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  1. Angelize

    Can´t import brushes

    I have another workaround that works without needing to downgrade but it is a bit of a pain. It got me through what I wanted to do for now. TextureMate .com has a little app that is free called AbrMate. AbrMate can open most .abr files and allow you to convert them to png files which can then be used to recreate the brushes in Affinity as Affinity brushes. If you are needing only a few brushes this is Ok But I would still like to find out how to downgrade.
  2. Angelize

    Can´t import brushes

    how do I downgrade back to 1.7.2?
  3. Why not have a general questions forum and separate apps forum Affinity Questions Affinity on Windows - General questions related to all apps - Designer questions - Photo questions - Publisher questions And the same set up for Mac.
  4. here is a video I did a while back that shows how to create a gold foil effect in Photo. By changing the colours I used you can get a nice rose gold look. And in 1.7 you can use the procedural texture live filter to adjust the foil look after the lighting has been applied! oops the link to the video might help!
  5. Thanks everyone. Once the other apps have an edit in publisher link it will be an amazing work flow
  6. Will we be able in the future to open a document in one of the other apps and then transfer it to publisher? For example If I open a raw photo in photo, develop it and then want to put it into a publisher document I can find no way to do it other than exporting it and then opening it in Publisher. Seems Studio link is only a one way link. I'm kind of disappointed. At the very least is an "Edit in or Send to Publisher" menu item planned for the other apps?
  7. Angelize

    Marketplace for Affinity

    When I try to go to the site I just get a page that says X5 tutorials no way to log in or view anything else. What is happening? is the site being discontinued?
  8. Been playing with the appearance panel and multiple strokes. lovely addition to the program! a couple of things that could make it even better 1. the ability to select a stroke and reverse the stroke without affecting the other strokes 2. The ability to add effects to single strokes. And the stroke panel that comes up when you click the stroke width in the appearance panel does not work the same as the regular stroke panel. the appearance tab stroke panel will let you set the width only options for alignment are all greyed out. if you try to set the alignment from the regular panel with a stroke selected in the appearance panel the stroke gets clipped by the object fill.
  9. I created this cute little penguin character in Designer. He started out as some basic shapes and I converted them to curves and added them together. Then I tweaked the resulting shape to create his body.
  10. Been playing with the latest beta and discovered the new ability to drag and drop brushes into the sub brushes panel Awesome! seems to work a charm! I have some downloaded photoshop brushes installed and it works perfectly with them! this will be a time saver for sure. One set of brushes can be combined in different ways so easily! Checked out the new ability to drag palettes into the program works a charm with affinity Palettes but it sure would be nice if Affinity apps could import Adobe palettes
  11. Thanks Mike. The copy is still being prepared but I have talked to the paper and got the info I need from them.
  12. I'm going to be tasked with putting together an Obituary for a local paper. I'm figuring they likely use Indesign and I'm wondering if a pdf exported from Affinity Designer or possibly the publisher beta would open in Indesign? Can I embed the fonts I use within the Pdf?
  13. There is a set of spirals here that you get as a pdf file that you can import into affinity. In Designer you can select them and add them to the assets panel. In photo just copy and paste from the pdf. They come in as vector curves that you can edit to suit your needs. They aren't free but the price is reasonable.
  14. Angelize

    Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!

    I've edited the product description to indicate they work in v1.7
  15. Angelize

    denim and leather

    I used Filter forge to create a seamless denim texture which I exported as a png. I used the gradient fill tool to fill a background rectangle with the denim texture.