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    adi_cataleya reacted to photoadele in Scanning Within Affinity Design   
    There is no way to Aquire the scanner into Design. You can do this in Affinity Photo, but it would be great to save this additional step by allowing Design to access the scanners.
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    adi_cataleya reacted to CoreyB in export as a dxf file   
    I use this file type for cutting vinyl by exporting it from Illustrator
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    adi_cataleya reacted to catlover in AffDes : Spiral tool, please !   
    If in any way possible, could the set of preordained tools be expanded with a spiral tool ?
    Thanks !!!!!!
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    adi_cataleya reacted to .: NICKY G. :. in Compact the interface / panel layout   
    I was wondering why not make a redistribution of the panels?
    1. if the panel transforms we always put it in the upper left corner, we would retrieve a space in the panels on the right so as to have other more open panels and do not open and close between the tabs.
    2. Add the methods of the document next to the file name.
    3. Make sure that even if I have the tool tab on 1 column, I can display the fill and trace color samples (now it works only from 2 columns onwards), I would recover space horizontally, since I have so much vertical space on the bar unused tools.
    4. I would appreciate the possibility of having collapsible panels like in Adobe (I would save space and I shouldn't always go to the menu to call up the panels)
    Now it is only possible to combine the panels on the right and left so as to occupy the entire column on the right and left, at the expense of the visual space dedicated to the work tables.
    As it is now the interface should work with a 4k monitor to get the visual benefits, I have a 27 "1920x1080 and it seems like I'm always looking for space to better see the artboards.
    I hope the idea is appreciated ...

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    adi_cataleya reacted to B13eL in Why don't you develop the product?   
    You haven’t had updates for a long time, but before that you did the update twice a year.
    The community in forum offers so many cool ideas to you. And you have not done useful tools for a long time.
    You made a great product but it doesn’t develop.
    So many people love your product and ask for the basic things that should be in the tool for professional
    What are you doing there?
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    adi_cataleya reacted to redred in Affinity Designer/Photo in the Workplace   
    Question to experienced Affinity Designer/Photo users:
    Is Affinity for self-employed designers? I ask because I have been seeing that most employers list in their job requirements - Adobe photoshop/illustrator/InDesign and MAC.
    If someone wants to get a job in the graphic design field, will an employer accept Affinity Designer/Photo experience?
    When I look on indeed.com and see the requirements for graphic designers, it says that they are looking for Adobe software experience.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    It's nice that the Affinity software is reasonably priced and has good features, but, if a graphic designer/photographer is looking for a job and does not use Adobe software - how will it help the job seeker? just asking. Something to think about though.
    What is the Affinity software developer or marketing department plans to get the software into the workplace? perhaps attend trade shows that businesses and organizations attend to create the need for Affinity software?
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    adi_cataleya reacted to Alex Holden in Spiro Splines   
    Inkscape has a killer feature called spiro splines. It's really amazing how much easier it is to draw and manipulate perfectly smooth, beautiful curves with spiro mode turned on. AD's 'smart curves' are no comparison.
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    adi_cataleya reacted to seabirdr in Please don't remove gutter option in grid panel   
    It's useful when drawing an icon set.

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    adi_cataleya reacted to NIcholas van der Walle in Astute Graphics Technology   
    Thanks for posting! That is very encouraging. We'd look forward to seeing firm details in 2019.
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    adi_cataleya reacted to Naty in Font creator that integrates Affinity Designer to transform vector in fonts.   
    There are so many people that create fonts to sell them on marketplaces that I think it would be great to have something like fontself.com to integrate Affinity software (something that would work perfectly with Affinity). It's just an idea. 

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    adi_cataleya reacted to BarKeegan in Width tool   
    Designer has been an excellent substitute to Illustrator, but a Width tool to vary the width/tapering for Strokes on the fly, would be amazing.
    And while we’re on the subject of Srokes, if Affinity Designer ‘appropriated’ a Smooth, and Eraser tool, I would leave Illustrator behind in the dust!
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    adi_cataleya reacted to Nicolas1801 in I'm ready to exit illustrator if   
    I'm ready to exit illustrator if you propose:
    +++ the shape designer without going through the pathfinder
    +++ the curvature tool (to avoid adjusting the tangents)
    Freeform Gradients
    Invert mask layer

    I'm crossing my fingers for you to put this in place in the next update because I really like your software.  
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    adi_cataleya reacted to Josef Spießl in New thumbnails design   
    i like the design of the Affinity Designer very much. But there is one little thing that could be better. I don´t know why, but for me the thumbnail design in the layers section looks a bit old. Maybe this is because of the background in this box.
    If you compare this for example to the layers section of Pixelmator, this looks much more new and fresh to me. The same goes for this "gear" thumbnails from the styles section ... pictures down below.
    So maybe you could do a redesign of such thumbnails in a future update. I would love it!

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    adi_cataleya reacted to Raiken in Affinity Designer for Windows 10 with iPad features and UI adoption   
    The new Affinity designer for iPad looks and feels awesome.
    I would love to see a similar version of the Designer on Windows 10 which uses the full potential of the Windows 10 touch functionalities. A direct copy of the iPad UI could be awesome. 
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    adi_cataleya reacted to TonyO in Feature Request: Double Click to Delete Node with Node Tool   
    To better explain this idea, ive taken a small video of corel draw. In this short segment, i never touch the keyboard once, all of the nodes that are deleted are simply double clicked on. It's so intuitive when editing to be able to do this. 
    *edit - don't mind my co-worker sneezing in the bkg, i didnt realize i was recording sound, HAHAHA!

    double click to delete node.mp4
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    adi_cataleya reacted to PanthenEye in Stroke Width   
    This is the single biggest downside of Designer that keeps me away from using it. 4.5 years since the thread was created, 3 years since staff members confirmed they're working on it and it's still not out. No progress, only silence here and in other line thickness control related threads. To say I'm disappointed in my Designer purchase would be an understatement. I didn't expect this from software that's touted as a competent Illustrator competitor. Everything else is good, some things great even but I can't believe the software lacks such a fundamental feature as per node line thickness control. Pressure graph is too abstract and extremely fiddly when I add lots of points, it works only for simple cases. I need fine control for my lineart and it's simply not there. 
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    adi_cataleya got a reaction from Cédric D in Construction mode   
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    adi_cataleya reacted to gomzz in UI panels   
    Hello. I don't speak English very well, so I will try to show everything with examples.
    P.S. I love this application.

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    adi_cataleya reacted to ehigiepaul in Plugin creation / API access   
    Good day,
    I will like to add this suggestion to the team of affinity developers. Can you guys give users access to an api or sdk so we can create plugins just for affinity. If this is made available to users, affinity will get more market ground at pull more creators, companies, freelance developers and school to the affinity products.
    I teach in a American University of Nigeria, and am pulling my students from adobe to affinity.
    Many have been asking for plugins and Ux related stuffs. I have ideas of plugins that will help UX designers to move to AD.
    Please answer this request.
    Thanks and have a wonderful day.
    @stokerg @admin @Adam
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    adi_cataleya reacted to WaveF in Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5   
    After watching Adobe MAX 2018 Keynote, when I see Real time blend mode preview on Photoshop, Multi-Point gradient on Illustrator, Smart responsive layout / plugin support / Voice interactions / lots of new features per month on Xd, and I turn around look at those features stay on roadmap for years, (sigh~), Good luck is the only word in my mind. If develop team doesn't focus on Designer right now, can't you just release some api for plugin developers? Anyway, I'll stay on Designer, for a while, hope to see some new things on it.
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    adi_cataleya reacted to peaches in Astute Graphics Technology   
    I know of at least one developer who is eagerly waiting for Designer to be able to runs Scripts/Macros.
    Please Serif - can you consider adding this function to Designer in the very near future?
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    adi_cataleya reacted to lucidity in Create Fonts in Affinity Photo, with features like in Fontself add-on   
    I would like to make my own fonts. I saw a video about an add-on for Photoshop and Illustrator, which I think offers some great features. This add-on is called Fontself.
    It would be amazing to have something like this in Affinity Photo!
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    adi_cataleya reacted to Jowday in Astute Graphics Technology   
    Thank you very much for the prompt reply, @NIcholas van der Walle
    I hope Serif will support 3rd party extensions in the future - extensions made so many other products a better - and more flexible - choice.