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  1. Angelize

    free experimental brushes

    I'm glad folks have been finding these brushes useful To answer char_zard if you double click the brushes in designer(pixel persona) or Photo to open the brush editing dialogue you will see that brushes 3,4,and 5 share the same starting texture and I have achieved different results by experimenting with different settings. #4 has a high rotation jitter and it is set to random on the dynamics tab. The texture was created from an image of bubble wrap with B&W and Threshold adjustments.
  2. Angelize

    free experimental brushes

    been playing around this afternoon with some different methods of creating custom brushes. Thought I'd share some of the results. this small group of 5 brushes will work in both affinity photo and Designer (Pixel Persona) There are a couple that might make interesting borders, and some that just make interesting grunge or painterly effects experimental Brushes.afbrushes
  3. Angelize

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    I enjoyed my look around Affinity Spotlight. so much interesting stuff! I really enjoyed the behind the scenes article about Paolo Limoncelli.
  4. Interesting! The more I work with the affinity programs and the more I learn the more I like them I am wondering if Publisher will have the same colour space options when it arrives?
  5. Angelize


    Depending on where you live you may have begun to wonder but spring is coming! Done in Affinity Photo with textures and photos and brush work. it was a really good project to practice painting in on masking layers.
  6. It would be wonderful to have some of these sites! Pixabay would be awesome.
  7. Angelize

    Sea to sky

    No but it was taken on a BC Ferry I believe this is Bowyer Island. We were on the Langdale-Horseshoe bay run heading to North Van.
  8. Angelize

    Sea to sky

    I took a quick shot with my google nexus 5x phone from a moving Ferry. The window wasn't clean and I was too late in the morning to catch that Golden Hour light but it was just for fun on a boring 40 min ride. I processed the raw .dng file in Affinity photo did a little cropping and straightening and then had some fun experimenting with adding clarity, adjusting highlights and shadows and adding a gradient overlay to simulate a warmer light.
  9. Angelize

    Call for Camera Images

    Uploaded some for you I hope they are helpful
  10. Thanks for looking into this. I am just wondering if there is any update on this? Would love to do a set of styles for Valentines Day one thing I'm noticing is that when applied to text the 3D radius and depth are not being applied the same. after applying the styles to text I have to go in and adjust the radius and depth of 3D effects.
  11. I have been experimenting with using the perlin noise filter in Photo and it is very nice to have a perlin noise filter right within photo. However if it could be done as a live filter with a few improvements would be awesome. Add the ability to stretch the noise Add the ability to angle the noise Here is an example of an effect I did using the perlin filter, it was a bit complex and I would love to be able to go back in and just adjust the noise without having to completely re do the whole thing
  12. Angelize


    Part of a work in progress . a clematis flower created in Affinity Designer
  13. Hi MEB Here are the syles and my afdesign file. I hope this helps. my assorted styles.afstyles styles on text.afdesign
  14. When an object style created using the effects panel is applied to text it is applied the the text as a single object. This has undesired effects with specular highlights, lights and bevels. in the attached image I created some artistic text and then below it I typed each letter as an individual object. In the gel text you can see how the top example which is a single typed word the highlights aren't right and the colours from additional lights added via the 3d effect are applied to the text as a whole. I the second gel text example you see how I wanted the style to look. I the cookie example the bevel looks all wrong in the top example and below again with each letter individually typed you see how the effect should look. Note for this report I am not worrying about the squashing of the bitmap fill as I believe that is another issue that has already been reported.
  15. Angelize

    peacock feathers

    just a bit of fun. main work done in designer the eye of the feather was created in designer then edited in photo. I really like how I can go into photo apply a live filter and then come back into designer and have that live filter in designer and editable.