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  1. Hi @Dirk_Vauwelcome to the forums, As far as I'm aware If you have quick mask enabled it won't show the border width increase/decrease when refining a selection as the area outside of the selection is currently masked. The Quick Mask button is persistent on the toolbar between selecting tools whilst the refine option is only on the context toolbar when a selection tool is active.
  2. Hi @Dybkjær, I can confirm this is not functionality as intended and the problem has been previously logged with the developers for resolution.
  3. Hi @JBT27 I haven't opened this file on 1.10.1 yet however I found that as soon as I installed the 'Roboto' font the text frames correctly re-aligned itself in line with your original image again. Perhaps removing/re-installing this font may help?
  4. Hi @ShootyBear welcome to the forums, Are you looking for something like the below? This is a quick mock up made with just the pen tool. Below is a tutorial for a simple lightning effect logo which was built using rectangles converted to curves.
  5. Hi @Przemec welcome to the forums, This has has been requested by other users previously on the Feedback & Suggestions board, feel free to voice your support for it to be added.
  6. Thanks, I can confirm that your issue with bleed failing to export relates to the 'Add Noise' live filter layer. There is a known issue which is currently logged with the developers regarding this. Two methods to get the document to export out correctly with bleed is to either remove the live filter or to rasterise/merge visible on the layers (Photo Persona > Merge Visible).
  7. Hi @Daniel N welcome to the forums, I'm having trouble downloading your file as it may not have attached correctly, could you try attaching the file again or uploading it to the attached private dropbox? Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/request/VPCSWG5La5OQak409YMu
  8. I've not had any luck replicating your issue thus far, could you confirm what document/canvas size you're using as from your video it appears to be very large which could be related, if you were to create a new document in A4 does the issue occur?
  9. If you have a 12.9 inch iPad pro this may be caused by the 'Display Zoom' function being enabled, below is how to enable/disable this function in Settings. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/ipad/ipadbfb08e0a/ipados If not, could you provide me with a sample file which this issue occurs with and your iPad model? Below is a dropbox if you wish to upload the files there. https://www.dropbox.com/request/FquS8iOIu3FSKtPkNaHM
  10. Does this issue occur with every image you place or is it specific to the image placed in the recording? Did the image eventually load?
  11. Could you try removing and reinstalling Designer? Be sure to back up any files in the 'Affinity Designer' folder to another location first in Files as this will be deleted along with the app. If the same issue still occurs, could you attach a crash report? The below thread details how to find these.
  12. Does toggling to 'None' and then back to 'All Photos' and then restarting have an impact?
  13. Hi @XPERTDESIGNER welcome to the forums, As mentioned in my email, while this brush pack is vector within Designer (as represented by the curves layer), because it is a textured brush stroke along a vector path it cannot be expanded and has to be rasterised when exporting to vector based formats, such as .EPS or SVG. Essentially, the brush is a raster image/texture stretched along a vector path which is why it appears solid when exported out when it is exported out with nothing rasterised.
  14. This may be permission/privacy setting related, could you try the below: Open up Settings and go to 'Privacy' Select 'Photos' Ensure that Affinity Designer is given full access to 'All Photos' Restart your iPad and try again
  15. Hi @Lii, A force restart is slightly different to a standard restart as it clears the RAM and cache, have you tried following the instructions in the linked thread?
  16. Hi @Lii welcome to the forums, I've not been able to replicate an issue with this on a 5th Gen Mac Mini, could you try doing a force restart to clear the cache and trying again? Below are instructions on how to do this.
  17. Hi @mliving, While we don't have a massive amount of control over the app startup times i've had confirmation from another user on M1 that resetting the application to it's default settings helped: Close down Photo/Designer Go to Applications in Finder Hold down Ctrl, Click on Photo/Designer and Click open whilst still holding down Ctrl This will prompt a new menu 'Clear user data' with three boxes ticked, press 'Clear' Confirm if this has made an improvement
  18. No Problem, I've reopened the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/request/oJSpJ1AR5RvMTbR56wmN
  19. Hi @nickbatz, Other than using the selections to constrain the area, have you tried enabling 'Contiguous' so the filled area is within the same area of the image rather than the full canvas?
  20. Hi @Gabriel G welcome to the forums, Does Affinity Designer get as far as showing the start splash screen or are you able to get into Designer before the crash occurs? Could you also provide us with the latest crash report? The below thread details how to find these.
  21. Hi @lysynski, Moving the brush into areas containing different colour values is likely to continue painting if the 'Sample Continuously' option is enabled, this is also affected by the tolerance setting. The colour replacement is less visible on the hair as the tool tries to retain the saturation and lightness values of the original pixels. Tolerance—sets the range of pixels affected when a pixel is clicked. For lower tolerance settings, pixels must be very close in value to the clicked pixel. For higher tolerance settings, pixel colour can vary widely from the clicked pixel. Sample continuously—if this option is off (default), the initial click position determines the reference colour to be replaced. When selected, new reference colours are determined as the cursor moves. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Tools/tools_clrReplacementBrush.html
  22. Hi @konrad4488 welcome to the forums, Before going through with a reinstall of the app I would recommend saving a file containing the phantom layer and force restarting your iPad and then seeing if the layer persists after. The below thread details how to do this. If the issue persists try a reinstallation, however be sure to back up any files that are saved into the Affinity Designer folder as these will be deleted upon removal of the app.
  23. To convert the embedded document from RGB to CMYK in the .afphoto file, double click on the embedded document layer which will open the embedded file in a separate tab, convert the file over to CMYK using the same process as the main document (Document > Convert Format).
  24. Hi @BubblesFW, On your Pre-exported .afphoto file I've gone through the process of converting the embedded document from sRGB to CMYK FOGRA39 and then exporting to PDF, I get minorly different coloration results between your originally exported file and the converted file, perhaps it's related to having an embedded RGB file inside a CMYK document, it may be worth trying this.
  25. Hi @BubblesFW welcome to the forums, Could you provide us with the pre-export affinity file as well as the CMYK PDF so we can look into this further? Below is a private dropbox link if you wish to upload it there. https://www.dropbox.com/request/6oKaEJsTuvCage8zbMIT
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