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    Sara72 got a reaction from WesleyRiot in Problem downloading new fonts on iPad Pro iOS 13.1.3   
    On the Apps start screen, with all your document thumbnails, click on the cog wheel in top right corner, then click preferences>Fonts.
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    Sara72 reacted to LanceKing in Newbie Question: Added Layer Constrained to Size of Smaller Layer   
    Thanks, Sara. That got me closer to where I'm trying to go. 
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    Sara72 got a reaction from LanceKing in Newbie Question: Added Layer Constrained to Size of Smaller Layer   
    Try Document>Canvas>Clip to Canvas.
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    Sara72 reacted to Fmidy in Studio content AP IPad pro   
    Thanks a lot. Working fine
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    Sara72 got a reaction from Fmidy in Studio content AP IPad pro   
    You need to copy/paste your selection to a new layer to select it with the move tool and add it to the Asset Studio, make sure the image your working on is a Pixel layer and not an image layer, you’ll need to rasterise it if it’s an image layer.
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    Sara72 reacted to Greggry P in Selfie   
    Never done a self portrait before, but needed a profile pic so here ya go...

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    Sara72 reacted to AdamRatai in Adam Ratai Instagram   
    A new one.
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    Sara72 reacted to AdamRatai in Adam Ratai Instagram   
    I'm big fan of Affinity Designer. I use it daily, and not only for job, but for my personal joy.
     like it a lot. Hope this instagram stream will help me to get best of me and Designer. I hope you'll  like it.

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    Sara72 reacted to v_kyr in December challenge - Festive fever   
    Already did a bunch of such stuff in the past for the community...
    Christmas Photo Storyboard Xmas texture styles 1+2 Xmas FB Cover Xmas trees etc. Therefore showing some excerpts from those ...

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    Sara72 reacted to z3z in December challenge - Festive fever   
    Well it's THAT time of year again, and there's no avoiding it...
    This month, create something related to the holiday season. This could be a photo of a Christmas Tree or a Christmas lights display, a wintry landscape, your dog in a Santa hat etc. If you're looking for an extra challenge, try to work in some unusual angles or experiment with depth of focus. When posting, if you can, please also write a sentence of two on the editing techniques you used or the filters you applied, so that we can learn from each other.
    Alternatively, create something in Designer or Publisher that expresses 'December'. This could be a holiday greeting card, a gift-wrapped box, Santa's reindeers crossing a starry sky, etc etc.
    If your style is more 'Christmas Grinch' than 'Santa's Little Helper' (no judgement here), create a photo or piece of art that channels 'Mid-winter', or 'the shortest day'. (Apologies to people in the Southern Hemisphere - maybe you could do the longest day and make us northies jealous of your fine weather!)
    We had some gorgeous pics last month, and I hope more of you can find the time to join in again.
    Let's see what you've got!
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    Sara72 reacted to Ash Eldritch in My first illustration using Designer   
    Hi, I've been using the forum for a while now and recently have commented on a few peoples work so thought it only fair I should have something to show for myself. So this is my first attempt using Designer. It's very incomplete. There are more characters being worked on (I've switched their visibility off) and a lot of things haven't been finished like the house, tree, grass and the cloud splash where the rainbow fish is meant to be entering the cloud. Pretty much most things are unfinished  but it's taking time as my Mac is struggling to cope with the scale of the image now. It's for a children's book I'm working on. It's entirely done with vector, no brushes, no pixels. And also completely done using a mouse as trying to draw anything with my Wacom tablet results in the line taking about a minute to catch up with what I've drawn. Also It's only a portion of the image, the original extends both up and down. As it's so large I've added some sections of the image as well. Apologies for the essay. 


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    Sara72 reacted to GarryP in Fake Magazine Spread - The “Gossamer Incident”   
    Here’s a silly throw-away experiment I put together while playing around.
    Everything except the background image was created using a mix of the three Affinity applications.
    Competition Time: First to say who is described in the “classified document” gets a Like.

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    Sara72 reacted to ChrisSmere in Hiroshima / streetcar network / transit diagram   
    Hey you all!
    I do transit diagrams and maps for fun in my free time.
    This is my minimalistic interpretation of the streetcar network of Hiroshima.
    Have fun!
    And feedback is appreciated.

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    Sara72 reacted to TookiTheGreat in I did a whole book in Affinity Publisher   
    I have just published my book "A String of Pearls" on Amazon. I had one issue with a recurring crash, caused by me mistakenly switching page Masters from left to right. Other than that, the power and ease of use of Publisher has enabled me to get this book look almost exactly as I had in mind when I started writing it.
    Once the iPad version of Publisher is out I don't even have to use my iMac anymore. I wrote the whole thing in Ulysses on my iPad Pro and would have loved to finish the layout on my iPad as well.
    Thanks, Affinity for making such awesome products at such a great price.
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    Sara72 reacted to retrograde in Book'em Danno   
    Here's a recent fun personal iso piece done in Designer.
    Anyone who grew up in the 70's will be familiar with these 2 crime fighters. Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) and Danny "Danno" Williams (James MacArthur) from the original Hawaii Five-0 TV series from 1968-1980. 
    "Book'em Danno" was McGarrett's signature catch phrase as well as his trademark hair wave. Shown here is the original 68 Mercury.

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    Sara72 reacted to WalkInVerse in BUG: Affinity Photo High Pass Filter Add Grid to Images   
    Thank you so much.  I have been banging my head against the wall for over a month.
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    Sara72 got a reaction from DM1 in Pen Brushes   
    you can create a New Textured Image Brush with grouped, Rectangle vector shapes, you’ll need to export the grouped shapes with a transparent background and save to the cloud so you can add the new brush. The brushes in Designer are pixel/bitmap images along a vector path.

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    Sara72 reacted to Abinash Mohanty in Required vector grain or spray brushes   
    Yes indeed.
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    Sara72 got a reaction from Abinash Mohanty in Required vector grain or spray brushes   
    Thanks for the clarification, im guess something like a sub setting to the Noise toggle that's like the Perlin Noise in Photo and lets you zoom to increase the size.
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    Sara72 got a reaction from Appreax in Recreating Some Effects/Text From Thumbnails   
    Here’s a tutorial for creating 3D text: Create 3D text in Affinity Photo Tutorial
    The outline on some of the figures looks like it has been painted in with a square brush or the objects have been cutout and resized onto a white background layer.
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    Sara72 got a reaction from ARTGIRLJENNL in Is there away of creating a repeating pattern using an offset?   
    What you quoted is a Macro not a video, (aka an Action in Photoshop) and needs installing into Affinity Photo to utilise.
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    Sara72 got a reaction from Callum in LOOKING FOR AN VECTOR INK BRUSH   
    Or you could just make your own: Making an intensity brush in Affinity Designer for ipad and desktop
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    Sara72 reacted to haakoo in Edit Fill tool or transparency tool   
    Maybe something like this?
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    Sara72 got a reaction from Wilfred Hildonen in Greyscale to lineart   
    Try Filters>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask:

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    Sara72 reacted to firstdefence in Drawing a brain ... or pipework ... or spaghetti   
    Add an outer shadow fx afterwards because it will be applied to the curves and should shade it as you would expect. but nice squiggly brain brush lol!

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