Placing objects on the artboard?   
    Ok, I understand. Let the people at Serif celebrate today's release and then take a deep breath. And then we'll see with what they come up with 
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    WhiteX got a reaction from Murfee in Be able to hide a page   
    Thank you @Murfee and @Joachim_L. That really works in Publisher. For some reason I thought the export dialog is identical throughout the apps. For now I still use Designer to create PDF's. It would be nice if they've ported this feature to Designer too.
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