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  1. Hi Jon, Has there been any progress with my file? I have reverted back to the version I saved just before the crashes started to happen. Using that version (in the beta of Publisher) and the PDF I could export from the corrupted file, I have managed to finish the layout and final edit of my book and just got it published on Amazon. I'm sorry for any unnecessary effort you and your team have spent on my behalf, but I promised my team the book would be published by this week and I couldn't wait any longer. The good news, of course, is that I haven't had any problems using the current Beta of Publisher and am quite happy with the final results.
  2. When do you think my file will be fixed? I really want the book to be ready for publishing. I have been working on it so hard for so long... No pressure, of course :-). If it can’t be fixed I can try to go back to a previously saved version but then I would like to know how to prevent the same issue from happening again. I tried the Beta but got the same crash happening, as you say.
  3. Thanks for passing this on to the development team. I really hope it can be fixed. I have spent weeks on this: first learning to use the program then getting everything exactly where I wanted it. That it crashes on the last few minor edits is incredibly frustrating. As an ex-software developer, I would hope the team can come up with a simple way to revert to the last usable version when a file becomes corrupt. For instance, by not overwriting the previous recovery file until the next one has been validated, the chances of ending up with an unusable file are greatly reduced. Of course, preventing file corruption to happen in the first place is even more important. In my case, I think the corruption has something to do with pins linking to text that also appears in the TOC.
  4. I have this same issue now, which is incredibly frustrating, as I am as good as done with editing my work to be published. But now I am stuck because I can't save the last minor edits I am making. If the problem is the pinned objects, is there a simple way of fixing this? I tried to turn off all pins but Publisher keeps crashing before I get to the end of my document (138 pages). I think this could be caused by the autosave feature trying to save a recovery file? Help me out, please. I really need this fixed. String_of_Pearls_-_KDP_Print_-_v3.4.1.afpub

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