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  1. Perhaps I have this in the wrong place it's not a question but rather a description of how Filterforge can be used to create pattern layers and a destructive filter can now be used in a non destructive way. If the moderators feel this would be better elsewhere my apologies.
  2. Hi everyone been enjoying the new version 1.9 I also enjoy using Filter forge and it works quite well with affinity. However applying a filter forge texture is a destructive edit. In Photo 1.9 I have set up a preset for creating patterns it's basically a 600px square document with a transparent background. What I do is add a fill layer and rasterize it. Then I select all (ctrl +A on Pc and I think cmd +A on mac) once I have my selection I go to the filers menu and select Filter forge from the plugins. there are a vast amount of texture filters in the filter forge library to choose from once I have my texture set the way I want it I make sure that seamless tiling is checked on and click apply. Once the filter renders in photo I go to layers> new pattern layer from selection and boom affinity generates a pattern layer ready to use. I like to add my patterns to my assets panel for easy access and the great thing about this is you can clip a texture pattern into text or vector shapes and they remain completely editable.
  3. Hi Haakoo! You could import batches of assets of any kind that way as well as lPattern layers. The way these pattern layers work reminds me of another program we used to use.
  4. Another interesting thing about saving your patterns as assets is they work in Designer! You have to have photo to create them but once you have a category of patterns saved as assets you ca export them then import them into Designer and they scale and rotate etc just like they do in photo.I could see it being useful
  5. Ohhhh that sucks! but yes I store back ups of any important assets, brushes, styles etc. There is a lot you can do with patterns in affinity.
  6. I was just having a bit of a play with patterns and I discovered they can be easily saved as assets! Simply make sure your pattern layer is selected and in the assets panel click the menu button on the right side of the category and chose add from selection. It seems to work just fine and you can easily drop in the pattern layer to whatever document you are working on. I have attached a few patterns I was playing with in an assets file. the zip file conains an assets file that has 5 pattern layers for anyone who might like to play around with them and I'd be interested in knowing if there are any issues importing and using them. you should be able to drag them from the assets panel and drop them into your document . test_patterns.zip
  7. Hey everyone, yes I was thinking of both the blend and contour tools from XDP, which as Hakoo mentioned I believe use the same technology. I no longer have my home based publication and my graphic design has become a hobby when I have time off from my 40 hour a week job. and I am finding that Affinity is fitting my needs better and when I need things like contours and blends I still have a version of XDP
  8. This appears to be a good beginning to a contour tool, but not really all that useful yet. I would love to see a setting for multiple contours where we could type in a number and get that many contours around the object. Also it would be useful to be able to select each contour set the colour of each contour individually and different from the object. and perhaps baking ( which is pretty much just converting to curves unless I'm missing something?) could have some settings to allow either the current behaviour or the creation of multiple objects ie the original object and the contours each rendered as separate vector objects.
  9. The links to the mixup market site appear to be broken edit I finally got it to work sorry
  10. I have another workaround that works without needing to downgrade but it is a bit of a pain. It got me through what I wanted to do for now. TextureMate .com has a little app that is free called AbrMate. AbrMate can open most .abr files and allow you to convert them to png files which can then be used to recreate the brushes in Affinity as Affinity brushes. If you are needing only a few brushes this is Ok But I would still like to find out how to downgrade.
  11. Why not have a general questions forum and separate apps forum Affinity Questions Affinity on Windows - General questions related to all apps - Designer questions - Photo questions - Publisher questions And the same set up for Mac.
  12. here is a video I did a while back that shows how to create a gold foil effect in Photo. By changing the colours I used you can get a nice rose gold look. And in 1.7 you can use the procedural texture live filter to adjust the foil look after the lighting has been applied! oops the link to the video might help!
  13. Thanks everyone. Once the other apps have an edit in publisher link it will be an amazing work flow
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