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    emmrecs01 reacted to B13eL in Update 1.8 is worst update | damn Publisher spoils the entire line of Affinity   
    update 1.8 worst update that came out. With this damn publisher you completely stopped improving your main products Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. They need so many general tool for comfortable work without using third-party tools. And you decided to forces on development of a Publisher. Thank you for it. You have great applications but you develop them terribly. Of course, what I wrote is complete nonsense and who I am to tell you what to do. But I wrote it for some reason. Thanks for attention. Peace and Love
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from PaulAffinity in Betas and desktop settings   
    Just to follow up and confirm what @walt.farrell has just written: I have all six products installed in D\:Program Files\Affinity\..., NOT C:\, and all exist without interference with each other (each has its own, independent installation directory within the main "Affinity" directory) and run normally.  Each set of user settings etc., for each app, beta and release, also has its own separate directory so that any updating of this data CAN only occur when a new version of either the beta or the release is installed and then will affect ONLY ITS "OWN DATA".
    Indeed, it should  not and, unless the user chooses an installation location that is ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL for both release and beta, it does not.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to walt.farrell in Betas and desktop settings   
    You can install the products where you want, as long as Photo, Designer, and Publisher are each in their own directory, and as long as Photo Beta, Designer Beta, and Publisher Beta are also in their own directories. So, if you have all 6 applications, that's 6 directories you need to install into.
    You do not need to install them into C:\Program Files\Affinity as the applications would prefer. You can put them in other directories on C or on other locally-attached drives.
    However, wherever you install them you will probably still find some information installed into C:\Program Files\Affinity\Common and into C:\ProgramData\Affinity, if I remember correctly.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to walt.farrell in Layer-Crop missing   
    And I hope you understand ours (or at least mine, since I can't speak for @fde101😞 you can work around the functions you find missing, or you can use another application.
    I'm an not protecting Serif, and I don't consider the request impertinent.
    I'm a realist. The function is not there. It likely won't be there soon.
    Feel free to ask for it, and wait if you want. But I'm going to tell you what you can do now to actually complete your project, if you want to complete it using Affinity. And if you'd rather use something else, that's fine.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Mark Ingram in Release timetable   
    It's a zipped mouth.
    We don't comment on release dates. If we suggested a date and missed it, people would be on the forums and social media complaining to us, so it's just easier to not do it!
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Robin Whalley in Well Done Affinity   
    Shortly after Affinity first launched, I used the software to layout the print edition of my latest book. To say that it was a painful process was an understatement. I constantly encountered bugs and wasted hours searching for work arounds. I eventually finished the book layout after around 80 hours and the results were acceptable. At this point decided to leave the layout alone because every change threw up a new problem.
    Today I’m creating a print layout for my latest book and wasn’t looking forward to the experience. But what a surprise. I’m powering through the layout process and after a couple of hours have 40 pages complete. The latest version of the software feels very professional and I’m even enjoying the process.
    We don’t say it often enough so here goes...
    Well Done
  8. Sad
    emmrecs01 reacted to silllli in Super happy with the software, but the Affinity logo gave me a wrong impression   
    I regularly come back to check on the current state of the Affinity applications. Every time I can't get over the fact, that the company uses a logo that looks like one for a 3d gaming engine or a science fiction first-person shooter in outer space. I interpret this as the software not being aimed at creative professionals but rather an audience that needs the software to design avatars for their Discord account. This may not be true, but it's how I perceive it.
    It also may sound ridiculous (or trivial as mentioned before) to some people—but not to me as a creative professional. I am well aware of the power of visual language (it's my job) and assume this is a choice that was consciously made. So—no Affinity for me at the moment.
  9. Haha
    emmrecs01 reacted to jmwellborn in text editing   
    Munch, munch. 
  10. Thanks
    emmrecs01 reacted to AdamW in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta -   
    Status: Beta
    Purpose: Stability and General Testing
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Publisher
    Windows Store: Not submitted
    Download: Download
    Auto-update: Not Available
    We are pleased to announce that a new Customer Beta of Affinity Publisher ( is now available as a download from the link above.
    As this is a 'Stability and General Testing' beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. 
    We hope you enjoy the beta, and as always, if you've got any problems installing or running up, please don't hesitate to post in this thread. 
    Any problems actually using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum. 
    Once again, many thanks for your continued feedback.
    Fixes and Updates
    Main Menus / Toolbars / Studio / General Tools
    Unified View Menu 'Manager' ordering for all Applications and Personas
    Find and Replace text colour does not work when colour is selected from waterfall
    Tweaked Vector Crop tool so that we offer a hit handle for narrow shapes
    (Mac) Grid fixes, bad redrawing on zoom, issues with gutters, improvement with Metal shader
    (Mac) Preview Mode button on new toolbar now correctly reflects if preview mode is on / off
    (Win) Drag objects into Assets
    Document Management
    (Mac) Miscellaneous fixes for New Document Panel
    (Mac) Double clicking a page type in New Document didn't close the dialog correctly
    Changing document DPI can change bleed / margins and text wrapping values under certain circumstances
    Added previews in 'Add Pages from File...' dialog
    Text / Tables
    Text composition performance improvements
    Fixed crash when column end hyphenation zone would force an entire line to the next column
    Column end zone should not be used if auto-hyphenation is off
    No-break text was breaking at twice the frame's width
    Line break after "/" should not get a hyphen
    Text Frame gutter drag handles become misaligned when frame is scaled
    Text with Baseline Grid isn't vertically aligned correctly
    Copying table data from Excel can bring in an extra column
    Excel import style fixes
    Excel import merged cells not being handled correctly
    Excel import some sheets missing on import
    (Mac) Removed spurious drop control that had appeared on Paragraph panel
    Unintended Hyperlink attributes can be applied when inserting immediately adjacent text
    Implemented 'Go to Target' for URL Hyperlinks
    (Mac) Fix for specific crash with Hyperlink edits
    (Mac) Fix for editing of Hyperlink names
    (Mac) Hyperlink dialog offering pixels instead of pages
    Images /Picture Frames
    Placed embedded stock photos can now be converted to linked correctly
    Updated OpenJPEG importer to fix import of specific images
    Fix for crash embedding afphoto file multiple times
    Fix for resizing a Picture Frame before placing an image altering the image scale
    Updated Bleed Hazard Preflight check
    Added Preflight default profile
    Added Preflight user comments
    Added Preflight for spelling errors
    Added Preflight for a range of undesirable text patterns
    Added Preflight check for missing fonts
    Only warn about the last overflowing text frame in the flow
    Inhibit creation of profiles when no document is open
    Fix for delete from Profile Manager
    Made the out-of-date resource Preflight warning fixable
    (Mac) Preflight panel missing in separated mode
    (Mac) Fixed unreadable page numbers on Panel in Sierra
    IDML Import
    Fixed up IDML file associations
    Estimate document DPI when importing IDML files
    Inserted PDFs import at incorrect size
    Text enclosed in XMLElement tags is now imported
    Avoid possible 'Linked resource changed' warning on IDML import containing linked PDFs
    Importing custom glyphs with g+nnnn notation
    Some image frames coming in as empty despite having image content
    Fixed table sizes and offsets to take account of border line width
    Hyperlinks now imported (as text only)
    Plus Help and Localisation updates
    To be notified about all future Windows beta updates, please follow this notification thread 
    To be notified when this Publisher update comes out of beta and is fully released to all Publisher customers, please follow this thread
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    emmrecs01 reacted to fde101 in Save Icon   
    @TKM, welcome to the forums!
    To be clear, Serif did not "delete" these toolbar icons.  They were never actually available in the Affinity series products to begin with - they were never added.
    I suspect that most of us don't want them.  They simply waste screen space better spent on tools more relevant to the work itself.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to R C-R in Importing PhotoPlus SPP files   
    Nope. As the staff have explained many times now, even though they come from the same company the two app families have entirely different code bases. Many of the features of the Plus apps (at least as yet) have no counterpart at all in the Affinity ones, making it impossible to simply import Plus documents into Affinity ones & preserve any more of the document's structure & content than can be done now via using a PDF intermediary.
  13. Sad
    emmrecs01 reacted to chrisday10 in Importing PhotoPlus SPP files   
    I have just realised that my SPP files, some going back 20 years, are not compatible with Affinity Photo, as described here.
    I also assumed that as a replacement my old files would still be available in Affinity. especially as you no longer support the legacy software.
    I find it rather strange that Affinity Photo, as did PhotoPlus,  made a big deal about being able to import PSD files yet did not think that loyal PhotoPlus users might like to import old Serif SPP files.
    Affinity Photo and PhotoPlus are BOTH Serif products so it was either a deliberate decision, or an oversight, to not allow for legacy files to be imported. Whatever the reason for me it is a massive customer relations disaster for existing PhotoPlus users.
    But then you are mainly trying to attract users from the lucrative Photoshop market which seems to be the driving force behind the development of Affinity Photo. 
    You seem to have forgotten that it is the loyal PhotoPlus users, and the other legacy software users,  that have kept Serif going and effectively paid for a substantial amount of Affinity development costs.
    Yet you simply shrug your shoulders and say download the old software and use that to convert to PSD and then import to Affinity. Something that should have been built into Affinoty from the beginning.
    A truly disappointing attitude towards your original customer base.
  14. Sad
    emmrecs01 reacted to TKM in Save Icon   
    I agree
    I cant believe the most basic icons that appear in EVERY program I have ever used are no longer available in applications like AFFINITY - for the sake of my SANITY can somebody please put back the icons for SAVE, Undo, Redo and Print - how can an organisation like SERIF think that they are better than Everybody else in the world and -  just delete them - they are not even optional. Makes me want to go out and look for new software .
  15. Thanks
    emmrecs01 reacted to dmstraker in Dave's Colour Models Macros -- Layer Separation (including RGB, RGBW, CMY, CMYK and HSL)   
    Attached is a macro set for splitting RGB image into separate layers for a number of colour models.
    RGB: Basic separation RGBW: New model! Like CMYK but Red, Green, Blue and White RGB-W: Like RGBW but only two layers for separate colour/tone editing CMY: Effective inverse of RGB CMYK: Standard internal model CMY-K: Like CMYK, but with only two layers for separate colour/tone editing HSL: New model! Hue, Saturation and Luminosity on separate layers! HSL-RGB: Same as HSL, but with Hue broken down into separate RGB layers Principles used in doing these:
    Start with 'Merge Visible' to create flat layer for base (saves tripping over adjustments) End with single layer group (so you can delete it in one go if you don't like it Named layers, so you know which is which Keep it simple (just the layers, no 'edit ready' adjustments such as curves, sharpening) Fast as possible (so RGB done with channels, CMYK with curves, etc), though new ones need Apply Image which can be very slow! Any bugs, etc. please let me know. Do be patient with Apply Image adjustments and don't try to 'Esc' out as this can leave you in limbo.
    Dave's Colour Models V1.afmacros
  16. Thanks
    emmrecs01 reacted to Patrick Connor in Already purchased for Windows - How to use on my Mac   
    It is clear from many threads like this that some users would like a "per person/cross platform" licensing option. At present, outside of our corporate perpetual desktop licensing options, Serif do not offer that, sorry. Perhaps we could one day make a perpetual license on all platforms an option for anyone (if they want it), but it requires a lot of thought as getting iPad software is currently only an iPad store option, so it's technically much easier to do this desktop only. Anyway, theory aside, for the time being the answer is as stated, no, that is not how it is sold, sorry.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Gabe in Help :(   
    I think you need to be much more explicit in your post about exactly what is "going wrong" for you!  
    You've posted a screenshot, with some annotation, but without any detail of what you perceive as the problem.  Please give us a step by step process so that we fellow-users can follow your procedure and see what results we get; attaching to a post the actual image shown in your screenshot would also be invaluable in offering you the help you request.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Gabe in Canon CR3.RAW   
    Have you downloaded and tested this on the latest Beta, available in the beta forum here ?  You will have to select the appropriate OS for your computer but I'm pretty certain the Canon 90D is supported in that release.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to fingers in CR3 files - next update?   
    The pain to users of new raw formats from Canon would be less if DPP provided a direct call pass-through to other photo apps than just Photoshop.
    That way they could protect their investment in technology and to a much larger degree and avoid pissing off their customers.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to VolkerMB in Allmählich verliere ich die Geduld!   
    während Sunny Burnett Probleme mit Affinity Photo hat, hatte ich die immer mit Photoshop. Weil Photoshop ein schlechtes Programm ist? Mitnichten. Ich war nur vorher anderes gewohnt. Und so dürfte es auch hier sein: Affinity macht manches anders als Photoshop. Ob besser oder schlechter, sei dahingestellt. Wer jahrzehntelang BMW gefahren ist, tut sich am Angang im Umgang mit einem Mercedes schwer ("Huch, wo ist denn den Handbremse geblieben?"). Wir haben einfach eintrainierte Abläufe, die plötzlich nicht mehr in gewohnter Weise funktionieren. Ging mir genauso. Da hilft nur: Viel probieren und viel lesen. Vielleicht stellt man am Ende ja fest: Beide Programme sind effizient - jedes auf seine Weise.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to walt.farrell in Change of computer   
    One caveat: the new computer must use the same kind of OS (Mac, Windows) as the original. And if the original computer was running Windows 10, and the purchase was from the Microsoft Store, the new computer must also run Windows 10.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to mac_heibu in Question about the license   
    What a stupid logic! The only thinkable consequence for you would be in this case, not to use Affinity software, but you are going to steal it instead.
    I don‘t like criminal minds at all, so I really hope, they kick you out here as soon as possible!
  23. Sad
    emmrecs01 reacted to otherworlds in Question about the license   
    Thanks for clarifying. 
    The problem with this is that you are stuck with the bugs and missing features from v1.9.x with no hope for a fix or any improvements without paying again. Meanwhile all v2.x users are getting the required improvements and patches to their software. It's sad that people are OK with this business model. When I purchase a piece of software I expect it to be maintained and updated until the end of its life. Curtailing its life prematurely with an arbitrary "Version 2" title is underhanded and will drive the devs to move to "Version 2" as soon as possible.
    Thankfully it's easy enough to acquire the software without paying and unfortunately (for Serif!) that's what I'm going to do.
  24. Haha
    emmrecs01 reacted to PaulEC in Question about the license   
    I really love the sort of logic that the OP (and a few others) express.
    Wouldn't it be nice if after buying Photoshop 5 many, many years ago, I had never had to pay for any new versions, and I could now use Photoshop CC, without spending another penny over the last 20 odd years! Of course, it's highly unlikely that Adobe would still be in business with that sort of business model!
    Still, he does have one good idea, why don't we all just save a few quid and steal everything, rather than actually paying for it? – I'm just off down to the supermarket.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in Problems purchasing Publisher in Microsoft Store   
    Welcome to the Affinity forums.
    Since Microsoft and Serif share NO customer data, this is a problem that only the M$ Store support can resolve for you.  However, the fact that you say the "status of order "canceled""  seems to suggest there was a problem with the actual payment.  But again, this is something you will need to raise with M$ Store.
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