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  1. I closed a document without saving it, it was just a doc I was playing around testing with so I'm not worried about it and admittedly I would be very careful if I was planning on spending any time on a document or if it was important. but it got me to thinking is there a way to access back up files in case of doing something dumb? No big deal if there isn't I'm just curious.
  2. I just had a quick play with creating tables and calendars and I discovered that a table can be saved as an asset. So a calendar page could be set up and saved as an asset and easily dropped on a page.
  3. Thank you Dave for responding Knowing that e-publications will be supported in the future is a good thing.
  4. I would like to add my voice to this! it seems that not having the functionality to create e-books and e-publications of all kinds is missing out on a huge market. I did a quick search of this forum for "epub" and got 7 pages of results. So to the folks at Serif: Will it be added in the future?
  5. Angelize

    Spirals for Affinity Designer

    I've just posted An Affinity assets file that contains a large assortment of spirals in my little shop https://www.x5tuts-marketplace.com/item/spirals-for-affinity/ There are basic circular and multi sided spirals. Each spiral is a simple vector curve that can be edited in Affinity Designer.
  6. Angelize

    Marketplace for Affinity

    Hi jamie, That's great. I also can't find where to customize my store page. On the old site I was able to give my store a name and upload a custom header will that be coming back? Or have I missed a new location for these features?
  7. Angelize

    Marketplace for Affinity

    I had a look and uploaded a new product to my shop. Sprials for Affinity Designer The experience was good I like the new vendor dashboard although it was not quite straight forward how to go from there to browse the other shops. The only way I found was to go to my own shop and then browse from there.
  8. Angelize

    Blue Hour Macro

    Thanks alfred and I'm glad that this little macro is proving useful
  9. I have an issue with the gradient tool in Photo for Windows when I try to move a single handle on a bitmap fill. The contextual help at the bottom of the screen says Ctrl +rightmouse to move single handle but when I try this I get the right click menu and am unable to move the handle. It would be much more intuitive on Windows to use the shift key modifier for this.
  10. Angelize

    free experimental brushes

    I'm glad folks have been finding these brushes useful To answer char_zard if you double click the brushes in designer(pixel persona) or Photo to open the brush editing dialogue you will see that brushes 3,4,and 5 share the same starting texture and I have achieved different results by experimenting with different settings. #4 has a high rotation jitter and it is set to random on the dynamics tab. The texture was created from an image of bubble wrap with B&W and Threshold adjustments.
  11. Angelize

    free experimental brushes

    been playing around this afternoon with some different methods of creating custom brushes. Thought I'd share some of the results. this small group of 5 brushes will work in both affinity photo and Designer (Pixel Persona) There are a couple that might make interesting borders, and some that just make interesting grunge or painterly effects experimental Brushes.afbrushes
  12. Angelize

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    I enjoyed my look around Affinity Spotlight. so much interesting stuff! I really enjoyed the behind the scenes article about Paolo Limoncelli.
  13. Interesting! The more I work with the affinity programs and the more I learn the more I like them I am wondering if Publisher will have the same colour space options when it arrives?
  14. Angelize


    Depending on where you live you may have begun to wonder but spring is coming! Done in Affinity Photo with textures and photos and brush work. it was a really good project to practice painting in on masking layers.
  15. It would be wonderful to have some of these sites! Pixabay would be awesome.