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    emmrecs01 reacted to Alfred in Show special charioteers photo   
    Autocorrect strikes again?
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in How do I download my affinity to my new computer   
    Welcome to the Affinity forums.
    I'm not a Mac owner but my understanding is that you log into your Mac App Store account, ensuring you use the same log-in details as you used for your original purchase, and you should find your Affinity app (which one, by the way?) listed and available to download and install.  I seem to remember one suggestion made to other users who have experienced problems redownloading from both the Windows and Mac App Stores to try logging out and then logging back in if the needed app is not initially listed.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Jeannieg in How do I download my affinity to my new computer   
    Thank You. I was up at the App Store, and FINALLY found where my purchases were located
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in Already purchased for Windows - How to use on my Mac   
    Sorry, but I don't agree. 
    IMO, @mac_heibu was making a number of very valid points based on the fact that Serif made the decision in the very early stages of the development of the whole Affinity range that each app should be able to operate on both Windows and Mac platforms but that users should be required to pay the extremely reasonable price for a licence for each operating system.  Most Affinity app purchasers will require/use only one OS licence since I suspect the majority of users do NOT own/use both Windows and Mac; perhaps rather more may use the iPad versions but these are extremely competitively priced and to be able to use one app on iPad alongside either its Windows or Mac equivalent for a one-off UK price of less than £70 is a real bargain!  Even the less than £100 to buy each app for both Windows and Mac stands very favourably in comparison with the subscription-only model of its famous competitor.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to mac_heibu in Already purchased for Windows - How to use on my Mac   
    Windows and macOS are different operating Systems. Applications for one of these systems can‘t run on the other system. So you need 2 applications, one for Windows, one for macOS. And since both apps need to be coded, there are investments for both, which you have to pay. And, sincerely: The app is ridiculously cheap regarding its capabilities. If someone doesn‘t recognize this, well, the Affinity products are definitely not the right tools for this person.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to LarrySunshine in Expand Stroke v2. Affinity mods deliberately lie?   
    So the mod locked Expand Stroke post, and posted some "ultra legit" results of CorelDRAW and Illustrator in comparison as a final word. So here's a video where I doodle in Affinity Designer, try to expand the stroke then copy the same thing to Ilustrator and expand it.
    Just doing my part, exposing your lies and lack of responsibility.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to MattP in Expand Stroke v2. Affinity mods deliberately lie?   
    Here is the test curve svg - the first curve I created. Try for yourself, there is no lying (obviously - why on Earth would there be?) and the results are the results I showed.
    And what exactly is the point of you trying Affinity Designer 1.7 when we've acknowledged the problem and I clearly labelled the results I showed as being from Affinity Designer 1.8 Beta.
    Many thanks for your input,
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    emmrecs01 reacted to MCFC_4Heatons in Studio Link - Photo Persona - Photoshop Plugins Support   
    Unfortuntelay there seems to be a culture on these forums of making silly comments and general rudeness to a simple question or feature request - so if people insist on posting sarcastic replies with rude undertones then I will reply in the same manner ... I have experienced many time rudness  and an ''attitude' on these forums, so the idea you are all polite on here is a nonsense .... I'll leave you to your little clique, it seems you have a very blinkered  opinion
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Chris B in Importing PS brushes doesn't work   
    I think this thread will give you the answer, especially the post from @Chris B.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to R C-R in Publisher did not pass the test   
    I for one am "advanced" enough that I do not need any training to perfect my innate talent for idiocy.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to VolkerMB in Expanding Stroke amazing precision   
    @LarrySunshine Well, there are so many options out there in the market: CorelDraw, Illustrator or Inkscape (just to name a few). Feel free to use them as they offer better or more advanced tools to you. Also feel free to point developers at bugs as it helps to improve the software. But please explain to me why you consider me an amateur who has no clue whatsoever (regarding the right toolset for professionals)!  
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    emmrecs01 reacted to LarrySunshine in Expanding Stroke amazing precision   
    As someone said, you are NOT running an open source project. HOW in the world you cannot fix such a CRITICAL bug for over 1.5 years? Let's be honest, AD is nowhere near professional vector editor when such crucial tools are not working and are not being dealt with. It's hard to have sympathy for you guys even though I guess it's not developers fault but managements.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to MattP in Expanding Stroke amazing precision   
    I keep biting my tongue and trying not to get involved with all of these discussions that quickly become name-calling. It's disappointing to read and unnecessary. I suspect I shouldn't even be typing this (it's one of the reasons you don't see me as much on the forums nowadays) but I just wanted to stop this thread degenerating further by stating that I have been typing the new code for this feature for the last couple of weeks: It isn't something that is being left unaddressed, its omission is not some "petty revenge" as stated earlier (which is truly a rather paranoid, unsettling notion to try to get my head around why someone would even think that?) Please can we just all be nice to each other? It doesn't take much, and it frequently takes less time than bashing a keyboard to try to upset someone else or lash out to feel better. We're all after the same thing at the end of the day and we'll get there quicker without wasting so much time trying to say how "disgusted" we are at the job the software developers do: We're actual real people and we're doing our best with what we have - end of story. We try very hard indeed (we have many hundreds less developers than Adobe) and some things will take us longer to work out, but we actually do care an awful lot about what we do and we want it to be something we're proud of. If we're taking too long for you then I genuinely am sorry, but what more can I say or do - I'm doing the best I can
    Before someone suggests throwing more developers at the problem is a good way of fixing things we've nearly always found exactly the opposite - they need to be the right developers, and they're very hard to find - if you get the wrong ones then you spend time training them up only to find that the user experience of what they create wasn't as good as you'd want anyway, so have to do the work again so that's even more time lost.
    Like everything in life, Designer isn't perfect, I'm not deluded enough to think it is, in fact I'm usually the first to point out its failings when I meet people, but I genuinely am proud of it because despite its failings, it is also a genuinely powerful creative tool that is more fun and productive to use than the competition for a very good range of tasks. So no, I'm not going to feel "disgusted" with myself or my colleagues and nor should anyone try to suggest that we should. Yes, there are things wrong that we've already said are wrong and we are fixing them. Please let this be an end to the name-calling and disparaging.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to MattP in Expanding Stroke amazing precision   
    As I said earlier in this very post, I want an end to the name-calling. It's not helpful. I'm locking this thread now.
    Nobody has any right to decide that someone else is 'obviously' an amateur because they can use the software and enjoy it whereas the poster cannot: This is a really flawed way of thinking and even if you believe it to be true, you gain nothing by saying it other than alienation and being judged by others as arrogant.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to LarrySunshine in Expanding Stroke amazing precision   
    So guess what, just like last time I am not the only one complaining about things. Apparently this has been for at least 1.5 years. At this point I will just assume this will most likely never be a professional vector editor and keep exposing this utter disgusting job of software development to others.

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    emmrecs01 reacted to ynneBBenny in Linux Flatpack Version   
    Thanks Jeff, I have 'plans' to try and convince them otherwise
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Seneca in Will Affinity Publisher load PagePlus files?   
    I would continue using PP for all the projects started with PP, if I were you.
    I would employ Publisher for all new jobs, though.
    This is how I would go about it.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from ynneBBenny in Linux Flatpack Version   
    Welcome to the Affinity forums.
    This thread is but one of several asking for Linux versions of the Affinity apps.  I see the "official" (Serif) answer there as "we have no plans" to port the apps.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to mariopasqui in New laptop and setup   
    Thank you so much @emmrecs01 .
    that's just what I wanted to know.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to CarlM in Affinity Publisher is not a copy of InDesign - no massive fail!   
    It's telling that Serif opted to write the code for their three flagship products from scratch and re-launch them as Affinity. It demonstrates an understanding that now and again you have to take the plunge and start all over again rather than keep patching and increasing bloat in a product to produce something that is future proof.
    It never fails to amaze me how many posters predict the demise of Affinity publisher because two months after it's launch it not only doesn't do everything that ID and Quark do after 20+ years of development but also doesn't do things that 20 other apps that aren't DTP are capable of.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in New laptop and setup   
    Hi @Alfred
    Not being a Mac user/owner I had forgotten that Serif now sell the Mac versions directly.  Thanks for the reminder!
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from John Rostron in before/after   
    Same for me; the History slider is invaluable for this.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Dan C in Canon 6D mk II 2 years now and still no support on .CR2   
    When opening the RAW file directly in DPP4 vs AP, Canons own software is bound to have slightly better decoding and processing for their own RAW files, as Canon have written the CR2 format, they likely have the best knowledge in regards to processing their own files and saving shots such as yours.
    This means you might see faintly see more magenta tones in Affinity Photo, but through mine and other users testing we're not seeing close to the same amount of cast that you provided in your first screenshot.
    In a previous post you're comparing a JPEG to a TIFF file, one of these is lossy and compressed (JPEG) and the other is lossless and uncompressed (TIFF) so an 'apples to apples' comparison cannot be made.
    As emmrecs01 has mentioned above, this appears to be related to the file created by DPP4. Could you provide a copy of your TIFF file after processing through DPP4 please?
    As R C-R has mentioned in his post, there is a lot of colour noise due to the underexposed and high ISO shot. Colour noise appears as magenta (alongside yellow and blue, but these tones aren't as jarring on the image), so the more colour noise, the more magenta the image appears.
    It is likely that DPP4 is automatically applying heavy colour noise reduction to your image, and as standard Affinity Photo does not apply this change to the image - hence the slight colour difference. You'll have to manually tweak these settings when developing the file, following the advice provided previously, to reduce this noise level and therefore the magenta cast.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Dan C in Canon 6D mk II 2 years now and still no support on .CR2   
    I really don't want to prolong this thread because I think we are all going round in circles, but, reading again your earlier posts, it seems that the high level of magenta shows on your earlier screenshot because you took your original RAW into DPP4, exported it as .tiff, imported that into APh and that is when the magenta "appears".  I can't explain why this should be; perhaps there is a wrong setting somewhere in your monitor colour profile or the profile of the .tiff is being read wrongly.
    As shown in my earlier screenshots, if I take your RAW direct into APh, Develop it (using default settings) and then apply a little Brightness and Contrast, I get the result posted in my second screenshot earlier.  Yes, there is some magenta colour-cast there, though considerably less than is shown in your screenshot, but others have suggested how you may attempt to reduce this.
    Why don't you simply open your RAW directly in APh, so bypassing DPP4 completely, and see what results you achieve?  I actually used the latest Beta, which you can download to test from the Beta section of the forum, if you wish.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to AdamW in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - [BETA CLOSED]   
    This beta has been superseded by the release of Affinity Publisher for Windows 1.7.2 to the public. Check back on this forum for future betas
    Status: Beta
    Purpose: Improvements, Fixes
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Publisher
    Windows Store: Not submitted
    Download: Download  (Download link removed as 1.7.2 is now live)
    Auto-update: Not Available
    We are pleased to announce that an updated customer beta of Affinity Publisher ( is now available as a download from the link above.
    If this is your first time using a customer beta of an Affinity app please note that the beta will install as a separate app alongside your store version. They will not interfere with each other at all and you can continue to use the store version for critical work without worry.
    The beta is an incremental update to the 1.7.1 store version. We recommend that you use this beta in preference to your store version if you are affected by any of the issues listed below.
    If you have any problems using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum.
    StudioLink has been updated to improve reliability in this Beta but still requires the latest Beta versions of Designer and Photo to function (and for you to be a customer of those applications).
    Fixes and Improvements
    Fixed crash breaking path text curve for open curves Fixed error copy / pasting Text Styles that could cause crash Overlapping text frames now respect Ignore text wrap when wrapping around each other Fix for Optical Alignment ignoring Tabs Text selection highlight no longer includes generated list text Fixed bug that could fail to apply OpenType features near end of line Changing letter spacing now splits ligatures correctly Fix for issue unpinning pinned nodes in pinned nodes Fixed Pinned Node status not updating correctly when changed on Master Page Fixed positioning issues when unpinning nodes Hyphenation fixes (Mac) Fixed further IME issues Import / Export
    PDF Import: Improved Font Substitution suggestions when opening PDFs etc PDF and Vector Export: Fixed issue with Embedded Documents and Adjustments PDF Export: Fixed Bleed not being saved in export profiles PDF Export: Fix for unwanted clipping when text nodes exported 'as selection' PDF Export: Fixed export of non-breaking hyphens PDF Export: Avoid font preflight warnings when embedding TrueType CIDFonts PDF Export: Web preset now embeds all fonts. Many browsers don't support ligatures unless the font is embedded and so render incorrectly. (Win) Fixed occasional crash when printing ---
    Earlier Release Notes Beta 442
    To be notified about all future Windows beta updates, please follow this notification thread 
    To be notified when this Publisher update comes out of beta and is fully released to all Publisher customers, please follow this thread