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  1. @William Overington Wow, thanks for the explanation, I enjoyed reading it. Languages are such fascinating, 'living' things, and I've got to admire people who are good with them, especially the slightly more obscure ones like Esperanto! I've got mad respect for conlangers. @Cecil Thanks for sharing that with us, Cecil. The best photos are the ones that have memories attached, regardless of their technical qualities. I love what you've done with the iPhone image and the snow. It takes a special photo and makes it even better.
  2. Oops, I wasn't getting notifications and didn't realise a whole bunch of you had posted in this thread! Great to see so many different ideas and expressions of the festive season. @Cecil Your tree is beautiful, and it's a lovely image with the message of hope. @v_kyr Haha, genius! Great concept. I love isometric work. @William Overington That's a sweet pic, though I think you're going to have to explain the Esperanto to me. I seem to recall someone teaching me a tiny bit a while back, but I confess I've forgotten it all @khdasel Sehr gut! (Thank you, Google translate!) I've been experimenting with photographing Lego minifigs and I took this earlier today. Shot it in Raw, and did a few small edits in the Develop personna (a little bit of cropping and some small tweaks to exposure), then I shrunk the size down and gave it a little bit of sharpening. That was about it. Minifigs are so much fun to photograph!
  3. Some nice images here, @v_kyr Thanks for sharing with us. I love the pic of of the girl in the red hat (left image in your first pic). That's just beautiful The Christmas trees are fantastic too.
  4. Just wanted to post a quick thank you to everyone who shared their art and commented in this thread. I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone's pics. I've started a 'December challenge', and I hope some of you will participate once again. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/103027-december-challenge-festive-fever/
  5. Well it's THAT time of year again, and there's no avoiding it... This month, create something related to the holiday season. This could be a photo of a Christmas Tree or a Christmas lights display, a wintry landscape, your dog in a Santa hat etc. If you're looking for an extra challenge, try to work in some unusual angles or experiment with depth of focus. When posting, if you can, please also write a sentence of two on the editing techniques you used or the filters you applied, so that we can learn from each other. Alternatively, create something in Designer or Publisher that expresses 'December'. This could be a holiday greeting card, a gift-wrapped box, Santa's reindeers crossing a starry sky, etc etc. If your style is more 'Christmas Grinch' than 'Santa's Little Helper' (no judgement here), create a photo or piece of art that channels 'Mid-winter', or 'the shortest day'. (Apologies to people in the Southern Hemisphere - maybe you could do the longest day and make us northies jealous of your fine weather!) We had some gorgeous pics last month, and I hope more of you can find the time to join in again. Let's see what you've got!
  6. Nice! I especially love the centre pic of the canal with the bridge in the distant. That's a beautiful scene, and very well framed. Thanks for sharing with us!
  7. The colours in this are absolutely wonderful! Yay, finally we get a vector illustration! Fantastic work.
  8. Just giving this thread a little bump... Anyone got any autumnal photos, composites or vector art they'd like to share? I'd love to see more examples of everyone's work.
  9. That looks like an HSL adjustment layer, rather than a colour changer.
  10. Perhaps, but I rather feel that forest fairies have been done to death and are maybe a little cliché. Different strokes? Honestly, as soon as I saw that leafy dress, I knew I had to use that image!
  11. Thank you! I'm glad you like it. And of course you'd want to enjoy the forest... what other reason could there be??
  12. I've been trying my hand at composite images, and this is my latest (only my third attempt, so I'm still on a massive learning curve). For this one, I had to isolate the woman from the background, then did a bit of colourising of both images to make everything blend and get a colour tone that I liked. Images used: Forest https://pixabay.com/photos/path-woods-autumn-footpath-forest-1031114/ Leafy lady https://unsplash.com/photos/gv3K2lZx2ds
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